Greg Secker: From Forex Trader to Philanthropist

One thing that many people have in common is their desire to help others. Another thing that they have in common with one another is that their ability to do so is limited. This is one of the frustrating things about philanthropy. Fortunately, there is a way to gain all of the necessary income to help others. Greg Secker has managed to get himself to where he can help others through Forex. Greg Secker has discovered Forex when he was looking for ways to increase his income. He has learned quite a bit about the market and has developed enough to find a strategy that he is comfortable with.

After Greg Secker has profited from the Forex market, he has taken a break to enjoy his prosperity. After a while, he has looked into ways that he can be of help with the community. He has then put his money to work so that he will be able to help others. One thing that he has done was set up a foundation for people who are at a disadvantage. Greg has compassion for the struggling and has understood that anything can put people in a bad position. This is one thing that can be learned through the Forex market.

Greg Secker has also started teaching others how to trade Forex. One of the interesting aspects about success is that the successful individual often wants to share the information that can help other people achieve their goals. While he does use The Greg Secker Foundation to help out the struggling, he was also able to help people come up with ways to solve their own problems. After all, the common saying is that teaching a man how to fish is going to help him eat for life as opposed to giving him a fish where he can eat just for the day.

Adam Milstein is a Part of the Solution

In the world of philanthropy it would be hard to find as hard a worker or dedicated of man as Adam Milstein. Not only does he oversee a very large operation as one of the key principles of his family foundation that was cofounded with his wife Gila, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that was created to assist in the strength the State of Israel the homeland of the Jewish people. Milstein is a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company that specializes in acquiring, rehabilitating and repositioning industrial, retail, office and multi-family properties, where he is in charge of financing and property management.

Milstein started the California based company when he became frustrated with low pay in the real estate industry after graduating from the University of Southern California. He operated as an independent broker for 3 years before deciding to venture into the investment sector of the real estate industry.

He finds the up and down trends in the industry very stimulating, a trait of the business that drives most crazy, Milstein feeds off of that excitement and realizes it takes a long time to get results in real estate. He is a man that feels he’s never had a bad day on the job because he loves his work.

His philosophy on goal setting would appear unorthodox to most as well. Adam feels as though not setting specific goals was a big contributor to his success because they were limiting to him and he always felt his willingness and ability to work hard would determine his long term outcome. So far he was 100% correct. To know more about him click here.

One thing is for certain Milstein followed the right path. The Israeli native has been very successful since arriving in America, in addition to building a very successful and profitable real estate company and a generous and far reaching philanthropy organization he is a well respected community leader who lives a wonderful life in Southern California.

You can find out more information about the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation for the State of Israel here,

Bob Reina Introduces New Software

Talk Fusion is a company that has apps that businesses use to market their products and communicate with customers. They also have an app called Live Meetings which is used to facilitate real-time communications among the people working for the business and/or their business partners. Bob Reina is the company’s Chief Executive Officer as well as the person that founded the company.

Bob Reina said that Live Meetings is based on the WebRTC system. He announced in September that his company was releasing a new version of Live Meetings with several new features and an even easier to use interface. He said that many companies are now using Live Meetings and it presently can support up to 15 hosts and 500 people participating with the app.

The new version of Live Meetings can be accessed right in a browser window versus needing a separate download. It also doesn’t require Adobe Flash Player or any other browser plug-ins. Bob Reina said that Live Meetings will continue its position as the number one app for holding business meetings due to all of the updates his team made on the app. Learn more:

Bob Reina is a graduate of the University of South Florida. After graduating he went to a police academy and graduated number one in his class. He served as a police officer for several years but he dreamed of starting his own business. He started a part-time position in the direct selling industry in order to get his feet wet working for himself. He eventually gave up the steady paycheck of being a police officer in order to pursue marketing and entrepreneurship full-time.

Talk Fusion started with their first app being Video Email. This app allows people to send videos to others that includes video right in the email. He didn’t want his company to be based on just one product, though, so under Bob Reina’s leadership his company now offers a full suite of video products. He doesn’t want Talk Fusion to be a one-dimensional company so he’s always hard at work identifying the needs of his customers so that he can create solutions to those problems.



