Patty Rocklage Helps Couples Succeed in Making Marriage Work

Marriages around the world failing because people have never been married before and they don’t know how to do something that they’ve never done before. Patti Rocklage realizes this, and she is setting out to help many couples that are inexperienced in the language of love. She has become a great resource an array of people that have marriages that are slowly unraveling. Rocklage has decades of experience, and this has allowed her to become a valid authority on what works and what does not work in marriage.

Many people think that their marriages are doomed if there is no communication. In most cases they are right, but few people realize that there is a way to get back to communication. There is a way to get back to the loving feeling that was there when the vows were stated. Patty is one such person that specializes in helping couples get back to the original chemistry that brought them together in the first place.Before this can happen Rocklage has to assess the situation and get the parties to acknowledge what they’ve done that may have caused issues in the marriage. That is one of the big things that becomes a problem for couples that are on the brink breaking up.

These couples will often look at the fault of their partners, but they very seldom look at their own faults. This can be damaging, and Patti is someone that can help both parties see the full spectrum of what is happening in the marriage. This is really the only way that any marriage can improve. Both partners in the marriage have to realize that they have something to do with the state that they are in right now.Patti Rocklage gets people to assume more of a proactive approach to making marriage work. She does not believe that couples to spend their time going home through the marriage numb only to point fingers later when their spouse does something to irritate them. In the world of marriage therapy Patty is a firm believer of getting your feelings out.

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Medical Research for the better of all humanity, the success of JeanMarie Guenot at Amphivena Therapeutics

Medical researchers are always looking for ways in which they can eliminate illnesses and improve the overall quality of human life. Companies and governments have realized the importance of making sure that the ailments that are a menace to the human race have been eliminated within the century. One of the companies that have been leading in medical research is Amphivena Therapeutics on The company has been dealing with looking for therapies and treatments that work in the elimination of all manner of hematologic malignancies.

JeanMarie Guenot works at Amphivena. She has been working in medical research for the longest time. She has a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA from the Wharton School in the University of California. She also has a PhD from the University of California in San Francisco. When she started her career, she was working as a principal scientist at Hoffman-La-Roche. She was in charge of coordination of all the research into many types of metabolic disorders. She then got another job at Atlas ventures. Here, Guenot was in charge of the financial side of the research center. She coordinated the venture capital investments and arranged for the funding of various companies that were researching about life science. She has done extensive research on autoimmune diseases, inflammation and oncology.

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There was also a time that she was working with the SKS Ocular. The organization researches and looks for treatments to disorders like glaucoma and macular degeneration. She has also been a financial advisor at Hoffman-La-Roche. All these are experiences that have molded her for her present role. It is therefore understandable that she is helping the current company she is heading in making the strides that they are making in their business.

Jeanmarie Guenot says that one of the goals that she is most passionate about achieving is making sure that she gets all the experience that she needs to change the lives of the entire humanity for the best. JeanMarie is an inspiration to the scientists, the medical fraternity and everyone else in general. It is her hope that she will get treatment for hematologic malignancies during her tenure at the current company.

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George Street Photo and Video Addresses

George Street Photo and Video Address offer excellent service across all of North America. One of their premier locations is in Chicago. This would be a great location to have wedding photos done at because of the unique personality that the city of Chicago offers.

Another location in our neighboring country is in Orangeville, Ontario. This location has access to both a great city environment and also close to the great outdoors that Canada is known for.

One would do well to check out both of these locations along with many of their other locations across North America.

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Cassio Audi: From Music to Business

Cassio Audi is an investment manager and business executive from Brazil. He studied at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo from 1989 to 1994. Audi earned a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Sao Paulo in 2000. Some of his skills include forecasting, management, equities, and strategic financial planning. His ability to work hard and his knowledge of the Brazilian investment sector have been the reason for his appointment to some of the top positions.

Audi was once the chief financial officer of Rossi. This is a construction company and property developer. The company was able to realize more profits and more growth while he was there. Rossi’s revenue grew by 20% in the first quarter of 2012 compared to the same period in 2011. Audi was tasked with increasing the cash generation and profits of the company. The company was able to complete the Rossi Pracas Golfe and to sell the 240 units. The company’s profit increased by 6%. Its net income increased by 18%. Audi is bilingual. He has professional working proficiency and native proficiency in Spanish and English respectively. He can work with international clients because he can communicate with them.

Audi was a member of Viper. This is a heavy metal band in Brazil. He played the drums in the band that had five members. Viper was formed in 1985. Its influences included British metal and other metallic bands. The band released its first album known as “Soldiers of Sunrise” in 1987 after recording it in one month. The album was re-released as a double package in 1997 as part of the “Theatre of Fate” album. Audi was given writing and arranging credits for his contributions to the album. Audi acted as the drummer for the band until 1989.

