Frontera Fund by Lacey and Larkin Helping Groups Fighting for Human and Civil Rights in the US

The media in the US and the congressional debates all agree that something useful should be done to address the issues affecting immigrants and refugee rights in the country.

There presently hundreds of groups who are advocating for the tights of foreigners seeking residence in America due to political persecutions or economic deprivations. Read more: Phoenix New Time

Although the government of the USA has imposed stringent measures to stem the flow of more immigrants into the country, some civic rights organizations champion the right of such persons to be allowed to stay.

The most disturbing factor is the inhuman conditions under which the immigrants and other internal refugees live. For those who come from the poorer southern neighbors of the US, many lose their lives because they cross hostile and harsh territories to gain illegal entry.

The human suffering that the refugees face has prompted the formation of charities and nonprofits like the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which want to help such persons to get decent human treatment. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have taken the initiatives to help fight for the rights of the citizens by contributing $3.75 million to fund the activities of nonprofits in Arizona and the whole of USA. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

The two former journalists are co-founders of the Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times. When they were arrested and taken into police custody in the middle of the night, they sued the County of Arizona for abusing their First Amendment Rights.

The hearing that took place in the Ninth Circuit of the US Court of Appeal ruled for the defendants hence the award. The money they got as a result of the mistreatment they suffered at the hands of law-enforcer Sheriff Joe Arpaio went to a kitty they set up to help other organizations with similar objectives.

Some of the groups in the US helping immigrants include; the Center for Constitutional rights or the CCR which is dedicated to the advancement and protection of all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United States Constitution, It uses positive force to bring change by creatively applying the law.

The group is an educational and legal nonprofit organization. Another group is the CJA or the Center for Justice and Accountability which is an international organization for human rights which is focused on ending severe abuses of human rights and the abolition of torture around the globe. It also champions the survivors’ rights to seek justice and truth through legal channels.

The Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights or ACMHR is another similar group. It is a civil rights organization operating in the states of Alabama, Birmingham and it coordinates sponsored federal lawsuits and boycotts.

The USHRN or the US Human Rights Network is comprised of more than 200 self-identified human rights organizations working at the grassroots. They mainly work to strengthen all issues of human rights in the US. It is presently headquartered in Atlanta in Georgia. Such groups are doing a lot to help minorities fight for their rights.

Jim Tananbaum, the mind behind health revolution

Jim Tananbaum is a well-known industrialist and investment strategist. He is a math and electrical engineering expert. Jim says Foresite, to him, means to comprehend and harness the future of the healthcare industry. The main roles of foresite are to help leaders through the supply of info, links, and funds to help them succeed in their endeavors. Jim believes that you need more than just the capital to bring ideas to life. You also need to involve the cleverest, determined, and operative leaders in the healthcare to become a champion in the field. Tananbaum’s inspiration comes from the methods in which entrepreneurs can apply scientific enlightenment to solve most of the needs of the society today. His fuel is from learning new things as that is how he lands onto bright solutions that academics can provide. According to him, equal partners should be appreciative of one another since insecurities may cause dysfunctional ties. He believes the next health care era will arise from the marrying of scientific data techniques and biotechnology.

If given a chance to start it all afresh, Jim says he would believe more in himself. He would grow his business ideas totally on what he deemed ideal for the business growth and not what others thought. Jim urges entrepreneurs to be diligent and optimistic. The biggest mishap is when an entrepreneur fails to invest in a big returning company due to fear if losses. Since the healthcare is ever changing, he tends to always trend thin into the future and the experts to synergize with their expertise when the time is right. His favorite book is a causal inference in statistics since it helps him jog his mind on important principles used in daily life. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Jim Tananbaum has a BS and a B.S.E.E from Yale University. He also attended Harvard medical school where he got an MD before later getting an MS from MIT and an MBA from Harvard school of business. In his early career life, Mr. Tananbaum worked with Theravance, partner Sierra Ventures, and GelTex. His 25 years’ experience in the market led to the creation of foresite capital where he is the chief principal. He is a family man and loves spending time with his family having dinner. He also finds time between his busy schedule to go and work out.

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How Securus is Planning on Growing its Business

Securus Technologies released a list of comments that had been sent in by some of the people that used their products a few months ago. The comments were just a few of the many letters and emails that the company got from its customers all over the country. Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus. He stated that the firm invested in making new products each week to improve the quality of services that they provided to their customers. He mentioned that safety was part of the DNA of the company and they tried to instill it in every product that they released.

