The Chris Burch Nihi Sumba Experience

Deep within the Indonesian islands, a beautiful paradise is waiting to be discovered. Beaches pool with clear waters, sand is soft to walk on, and the experience of a lifetime is waiting to be uncovered. All of these astounding amenities are available at the Nihiwatu Resort, founded by Christopher Burch.

Burch is a creative, enterprising, involved CEO, who founded this beautiful resort. Burch is not only a business man, but also a man that believes that focusing all of your energy into one simple, mundane task is ill-advised. He also believes, according to his website, that brainstorming with many creative people is the solution to solving many problems and developing brand new ideas (

Burch’s company Burch Creative Capital is based in New York City, where he created the first version of the company, J. Christopher Capital LLC in 2008. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania, raised by religious parents, and was one of ten children born into the Burch family. His career began with preppy looking sweaters that he sold while in college, and blossomed into a full fashion career, which inflated rapidly into real estate and dealing with property affairs.  Related article on

Within the dealings of real estate, Burch purchased the Nihiwatu “Nihi Sumba” Resort, and began forming an incredible place for people and families to visit and enjoy. On this island adventure, visitors can choose to cleanse their souls with yoga classes specially designed for maintaining wellness. They are also encouraged to be active outdoors by offering surfing and paddle boarding in the crystalline blue waters. For those among us who prefer to be pampered and beautified, especially with gorgeous views of mountains and beaches, there are spa and spa safari options available to be purchased.

Guests may also take a trip to the island chocolate factory and get a taste of delicious chocolate made from island grown cocoa. There are also multiple times a day when guests are taught how to craft their very own island chocolate, and they even offer a babysitting service to occupy the kids so that couples may sneak off and take in the beauty of the Sumba island culture together.

Overall, the island offers a genuine, breathtaking experience, that you will be eager to book again and again to indulge yourself in. From beauty to peace, this island experience has it all, and it wants to indulge you within it.

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