Steve Ritchie: Putting Customers First

In a recent letter written to customers of Papa John’s Pizza, company CEO Steve Ritchie emphasized a number of points. Along with making sure the company moves forward in a positive direction, he also reiterated determination to be as transparent as possible on a number of issues, including diversity and company culture. As a result, he has gained praise from many business experts for his frankness, candor, and intelligence in being able to convey the company’s message to its customers.

Known for his intelligence and keen sense of business, Steve Ritchie has always been considered a progressive leader in business, which is exactly what Papa John’s wants as it moves forward to stay ahead of its competitors. With a renewed commitment to the use of outside personnel to examine the company’s diversity policies, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has made it clear the company’s employees and customers will see a fresh approach to many issues. And in announcing in his letter that he and other company executives will be embarking on a whirlwind tour of various Papa John’s restaurants in the coming months to speak with franchisees and customers, Steve Ritchie has shown a willingness to confront situations head-on in order to achieve the best possible results.

Because of his deep commitment to customer service, he knows Papa John’s franchisees will be even more determined to help improve not only their restaurants, but also the communities in which they are located. As more and more franchisees continue to be heavily involved in local charities, schools, and other organizations and causes, Steve Ritchie is confident customers and others will see a renewed emphasis on helping others overcome the most difficult of situations. Whether this is working with a local charity to raise funds for cancer research, help a local school get books and other vital learning materials, or any number of other similar situations, Steve Ritchie knows very well how the people of Papa John’s can come together to help others in need.

Continuing his quest for excellence, Steve Ritchie is more than ready to show the world the true spirit of Papa John’s.

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