Securus announced that it had hired a sales executive to join its leadership team in January last year. Jon Bell joined Securus as the senior vice president of Sales. He was tasked with assembling a technology-oriented sales team. The company develops more than 800 different products. The leadership saw it fit to give the role of selling these products to an experienced professional. Rick Smith pointed out that the company had invested more than half a billion dollars to acquire security and safety products over the past few years. He stated that this warranted a key sales manager who would be able to lead its sales divisions as the company continued to grow. Smith said that this was important because Securus needed a new way to present its portfolio of products to clients.

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Bell’s career as a manager has spanned for more than 35 years. He is known for his ability to grow the culture of a company and to steer it towards its sales and profits targets. Bell schooled at Holy Cross before joining the Wharton School of Business to pursue a Master’s degree. He is also a graduate of the prestigious Kellogg School of Management. He has worked at reputable companies including AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, and IBM.

Bell will be in charge of the 100 people who work in the sales team at Securus. Most of the members of this division are sales associate that are always on the road to find new clients. Josh Conklin is the VP of Sales at Securus. He now reports directly to Bell. Both of them will work to present the company’s products to more customers and to utilize the Securus Technology Center fully to make presentations to customers. They will also collaborate to build a sales associate training program that will enable new hires to learn about the sales strategies of the company faster. Rick Smith pointed out that the firm would never lose out on a contract if more people understood their products and services. This is because they offer better products and wholesome services that are beneficial to correctional facilities. Visit for more info.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Says She’s Here To Empower Women

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon, who also holds the honor of being one of the very best in the business. Texas Monthly Magazine has named Dr. Walden one of the state’s best on more than one occasion. Dr. Walden takes all of her honors and commendations in stride. She says her job is to help people look better and regain confidence. If she wasn’t able to do that, she wouldn’t be in the business.After the Austin, Texas graduated from high school, she went on to the University of Texas and received a bachelor’s degree in Biology.

Once she completed her pre-medical training at the University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, Dr. Walden went to Miami and then on to Manhattan. She continued to hone her medical skills under highly-renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sherill Alston.At Manhattan’s prestigious Eye, Ear and Throat Clinic, she performed a number of difficult cosmetic surgeries. The experience prepared her for opening her own business. After a successful 8-year run in New York, Dr. Walden pulled up stakes and moved back to Texas with her two sons, Houston and Rex, in tow. She has since opened the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Westlake.

Dr. Walden has a throng of satisfied patients who sing her praises. She has performed hundreds of cosmetic surgeries such as nose jobs, tummy tucks, breast augmentations and even Botox. She consistently rates among the highest surgeons in the U.S. when it comes to skill and satisfaction surveys.The fact that Dr. Walden is in a field where few women rule doesn’t intimidate her. It was always her goal to empower women through all aspects of their lives. Dr. Walden says if cosmetic surgery is what it takes to give a women self-esteem and a sense of purpose, she’s all for it.

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Rona Borre, Leading Female Entrepreneur in Chicagoland

Rona Borre serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Instant Alliance. The company was founded in 2001 and is currently recognized as a business enterprise that is woman-owned with increasing revenue over the years.

Rona Borre Recognitions and Awards

Rona sits on the board of the Chicago Network, Economic Club of Chicago and the Young Presidents Organization. As a result, she holds leadership roles within the Chicago community. Rona has also had the opportunity of being featured by CNN, CNBC, USA Today, CBS 2 Chicago, and Crain’s Chicago. Also, Rona was honored as an Influential Woman in Business by National Association of Women Business Owners and the Business Ledger. Head over to to check this.

Rona received recognition from the Enterprising Women Magazine as the Enterprising Woman of the Year. Rona Borre graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Business. After graduation, Rona worked at an ad agency as a receptionist. However, her work mates treated her badly but she continued to work hard. Rona learnt that all employees should be able to feel good about their work environment and administrative assistants play a major role in supporting businesses.

Instant Alliance Background Information

After college, Rona worked in the recruiting and staffing industry. As a recruiter, Rona was eager to learn the hottest trends in technology. Afterwards, she decided she was more keen on working with the recruitment companies. By the time she clocked 25 years, she had a growing client base. Rona developed strong relationships with the customers and candidates she placed by offering outstanding customer service.

