Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

A brand new beautiful gym facility is exciting residents and staff at Sussex Healthcare. This new gym has incredible features including the latest state-of-the-art fitness equipment and an accompanying pool for easy-on-joints water hydrotherapy exercises. Each individual wanting to use these outstanding facilities will be thoroughly assessed by a well trained physiologist able to develop personal exercise programs. The gym will always be staffed by knowledgeable and experienced fitness experts to oversee the activities and prevent any exercise related injuries. Seniors that are living somewhere in the community are all welcome to use this terrific new fitness facility.

Sussex Healthcare has been delivering phenomenal elder care since 1985. Now, this well liked healthcare provider operates 20 senior living homes and homes for severely disabled younger adults as well. This organization also offers a special dementia unit facility that is setup with all of the necessities that caring for dementia afflicted patients requires. Security is provided on all of this winning healthcare providers many buildings, and families are always encouraged to drop in for a casual visit or to speak with the staff regarding any concerns about the care of their beloved family member. With stunning landscaped grounds, and beautiful interior decorating, Sussex Healthcare offers many amenities to their very important residents.

The healthcare that Sussex Healthcare provides is top-of-the-line. All staff members are fully trained to perform the work that they are hired for. This healthcare provider attracts many job applicants desiring to work in this advanced care setting. Seniors are invited to participate in a nice selection of daily activities designed to be fun for this age group. Some of these activities include lively games, current events, craft lessons, music appreciation, specialized reminiscence sessions and even some onsite music or theater productions performed by several community groups.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare are happy to provide exceptional care to their residents every day. These staff members are trained on how to ensure that each individual is living the lifestyle that they desire while promoting retention of their current health condition. Assistance is provided for those with ambulation or other limitations. Scrumptious meals are offered daily, and residents are often invited to go on community field trips. There will be transportation provided for any outside the facility event or appointment. Along with the latest gym opening, Sussex Healthcare also has an audiology department able to address any individual’s hearing problems.

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