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Chris Burch: A Multitalented Man For Your Entrepreneur Needs

Chris Burch is one of the famous and renowned entrepreneurs who is working dedicatedly to save historic architecture for the generations to come. He has invested extensively in many national and international ventures in the real estate sector that contain the development of many luxury buildings including homes in Nantucket, Florida, and Southampton by partnering with one of the famous and reliable name Alan Faena and Philippe Stark. Chris with them to reconstruct few of the historical architecture with same look and charm so that coming generation would know how those buildings were looked like when they erected for the first time in history. Recently, Chris Burch has acquired and then used his skills, experience, and devotion to turn it into something that was like a diamond between the Rocky Mountains. The building that he renovated is a luxury resort that is on one of the Indonesian islands in Sumba, check for additional article.

Chris has come up with an idea of launching a company in 2011 that should deal with apparel, accessories and also the home decor retailer with the name C. Wonder. That C. Wonder later purchased by Xcel Brands due to the fame and number of client that Chris has lured due to his skills, dedication and the technique that he has learned by working with many national and international companies.  More of this on

Chris Burch announced a corporation with a renowned entertainer, Ellen DeGeneres, in July 2014 to help her in launching lifestyle brand, Ellen Degeneres. After few months of the same year, Chris launched Cocoon9. This company is a luxury prefab homes that deals in space-saving floorplans, modern design, features that are energy efficient, and classy finishes.

The list of companies that Burch worked for are too many, but in short, we can say that his expertise is the combination of experience in many companies. The companies which are now becoming a famous name due to the hard work, dedication and the methods that Chris has applied over there to give them the boost.  For additional reading, head over to this important site.

Additionally, he’s presently supporting the construction of numerous consumer and lifestyle products brands that are ranging from apparel, retail and different home furnishings to the organic foods, hospitality, and technology, comprising Blink Health, BaubleBar, Raw foods by Brad, Little Duck Organics, Chubbies, and Soludos, check this on   Due to his expertise in the different field, we can say that Chris is a multitalented man who has assisted many companies to soar high in the sky and to achieve the target which they were longing to reach.

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Paul Mampilly: Over 60,000 Subscribers

Paul Mampilly is one of the top finance column writers in the country. His expertise has led thousands to make the kind of money everyone wishes they could make. In joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, where he became Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes.

Mampilly has spent his entire career in finance working nearly every kind of investment job there is. He started at Deutsche Bank in 1991 as a Research Assistant. For the next two decades, Mampilly climbed his way up several corporate ladders. He now uses his decades of experience to help Main Street Americans find wealth in investments, technology, and small-cap stocks.

As a former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly pours his expertise into his eight-page newsletter, Profits Unlimited. That newsletter now has over 60,000 subscribers. It’s been only one year since the newsletter was launched, and it’s already one of the fastest growing newsletters in the industry.

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New newsletters are sent out to his subscribers every month. In them, he recommends and details new stocks that are primed to shoot higher. Every week after that, he’ll update his recommendations and track how well the investments are doing. All that information can be found on his website, which also displays the model portfolio he uses.
The reason Mampilly uses a newsletter, rather than operating as a stock broker, is to allow his subscribers to embrace an alternative way of investing. The traditional arrangement is something that many common people in today’s society no longer trust. This way, subscribers use their own brokerage accounts and Mampilly is just a financial advisor.

Also, the stocks recommended by Paul Mampilly actually fair well in the markets. Many of his subscribers have emailed him back detailing their success stories.

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Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a medical facility that provides through health screening of a wide range of systems within your body. Equipped with top of the line equipment to provide Ultrasound screenings for bone density and arterial examination to detect issues as soon as possible.

Staffed by highly trained and specialized medical professionals to provide Finger-stick blood screenings to conduct a full lipid panel screening, glucose screening for detection of diabetes, elevated liver enzymes and a high-sensitivity C-reactive protein screening to detect for cardiovascular disease.

They also provide limited electrocardiograph services to detect atrial fibrillation, a common heart condition that can increase the risk of stroke significantly. The procedures provides are as non-invasive as possible without the need to remove clothing.

With the ultrasound screening you can have a health risk assessment to learn more about your health risks in the future, called the Health Risk Assessment 6 for life, projecting your risks for stroke, diabetes, heart disease, congestive heart failure, COPD and lung cancer. This service also shows you what steps you can take to reduce the risks in the future.

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes the bones to become increasingly more fragile and can be detected and managed early on with the simple painless screenings provided by Life Line Screening. Prostate examinations as well as colorectal cancer screenings can be performed simply and easily and should not be put off if overdue.

