Zeco Auriemo; The Secret Weapon of JSFH

Zeco Auriemo, also known as Jose Nato Auriamo is Brazilian business executive who is currently the Chairman and chief executive at JHSF. JSFH is a leading real estate company that majors in the administration and management of malls, hotels and airports. Zeco Auriemo is the founder of Cicade Jardim corporate center which hosts 180 stores, four offices, nine residential towers and a hotel under the Fasano luxury hotels.

The commitment of Zeco Auriemo to projects by JSFH has made him a popular leader among the investors and stakeholders. As a leader, he is very keen about the quality of the product they present to the market. He has established a habit of visiting upcoming developments while they are under construction to supervise and ensure that quality work will be delivered. Mr. Auriemo has invested R$ 16 million as a stakeholder in the Fasano group of hotels.

Zeco Auriemo has played a key role in establishing JSFH as a prominent force in the Brazilian real estate market and in marketing the brand globally. Under his leadership, JSFH is currently focusing its operation on their project of building luxury apartments in New York. This is aimed at expanding their presence in the global market.

Zeco Auriemo has two qualifications. He studied engineering at the Fundacao Armando University and Business administration from the Sao Paulo University. He believes that a leader needs to be able to inspire the employees by working as hard as them. Zeco Auriemo has been a key player in bringing international luxury brands to Brazil. He has been working for JSFH since 1993 and has been a main source of great changes within the brand.

One of his main beliefs is giving back to society where he is a philanthropist. He however likes to keep his activities and contributions private since he does not like to popularize his activities.


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