The Amazing Lacey and Larkin Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the founders of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. The fund was established by the two journalists to help the members of the Hispanic community.

The community had undergone racial discrimination and had faced civic abuses in the Arizona. The fund has been of great help as it is able to advocate for migrant, civil and human rights of individuals. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The freedom of individuals has been safeguarded through this fund. The individuals can express themselves freely in matters pertaining their country. The fund has provided equity among individuals as they can participate in civic matters through Arizona. Some of the matters they have actively engaged include the Mexican border matters commonly referred to as the “la linea frontera.”

Jim and Michael are also co-founders of the Phoenix New Times and the media representing the village. The main aim for founding the organization was to find the rights of migrants in Arizona. The migrants could be funded using the money they had acquired from their arrest. The two journalists had been arrested after they were vocal with some issues regarding the government.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were paid 3.75 million dollars after they were arrested. They were arrested by the county Sherrif of Maricopa known as Joe Arpaio on the eighteenth day of October in the year 2007. Larkin and Lacey had been jailed after revealing some articles concerning the Sherrif.

Lacey and Larkin had proceedings from the jury and they had reported about the proceedings. The citizens who had even read the articles that were published online by the New Times were demanded by the jury. Larkin and Lacey utilized their careers defending themselves. The two journalists had been sued by the county over their amendment rights.

Michael and Lacey later prevailed in the appeal courts in the United States for the ninth time. The village voice media which they funded in the year 1970 was an alternative for the newspaper which was printed weekly in Phoenix. The charges which had been leveled against them were dropped by attorney of the county known as Andrew Thomas.

Lacey and Michael later sued the attorney Thomas, special prosecutor Dennis and Arpaio for abusing their powers and violating their rights. The two journalists also founded the Border Angels foundation. The foundation was formed in the year 1986. The Border Angels is related to the Frontera Fund although it is a Non- governmental organization based in San Diego.

The Steps To Business Success In the Style of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

It is very common for a new store to become the next big thing. Among the common industries to have this happen on a regular basis is the fashion industry. One example of the latest new store is Fabletics from Kate Hudson. This fashion retailer has become one of the most successful stores. In order for people to know how to be successful, they can look at the example of this retailer. There are a ton of things that Fabletics does right. Kate Hudson herself is rich with plenty of examples of how it is possible to succeed in the fashion industry.


One of the first steps to business success is to figure out the industry of passion. Each entrepreneur has to find something that is going to give him a good reason to get up in the morning. Kate Hudson has found herself to be passionate about fashion. She loved the designs and the different aspects of fashion. However, it does not have to stop at one industry. There can be sub-industries or sub-niches. For instance, Kate Hudson also loves health. Sometimes, it can be beneficial to find a way to have these niches work together. In Kate Hudson’s case, she has decided to build a health and fitness fashion retailer.


The next steps involve merchandising and marketing. With Fabletics, Kate Hudson has decided to go where no other fashion company has bothered to go with active wear. She has looked at different designs that could work well with active wear and capture the imaginations of other people who are both into fitness and fashion. Then she has also decided to do some of her own marketing with the company. She has figured out how she can reach people. As part of her campaign, she has used social media themes like Instagram to encourage people to get involved with Fabletics.


After the first wave of success, Kate Hudson has looked at other ways that she can bring about success to Fabletics. This is when she has started looking into other health related matters. Among the health related issues she is looking into is breast cancer, one of the issues that are hurting women throughout the world. This brings more people to the store because it shows that people can fight for causes and take on very important issues in the world. Fabletics is bringing forth a greater era of fashion.

Chris Burch Switches to New Credit Card Company

Recently the entrepreneur Chris Burch made a change with this credit card financing. He switched his financing to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co’s Sapphire Reserve card. This move ends his relationship with American Express who he has been a customer of since 1979. By switching to another company, Burch will look to get credit card financing that is more favorable for him and his needs. American Express has been experiencing some hardship in recent years as many customers have looked to move on to other credit card companies for their credit line needs. The company has had some difficulty retaining a number of customers and will look to get them back in the near future. In order to reach this goal, American Express has named a new CEO Stephen Squeri to help address this issue in the near future.