Life Line Screening provides you with detailed information about your health and your future health and a wealth of knowledge to help you combat any issues that may lie on your horizon. They also provide you with screenings for thyroid disease, Vitamin D deficiencies, carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm and chronic kidney disease. When you want to know more about your health and the steps you can take to ensure an overall healthy body, seek the services of Life Line Screening.

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Securus Technologies’ Award-Winning Best Customer Service Training Department Takes The Gold

On March 8th, 2017, Securus Technologies, a leading criminal justice and correction technology provider, proudly announced that they won a Gold Stevie Award in the Best Customer Service Training Department category. The awards ceremony, attended by hundreds of executives, which took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.


At Securus, the customer service department primarily deals with individuals calling in because they encountered a problem setting up an account for someone in jail to make phone calls or they are having trouble receiving the calls at their end. Either way, the person is upset and needs someone to rectify the situation as quickly as possible; therefore, Securus’ customer service training materials emphasize empathy and the need to resolve the issue quickly, on the first call if possible. Securus Technologies’ Senior Vice President of Operations Danny de Hoyos, speaking about the company’s revamped training program said, “I’m glad to say that it has worked and that we’re seeing the best customer satisfaction, Net Promoter, and first call resolution scores in our history.”


Several of the judges, who are independent business professionals, mentioned that Securus Technologies provides a valuable service, which is true. The Dallas, Texas-based company offers inmate self-service, communications and monitoring technology to corrections agencies in North America.

Vincent Parascandola’s Role In The Success Of AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is the senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors, LLC where he is in charge of sales, retention, management development, productivity and recruitment of financial professionals. AXA Advisors is the retail agency of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, a leading insurance firm in the United States. Vincent studied computer science at the esteemed Pace University-Lubin School of Business. He began his career as a systems analyst at Irving Trust Company before joining Prudential Insurance as an agent. Later, Parascandola worked as a financial professional at The MONY Group Company where he rose through the ranks to become the field vice president before joining AXA Group in 2005.

Mr. Parascandola boats of over 25 years of experience in the industry. He started serving AXA as the president of Advantage Group, an affiliation of AXA Equitable that focuses on attracting seasoned financial experts. Later, he was appointed to work as the divisional president. He also served as the co-manager of New York Metro branch of Advantage Group. Metro branch has close to 400 financial experts in the tri-state region. As the senior vice president of AXA Advisors, Vincent has spearheaded the firm’s strategy of customer retention where customers receive personalized services. He also established a culture where employees interact with the consumers and follow up on their feedback.

Vincent Parascandola t collaborates with the senior management team to equip the financial advisers with necessary resources needed to educate customers. AXA Advisors has 6,000 financial professionals who assist in providing innovative products as well as financial protection and investment strategies, including asset allocation, retirement, college and estate planning. Mr. Parascandola’s outstanding performance in the industry has earned him several awards and recognition, including Career Development recognition by GAMA and the Master Agency Awards. He was also the recipient of the National Rookie of the Year award, which was presented to him as he was starting his career. As a sought after speaker, he has lectured in renowned conferences such as LIMRA distribution conference and GAMA’s National Lamp Meeting. Vincent is a member of GAMA, a former president of the Florida Chapter, and an ex-chair of LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee.




Bruce Levenson is probably most known for being a former owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the founder of UCG. Something people may not know about Levenson is that he attended Washington University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, and American University, where he earned his J.D. Levenson is also the president of the “I Have a Dream Foundation.”

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson, one of the other former owners of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, has been making headlines. On September 13, 2014, a lawsuit was filed against New Hampshire Insurance Company, also described as AIG. The lawsuit does not involve the current Hawks owners.

According to the former owners, also described as AHBE, AIG has breached their contract and is acting in insurance bad faith. Prior to the lawsuit, AHBE had reached an agreement with the insurance company’s former general manager, Danny Ferry. Still, the insurance company has yet to pay out.

AHBE has provided documents proving that their policy covered them for certain losses related to employment practices. The certain acts listed in the policy included acts of “wrongful termination” and workplace torts.” On April 2, 2015, AHBE even provided the documents proving Ferry’s previous agreement with them.

Even with all the evidence stacked against them, AIG continued to refuse pay on any claim. AIG is maintaining that no policy was triggered and any settled agreed upon with Ferry is not valid. Not only is AIG refusing to acknowledge the claim, they’re also refusing to participate in the defense or accept coverage.

Due to all obvious acts of bad faith, the lawsuit is seeking an additional 50 percent penalty. AIG’s behavior in the matter is irreprehensible. Although AHBE is will to tell their side, AIG has yet to offer any explanation for their behavior.