Renaissance Man Eric Pulier

If you were to meet a young Eric Pulier on the campus of Harvard University in the late 1980’s he would most likely fill the conversation with youthful curiosity and excitement and may even discuss literature or the socioeconomic status of less fortunate people people. To meet him today may not entail that much of a different experience although he may exchange the literary context of the conversation for technological context as to date he has funded or founded over fifteen different tech-centered companies.

Although Eric Pulier has a keen eye for business and is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur, he has never neglected his philanthropic desires and his desires to give back to the less fortunate are always at the forefront of his decision making. Early in his career his philanthropy stretched to the Multiple Sclerosis Society as he worked in his field to adapt a multimedia education system that could teach people with the disease, about the disease. Further into the 90’s Pulier worked with such high names as Peter Samuelson and Stephen Spielberg to help develop a private social media platform to allow children with chronic illness to develop a network with each other privately and exchange communication in a safe environment.

mong his successes is the authorship of a book entitled, “Understanding Enterprise SOA” which was published and highly regarded in 2005. Pulier has also been the recipient of numerous patents for a wide variety of inventions in the area of cloud computing technology. Eric currently calls Los Angeles home, where he resides with his four young children. He is consistently working on various entrepreneurial pursuits and stays active in learning as much as he can about the growing cloud computing technology market that he is so much an important part of.

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