Improving Cancer Treatments with Dr. Clay Siegall

There are certain methods of treatment for cancer that have seen little to no improvement in the mortality of cancer patients for at least the past ten years, one of the primary ones being chemo-therapies. There are doctors working tirelessly to finding new treatments that are not only affordable in cost, simple to implement, less invasive to the patient, but also lower the mortality rate of the cancer that is the culprit of the detriment to the health of the patient. The new methods of treatment for this kind of result are those that involve more surgical strikes with more targeted drugs, rather than the way chemo-therapies cause damage indiscriminately in hopes that somehow the cancer will be affected along with the rest of the body.

Dr. Siegall started his endeavor into the science field with gaining his B.S. degree in zoology at the University of Maryland and followed up with obtaining his PhD in genetics at George Washington University. After founding Seattle Genetic, a biotech company head-quartered in Seattle, Washington, he has become one of the leading frontiersmen in the targeting drug industry. Dr. Siegall now has a stout line-up of drugs under his belt with multiple pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer, Pfizer and etc. With a company that began with humble beginnings, Dr. Siegall is now at the forefront of the industry and leading the way into a more efficient and safer means of treating cancers.

What Dr. Clay  Siegall believes to be the reason that he is so successful is his passion to his work. There were times when his company had dire financial situations that could have meant the end of the company but with fierce determination to keep working and focusing in the proper areas to improve, they managed to weather the storm. He equates this thought with the studies done by Francis Galton, who was Charles Darwin’s cousin, in psycho-metrics which concluded that there is not a large difference in intellect among people but rather it is more notable in the work habits of the individuals. That IQ, the schools you attend and the people that you know come second to the passion that you bring to your work.

Larkin and Lacey Success Story

For close to about one decade, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been in and out of courts and have a funny encounter that would change their entire lives. They were engaged in a very serious legal issue that changed their entire lives.

In fact, their careers were brought to a serious stop. This is all because of migrant status. After serious court battles. They have battled out for a whole ten years but they later were rewarded a settlement of $3.75 million. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

They both decided not to share the money equally but rather to create a fund that would help them effectively fight for the rights of these immigrants. They used the money towards helping the immigrants undergoing similar problems in Arizona.

The case for Larkin and Lacey came to be when the two journalists were they both were arrested from homes. They were taken into different cells which were a great trouble to their careers.

They were forcing them to disclose the number of people who had read their article they had published regarding the Maricopa Couty Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. They were also being held because they were believed to have some discriminating information. They made a lot of demands regarding their online magazines and the potential readers.

Larkin and Lacey have spent the majority of their lives and careers trying to defend the rights of the immigrants. In general, they have focused their attention on the lives of the American citizens whom they say that they deserve a better treatment. They have been fighting very serious battles that touch on the lives and the future of Americans but bothers very few people across the world.

The money they would get as the settlement would help so many people across the world fight for the immigrants and them issues and mostly base their focus on the Mexico-US border. This is a point that has the largest number of undocumented immigrants mostly from the Spanish speaking world.

Larkin and Lace after the tough battle received a settlement of $3.75 which they used to register a Fund known as Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund that was their solution.

They worked for the success of their company and supported so many groups that worked for the success of the migrants. They had faced a lot of challenges and the fund was enough weapon to help their voices to be heard in every corner of the globe.

Rocketship Education Seeks To Develop A Stronger Public School System

The co-founder and CEO of Rocketship Education, Preston Smith has recently been seeking to clear up a few commonly held myths about this flagship charter school program. As one of the leaders of the Rocketship Education program, Preston Smith is in a strong position to explain just what the education program is and what it most definitely is not; the development of the Rocketship Education model sees each student engaged in a personalized learning program which is about identifying the needs and strengths of students as well as providing access to the latest technology.

Rocketship Education has limited its own program to the supply of a K-5 system which has seen calls from many parents to expand the program through high school. However, Preston Smith explains the focus of Rocketship Education is not to build a system running parallel to the state school system in California but to assist in preparing students to become the leaders of tomorrow with a dedication to providing the best possible start to education a child and their family could find. The inspiration of Rocketship Education has become a major part of the lives of many parents who feel they can also assist in the creation and development of middle and high schools to help benefit their own children.