Former CEO of American Express Kenneth Chenault admitted that the company was in a difficult situation as the company was becoming less competitive among credit card financing companies. With the emergence of banks and fintech firms such as PayPal, American Express is experiencing setbacks where they are unable to offer enough incentives to satisfy customers. This factor has caused a lot of concern among investors who believe that this recent phase of difficulty will impact the company’s stock value in a negative way. Analysts have also said that the company will face a number of challenges in terms of getting back and retaining a majority of its customers. Additional article on

Chris Burch is a well known entrepreneur who has built a number of successful businesses. He is currently the CEO and founder of the company known as Burch Creative Capital. His company specializes in managing venture investment projects as well as developing a number of different brands for companies. The company his based in New York City and has been one of the main entities that has enabled Burch to build much of his wealth. Click on to read more about his diversified business investments.

He is also the co founder of a fashion company called Tory Burch LLC. In 2012, Chris was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the worlds billionaires.   Check this for a glimpse to one of his awesome investment.

During his career as an entrepreneur, Chris has founded companies in the fashion and real estate industries. His first company was in fashion where he would make and sell sweaters. Burch built this company into an entity that would open up 50 retail locations as well as earning over $140 million in sales. Hit on to read about his latest cool offering to the market.

Burch would also start a real estate company where he would invest in properties throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Along with investing in real estate, Chris would also invest in companies in the telecommunications and technology industries.

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Dark Money In Politics-End Citizen United

End United Citizen is a Political Action Committee which was established in the United States of America with the aim of making financial reforms especially in the political filed. In the last general elections held in the United States of America, the group played a significant role in wanting to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision. The group was launched in 2015 a year before the general elections. In their efforts to change the Supreme Court’s decision made in 2010, the organization raised some funds from well-wishers and their supports which amounted to about $2million of the $25 to $30 million the group needs to support the changes; this is according to Richard Carbo who is the communication Director of End Citizen United.

The primary role of End Citizen United is to end the black money in the political arena, and months after it was officially launched it had a large following of about 350000 people who had signed to their petition for the Congress to pass the legislation. Before the 2016 United States general elections, the organization had increased their membership with the support of “Ready for Hillary” group. Before the polls, End Citizen United had already announced their backing for about 11 candidates among them; Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, and Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin among others. There are several other groups fighting for the financial reforms in the United States of America End Citizen United stands out. Carbo, the communication Director, says that their team is unique in a way that it is supporting those candidates who want financial reforms in the country, and even those who the Koch brothers are against.

Read more: End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules

End Citizen United formed a committee that took care of the candidates who were supporting their reforms. The committee aimed to raise funds which they used for their campaigns through various creativities which include; television advertisements, polling as well as direct mailers. However, as much as the organization was pushing for financial reforms in the political field, their main agenda was to overturn the Supreme Court’s judgment of the improvements.

End Citizen United is an organization which was established in March 2015, and it is referred to as a Political Action Committee which was created by grassroots donors. The no-profit group was formed to alter the financial reforms of the United States of America politics as well as campaigns. End Citizen United has the mandate to show Americans that it is possible to end the dark money in their political system. The organization is founded on a firm mission of passing state ballot measures, promoting national talk, stopping the big dark money, as well as fixing the rigged political system in the United States. Together with their supporters, End Citizen United is working towards defeating Citizen United and changed the dark political money in the country.

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Entrepreneur Chris Burch-Road to Success

The world of business can be difficult and many people fail to have even one business succeed. Entrepreneur Chris Burch is the exception to this rule. From the time he was a young boy, he worked hard beside his father and started from the bottom of the ladder. He did not stay at the bottom long, though, as he became an expert in fashion, real estate and resorts. He worked hard to attain his goals.  Learn more about his creative vision and output on

Burch’s very first business, Eagle Eye Apparel, became a huge success. He and a friend started the company with $2000 and some hard work selling sweaters to campus friends at Ithaca, where Burch attended college. Check  Burch had an uncanny sense of what his customers wanted and he strengthened this skill as a salesman. When Burch eventually sold Eagle Eye Apparel, it was valued at $60 million dollars!

Many men would have been content to stop there but Chris Burch is driven by a desire to set a path for others to succeed. His 40-year career has included such companies as Poppin, Cocoon9 and ED with Ellen DeGeneres. He has lent his expertise to over 50 more companies and considers himself a mentor to other people trying to break into the business world. He also founded Burch Creative Capital where is also the CEO.