The organization entered into a merger with an international firm and lost its existing culture and methods of operation. Rona left the organization and she signed a non-compete so that she could not converse with her existing customers. In 2001, many companies laid off their employees which led to people looking for new organizations.These employees contacted her at their new workplaces and offered to make introductions on her behalf.  Related article on

Instance Alliance is an action based company that uses ideas of employees as long as they are worth trying because learning can be done by failing.

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Chris Burch: The Man Who Knows How To Create Buzz

When Travel + Leisure calls your resort The Best Hotel In The World, which is what happened to Chris Burch in 2016, you know that your three years and $30 million was worth it. Nihiwatu, the five star resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba, started out as a beach hostel, however, Burch and hotelier James McBride say the potential of such a scenic property. The resort’s 27 open-air villas feature a pool and Sumbanese antiques and Ikat prints, making them ideal for a relaxing vacation; there is a beach spa where guests can get of tension as well. With ideal surfing conditions, a stable of horses, a wellness center and daily yoga sessions, guests never become bored. Burch believes in giving back to the local population; the resort is the island’s largest employer and a percentage of the resort’s profits go to the Sumba Foundation, which benefits the local community.   Continue reading on

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Nihiwatu is not Burch’s first real estate venture; he has invested in luxury home development in Nantucket, Palm Beach, Florida and Southampton, New York, along with a hotel in Argentina. Nor is Burch’s philanthropy in Indonesia unprecedented; he has contributed to The Child Welfare League of China, Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York and The Henry Street Settlement. Additionally, Birch gave the Tilton prep school in New Hampshire $1.3 million in gratitude for all the school did for him while he was a student there.

As CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch invests in a number of diverse brands including ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Blink Health, Little Duck Organics and Cocoon9. The firm specializes in brand development as well. Burch became a billionaire in 2012 when he sold his interest in Tory Burch, his ex-wife’s fashion brand, which he helped establish in 2004. Related article on forbes,com.  Two of Burch’s daughters launched their own fashion line, Trademark, which Burch invested in as well.  Hop over to for an update of Burch recent timeline activities.

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Chris Burch Transform Little Known Island Into Ritzy Resort

If you were to walk into any given room, let us say the office at your place of work, and ask, “Show of hands, how many people have heard of Sumba and Nihiwatu?” You will likely receive a gaggle of blank looking faces. If you are one of the individuals who wouldn’t have raised your hands (and let us be honest, you wouldn’t have) then you should start paying attention to Christopher Burch. Mr. Burch, for those who are unaware is a prolific businessman, fashion designer and the founder of Burch Creative Capital. Christopher Burch is known for a host of different business ventures but he has since begun funneling his billions into new territory – hospitality. But Burch knew that he could not just jump right into the hotel business with absolutely no prior experience so he enlisted the help of the prolific hotelier, James McBride and together the dynamic duo began work on the Indonesian island of Sumba.

To learn more about Burch and his works, visit this important site.

Over the course of three trying years, Mr. Burch and Mr. McBride worked hand in hand to build up a fabulous $ 30 million dollar resort called Nihiwatu which they officially opened in 2015. Only a year later the hotel and resort was voted the very best in the world by the organization, Travel + Leisure in their yearly list of The 100 Best Hotels in the World.  More to read on

Additional article here.

Many were struck by Burch’s ability to turn a remote island into arguably the world’s best hotel. In a recent interview with Mr. Burch he stated that it really was not all that difficult, specifically because of the natural palette and the interesting terrain. He speculated that the ability to sculpt spas under waterfalls and craft private villas staffed full of attendant butlers that overlooks a rocky, glistening grotto of cool turquoise water.

Mr. Burch also stated in the same interview that he was frankly surprised at the success of the venture, stating that, “Nihiwatu has turned into more than I expected, which is rare because most times things turn into less.”  For a related article about the interview, head over to

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End Citizens United are Backing Archie Parnell

Traditional PAC’s (political action committee) cannot accept donations larger than $5,000, and this is how End Citizens United is operated. The group is focusing its efforts on getting rid of the control big money donors have inside the realm of politics. The group has raised $4 million in the first quarter of 2017 and believes it will raise $35 million by the 2018 midterm election for congress. This will be a $10 million increase from the 2016 elections, which was their first year in operation. 100,000 people have donated so far, with 40,000 people donating for the first time. Regular Americans are feeling as though their voice is being shut out from the conversation, because of big money donors gaining much of the attention from law makers.


