See How Boraie Development Has Expanded the Real Estate Industry

Real estate developments have shown tremendous growth especially in New Jersey today. Companies such as Boraie Development LLC are passionate about urban development and they have propelled this growth. The company is mainly focused on both commercial and residential projects. Boraie Development is owned by Omar Boraie who is 72 years old now and still a powerful and zealous real estate developer. He founded this company to ensure better urban development projects are serviced in New Brunswick. His main objective is to see real estate industry grow from one level to another especially in this city.

The services of Boraie Development cover various real estate aspects in this industry. Real estate development, marketing and property management are some of the services they offer. The Boraie company’s team is professional and its main aim is to undertake various developmental projects in a more excellent and sustainable manner. The firm’s team partners with financial institutions, contractors and architects to achieve this goal. Boraie Development has over the years committed vision, reliability and capital to each real estate endeavor it comes across. Having been in the real estate industry for over 30 years now, the firm is one of the most sought after developer in New Jersey. The marketing and sales team in the firm has developed awesome ads to help customers know the informative channels they should use to get the solutions they need. For more details visit Crucnhbase.

Omar’s real estate company in New Brunswick has succeeded over the years because its service charter effectively meets the clients’ needs. Mr. Boraie travelled in different parts of the world just to learn and assess how different commercial and residential developments were from what he knew. This has made his professional career in real estate industry a profound one. Omar first worked in the real estate sector in Europe before he flew back to New Brunswick to start up his own company. His company built high-rise office spaces and condominiums in the downtown New Brunswick. Check out Press of Atlantic City to know more.

Omar Boraie’s company has undertaken several successful development projects such as the Albany Plaza Tower, which was completed in the 1990s. The Tower One project has several office spaces with 250,000 square feet as its cumulative area. There was no structure comprising many office spaces in New Brunswick before. The Condominium Building that Boraie firm has constructed is a 25-storey structure with a parking garage, office spaces, retail stores and 121 units. Rutgers Magazine hints that Boraie is going to bring more changes in New Brunswick using his expanded knowledge in real estate.

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