One of Burch’s most prestigious accomplishments is the luxury resort, Nihi Sumba Island Resort in South East Asia. Guests will find 27 villas crafted with teak wood and natural stone. The resort is built around the palm trees and natural habitat of the area. There are the guided tours through the jungle, luxurious boat rides or high dive lessons from the nearby cliffs.  Read more about this on  Burch has also built luxury homes in Southampton, Palm Beach and Nantucket.  Click on for a related article.

Chris Burch also has a heart for charity. He is active in the Sumba Foundation and contributes to the Child Welfare League of China. Burch also sponsors medical training at NYU Langone in New York City. Burch is a leader in setting records in the business world but he is also dedicated to using his wealth to assist those who are less fortunate.

As an entrepreneur, philanthropist and mentor, Chris Burch shows the world that success means responsibility to help others. He teaches and lectures on how to read the market and give customers what they want. All of these qualities make Chris Burch a successful man with a compassionate heart.  Read more about him here.

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Boraie Development Builds Aspire Apartments to Meet the Rising Demand for Rental Space in New Brunswick

The demand for high-end apartments in New Brunswick continue to surge due to the increase in the number of people who are want to live in this city that was once a deserted place. The increased demand for both residential and office space has attracted the attention of numerous developers who are willing to meet the shortfall.

Boraie Development LLC is among the top developers who have supplied exquisite rental and office space in New Brunswick, which has completely changed the look of the city. Aspire is one of the projects Boraie Development has developed in the city. Aspire ranks among the most iconic building that have been built in New Brunswick. Information from New Jersey Central working Moms publication titled “How Boraie Development Has Managed to Bring up Sophisticated Apartments in New Brunswick”, details the outstanding features that make the Aspire an irresistible place to stay.

Aspire consists of 238 units that range from studio apartments, one and two bedroom apartments. Each of these units come with its own cost. Studio apartments cost $1650 per month, and one bedroom apartment goes for $1800 a month.

Affordability is not the only factor making the apartments attractive. The project is located in a serene environment with a clear view of the downtown area and packed with basic facilities. The Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the Rutgers Medical School and Rutgers University campus are located a stone throwaway from Aspire. More interesting, the apartment provides the convenience of traveling to either Manhattan or Philadelphia since it is located a short distance to the New Brunswick Train Station.

The interior design of Aspire apartment also provides unmatched tranquility to renters. For easy access to the building, there is an elevator that leads directly from the garage to the main lobby. The apartments are fitted with high-quality stainless steel appliances. The gourmet kitchen consists of quartz countertops and glass tile backsplash. In addition, the bath’s walls are made of ceramic. There are in-house washers and dryers fitted in the washing area.

The renters of Aspire have a chance of accessing high-speed internet and cable television. Moreover, there is a doorman and an onsite manager around the clock. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

About Boraie Development

Boraie development has been existence for over three decades. The firm mainly focuses on the three areas of property management: property sales and marketing, Real estate development and property management. The firm is headquartered in New Brunswick, and it operates as a private company.

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Jason Hope the Entrepreneur Believes in the Internet of Things and So Should You

Technology is an ever-changing game that requires hosts of brilliant people working within the industry in order to capitalize on it. Jason Hope is world renown futurist who is based out of Arizona. For the better part of the last two or three years, Jason Hope has been all aboard one key concept: the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is probably the most enterprising new industry in the tech world but so few people have heard of it yet. Today we are going to examine closely the Internet of Things while also examining Jason Hope’s own history.

In order to understand the Internet of Things in a meaningful way, you must understand just why Jason Hope is getting behind it. The Internet of Things, from Hope’s perspective, is all about how we are going to see function and convenience blend together thanks to the constant rise of technology and internet related innovations. Hope looks at the IoT, an acronym for the Internet of Things, in the same way that other people look at a fresh piece of paper: there is immense potential here for the right person to come along and maximize its potential.