One of the areas of most concern for Preston Smith and the educators at Rocketship Education is to ensure a diverse school community with access to the program for people from all races, religions, and classes. Rocketship Education is looking for different ways of impacting the diversity of its community by seeking educators from all communities to inspire a greater number of families from minority groups to access the free programs offered by the charter school network.

Established in 2006, Rocketship Education has been focused on providing a charter school education experience to the families of San Jose, California since the not for profit group was formed by Preston Smith and John Danner. Over the course of the last five years, the group has been expanding across the nation with schools opened in Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Washington D.C.

The Amazing Lacey and Larkin Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the founders of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. The fund was established by the two journalists to help the members of the Hispanic community.

The community had undergone racial discrimination and had faced civic abuses in the Arizona. The fund has been of great help as it is able to advocate for migrant, civil and human rights of individuals. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The freedom of individuals has been safeguarded through this fund. The individuals can express themselves freely in matters pertaining their country. The fund has provided equity among individuals as they can participate in civic matters through Arizona. Some of the matters they have actively engaged include the Mexican border matters commonly referred to as the “la linea frontera.”

Jim and Michael are also co-founders of the Phoenix New Times and the media representing the village. The main aim for founding the organization was to find the rights of migrants in Arizona. The migrants could be funded using the money they had acquired from their arrest. The two journalists had been arrested after they were vocal with some issues regarding the government.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were paid 3.75 million dollars after they were arrested. They were arrested by the county Sherrif of Maricopa known as Joe Arpaio on the eighteenth day of October in the year 2007. Larkin and Lacey had been jailed after revealing some articles concerning the Sherrif.

Lacey and Larkin had proceedings from the jury and they had reported about the proceedings. The citizens who had even read the articles that were published online by the New Times were demanded by the jury. Larkin and Lacey utilized their careers defending themselves. The two journalists had been sued by the county over their amendment rights.

Michael and Lacey later prevailed in the appeal courts in the United States for the ninth time. The village voice media which they funded in the year 1970 was an alternative for the newspaper which was printed weekly in Phoenix. The charges which had been leveled against them were dropped by attorney of the county known as Andrew Thomas.

Lacey and Michael later sued the attorney Thomas, special prosecutor Dennis and Arpaio for abusing their powers and violating their rights. The two journalists also founded the Border Angels foundation. The foundation was formed in the year 1986. The Border Angels is related to the Frontera Fund although it is a Non- governmental organization based in San Diego.

The Steps To Business Success In the Style of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

It is very common for a new store to become the next big thing. Among the common industries to have this happen on a regular basis is the fashion industry. One example of the latest new store is Fabletics from Kate Hudson. This fashion retailer has become one of the most successful stores. In order for people to know how to be successful, they can look at the example of this retailer. There are a ton of things that Fabletics does right. Kate Hudson herself is rich with plenty of examples of how it is possible to succeed in the fashion industry.


One of the first steps to business success is to figure out the industry of passion. Each entrepreneur has to find something that is going to give him a good reason to get up in the morning. Kate Hudson has found herself to be passionate about fashion. She loved the designs and the different aspects of fashion. However, it does not have to stop at one industry. There can be sub-industries or sub-niches. For instance, Kate Hudson also loves health. Sometimes, it can be beneficial to find a way to have these niches work together. In Kate Hudson’s case, she has decided to build a health and fitness fashion retailer.


The next steps involve merchandising and marketing. With Fabletics, Kate Hudson has decided to go where no other fashion company has bothered to go with active wear. She has looked at different designs that could work well with active wear and capture the imaginations of other people who are both into fitness and fashion. Then she has also decided to do some of her own marketing with the company. She has figured out how she can reach people. As part of her campaign, she has used social media themes like Instagram to encourage people to get involved with Fabletics.


After the first wave of success, Kate Hudson has looked at other ways that she can bring about success to Fabletics. This is when she has started looking into other health related matters. Among the health related issues she is looking into is breast cancer, one of the issues that are hurting women throughout the world. This brings more people to the store because it shows that people can fight for causes and take on very important issues in the world. Fabletics is bringing forth a greater era of fashion.