They hope to elect congress members who want to reform how money is being used in the government. Democrats are feeling the urgency to make positive changes, given the 2016 election of Donald Trump and the Republican Party having gained control of the house. Tiffany Muller, the president and executive director of End Citizens United, has said they are still looking into who will be running in the 2018 elections, but it could include Jon Tester from Montana and Democratic Sens. Sherrod Brown. The name, End Citizens United, comes from a 2010 Supreme Court decision to allow corporate donations to be used in candidate elections in an unlimited format.


On May 5, 2017, End Citizens United (ECU) endorsed Archie Parnell for Congress. Muller has mentioned the support Parnell has, finishing the South Carolina primary with 70% of the vote. Parnell has an interest in getting the big money corporations out of politics, with hopes of giving the everyday citizen a chance at having a voice. He has said, “ECU has carried the banner on campaign finance reform and fought to end the rigged system in Washington.” With an average donation of $14 per person, the group is gaining momentum in the fight against big money in Washington. The ECU is made up of over 3 million people and is entirely funded by grassroots donors.



Patty Rocklage Helps Couples Succeed in Making Marriage Work

Marriages around the world failing because people have never been married before and they don’t know how to do something that they’ve never done before. Patti Rocklage realizes this, and she is setting out to help many couples that are inexperienced in the language of love. She has become a great resource an array of people that have marriages that are slowly unraveling. Rocklage has decades of experience, and this has allowed her to become a valid authority on what works and what does not work in marriage.

Many people think that their marriages are doomed if there is no communication. In most cases they are right, but few people realize that there is a way to get back to communication. There is a way to get back to the loving feeling that was there when the vows were stated. Patty is one such person that specializes in helping couples get back to the original chemistry that brought them together in the first place.Before this can happen Rocklage has to assess the situation and get the parties to acknowledge what they’ve done that may have caused issues in the marriage. That is one of the big things that becomes a problem for couples that are on the brink breaking up.

These couples will often look at the fault of their partners, but they very seldom look at their own faults. This can be damaging, and Patti is someone that can help both parties see the full spectrum of what is happening in the marriage. This is really the only way that any marriage can improve. Both partners in the marriage have to realize that they have something to do with the state that they are in right now.Patti Rocklage gets people to assume more of a proactive approach to making marriage work. She does not believe that couples to spend their time going home through the marriage numb only to point fingers later when their spouse does something to irritate them. In the world of marriage therapy Patty is a firm believer of getting your feelings out.

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Medical Research for the better of all humanity, the success of JeanMarie Guenot at Amphivena Therapeutics

Medical researchers are always looking for ways in which they can eliminate illnesses and improve the overall quality of human life. Companies and governments have realized the importance of making sure that the ailments that are a menace to the human race have been eliminated within the century. One of the companies that have been leading in medical research is Amphivena Therapeutics on The company has been dealing with looking for therapies and treatments that work in the elimination of all manner of hematologic malignancies.

JeanMarie Guenot works at Amphivena. She has been working in medical research for the longest time. She has a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA from the Wharton School in the University of California. She also has a PhD from the University of California in San Francisco. When she started her career, she was working as a principal scientist at Hoffman-La-Roche. She was in charge of coordination of all the research into many types of metabolic disorders. She then got another job at Atlas ventures. Here, Guenot was in charge of the financial side of the research center. She coordinated the venture capital investments and arranged for the funding of various companies that were researching about life science. She has done extensive research on autoimmune diseases, inflammation and oncology.

Read more: Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

There was also a time that she was working with the SKS Ocular. The organization researches and looks for treatments to disorders like glaucoma and macular degeneration. She has also been a financial advisor at Hoffman-La-Roche. All these are experiences that have molded her for her present role. It is therefore understandable that she is helping the current company she is heading in making the strides that they are making in their business.

Jeanmarie Guenot says that one of the goals that she is most passionate about achieving is making sure that she gets all the experience that she needs to change the lives of the entire humanity for the best. JeanMarie is an inspiration to the scientists, the medical fraternity and everyone else in general. It is her hope that she will get treatment for hematologic malignancies during her tenure at the current company.

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