Chris Burch Switches to New Credit Card Company

Recently the entrepreneur Chris Burch made a change with this credit card financing. He switched his financing to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co’s Sapphire Reserve card. This move ends his relationship with American Express who he has been a customer of since 1979. By switching to another company, Burch will look to get credit card financing that is more favorable for him and his needs. American Express has been experiencing some hardship in recent years as many customers have looked to move on to other credit card companies for their credit line needs. The company has had some difficulty retaining a number of customers and will look to get them back in the near future. In order to reach this goal, American Express has named a new CEO Stephen Squeri to help address this issue in the near future.

Former CEO of American Express Kenneth Chenault admitted that the company was in a difficult situation as the company was becoming less competitive among credit card financing companies. With the emergence of banks and fintech firms such as PayPal, American Express is experiencing setbacks where they are unable to offer enough incentives to satisfy customers. This factor has caused a lot of concern among investors who believe that this recent phase of difficulty will impact the company’s stock value in a negative way. Analysts have also said that the company will face a number of challenges in terms of getting back and retaining a majority of its customers. Additional article on

Chris Burch is a well known entrepreneur who has built a number of successful businesses. He is currently the CEO and founder of the company known as Burch Creative Capital. His company specializes in managing venture investment projects as well as developing a number of different brands for companies. The company his based in New York City and has been one of the main entities that has enabled Burch to build much of his wealth. Click on to read more about his diversified business investments.

He is also the co founder of a fashion company called Tory Burch LLC. In 2012, Chris was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the worlds billionaires.   Check this for a glimpse to one of his awesome investment.

During his career as an entrepreneur, Chris has founded companies in the fashion and real estate industries. His first company was in fashion where he would make and sell sweaters. Burch built this company into an entity that would open up 50 retail locations as well as earning over $140 million in sales. Hit on to read about his latest cool offering to the market.

Burch would also start a real estate company where he would invest in properties throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Along with investing in real estate, Chris would also invest in companies in the telecommunications and technology industries.

Read about his follow on investments visit

Dark Money In Politics-End Citizen United

End United Citizen is a Political Action Committee which was established in the United States of America with the aim of making financial reforms especially in the political filed. In the last general elections held in the United States of America, the group played a significant role in wanting to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision. The group was launched in 2015 a year before the general elections. In their efforts to change the Supreme Court’s decision made in 2010, the organization raised some funds from well-wishers and their supports which amounted to about $2million of the $25 to $30 million the group needs to support the changes; this is according to Richard Carbo who is the communication Director of End Citizen United.

The primary role of End Citizen United is to end the black money in the political arena, and months after it was officially launched it had a large following of about 350000 people who had signed to their petition for the Congress to pass the legislation. Before the 2016 United States general elections, the organization had increased their membership with the support of “Ready for Hillary” group. Before the polls, End Citizen United had already announced their backing for about 11 candidates among them; Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, and Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin among others. There are several other groups fighting for the financial reforms in the United States of America End Citizen United stands out. Carbo, the communication Director, says that their team is unique in a way that it is supporting those candidates who want financial reforms in the country, and even those who the Koch brothers are against.

Read more: End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules

End Citizen United formed a committee that took care of the candidates who were supporting their reforms. The committee aimed to raise funds which they used for their campaigns through various creativities which include; television advertisements, polling as well as direct mailers. However, as much as the organization was pushing for financial reforms in the political field, their main agenda was to overturn the Supreme Court’s judgment of the improvements.

End Citizen United is an organization which was established in March 2015, and it is referred to as a Political Action Committee which was created by grassroots donors. The no-profit group was formed to alter the financial reforms of the United States of America politics as well as campaigns. End Citizen United has the mandate to show Americans that it is possible to end the dark money in their political system. The organization is founded on a firm mission of passing state ballot measures, promoting national talk, stopping the big dark money, as well as fixing the rigged political system in the United States. Together with their supporters, End Citizen United is working towards defeating Citizen United and changed the dark political money in the country.

Just visit for more information about the group.