What the Internet of Things fundamentally refers to is the way that all of our everyday possessions are starting to link together thanks to the power of the web. We can look at vehicles, phones, and even smart security as a way that the internet has brought our lives together into a more convenient package. Jason Hope believes experience will be expanded upon even more in the next couple of years. The Internet of Things, in his mind, is going to expand out of the mere ‘convenient’ and into the realm of ‘necessary’. He believes that one day our entire world will be wired to the internet.

Jason Hope is a venture capitalist, futurist, and entrepreneur who graduated from Arizona State University with an undergrad degree in Finance and an MBA. Hope has been working as an entrepreneur for years now and right now his primary focus is on the mobile communication company Jawa. Jawa has along enough success for Hope that he has been able to expand his focus to actively looking for new partners in order to invest in their concepts. Hope has a passion for working with people and a mind to innovate so we only have to wait and see what his next big project will be.

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Christopher Burch: Fashion and Technology

Christopher Burch is one of the most prominent United States-based serial entrepreneur. For over four decades of professional experience in the world of business and investment, Christopher Burch has founded and sold more than 40 companies from the startup level to the multi-million corporation. Christopher Burch is also regarded as one of the best people who has amassed a great amount of wealth seeking better business solutions in a manner that has no solution in the world of business. Christopher Burch is also regarded as one of the most successful people who has given out more than a third of his money to the poor through massive philanthropic efforts around the world.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital based in the United States. The Burch Creative Capital Company solves most of the business and investment needs of many investors in the country. Visit the website, check The company has also gained a reputation of becoming the first investment company to become a multi-million corporation after startup. Because Christopher Burch is successful at what he does, he developed one of the most intrigued business solution in a manner that is not capacitated in the world of business and serial entrepreneurship. Read his shared insights and views here.

Christopher Burch has also contributed to the rise of numerous multi-million corporation as a result of good business practices and market niches. Christopher Burch can recognize a market niche as it is always the way of most entrepreneurs. Therefore, he works towards developing a business solution that takes care of these solutions.  Click on for an additional article.

Christopher Burch is also a board member of the Continuum Group and the Guggenheim Capital Company based in the United States. His success in the industry has enabled him to gain recognition in the business world with massive awards as the entrepreneur of the year on many occasions.   More about him on

According to Christopher Burch, fashion and technology are two separate industries that keep on growing together. As much as they appear distinct, their existence depends on their solutions. Whenever technology grows, it will require the input of Fashion to succeed in the industry. On the other hand, fashion also depends on technology to succeed. A fashionable technology will always be amassed on a massive scale in the industry for adoption. On the other hand, a technical fashion will also be adopted on a massive scale in the industry if it has the technology. For this reason, the two industries will never be set apart. For update on his recent timeline activities, hop over to

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Mr. Robert Ivy – The Current CEO And Executive Vice President Of AIA (American Institute Of Architects)

Mr. Robert Ivy is the current CEO and Executive Vice President of AIA (American Institute of Architects). He was promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2011.

As a registered architect, Robert Ivy is leading an organization that comprises of 87890 registered members. Under his leadership, AIA is currently working on ambitious and exciting projects that can reposition it as an institution of the 21st century. AIA has also heightened the relevance of value and subsequently for all architectures.

Robert Ivy attended Sewanee University, from where he completed his Bachelor Degree in English. He was also an alumnus of Tulane University, from where he received his Master Degree in Architecture.

Robert Ivy started his career as the editor of CAR (Chief of Architectural Record) in 1996. He helped the organization the release of the most read architectural journals. Mr. Ivy also served as the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. The company also include SNAP, Green Source, China, HQ Magazine, Sweets, ENR, and Constructor. Mr. Robert was just a junior member of the panel that interviewed architect Frank Gehry for the design of the NDDEM (National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial). From 1981 to 1996, he worked as a principal at Dean & Ivy and Dean/Dale. He was also a critic for several national publications.

When Ivy was an editor at Architectural Record, the organization won several publishing honors, including the National Magazine Award and premium magazine journalism award. The National Magazine Award was used to recognize Architectural Record for General Excellence, which is a rare achievement for any professional journal. Moreover, Architectural Record received the 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards, Folio Design Awards, 2008 MPA Digital Award, which was a recognition for the best website of the year, and 7 Ozzies. In 2009, Robert Ivy earned the Crain Award, which is the highest recognition for a person in the American Business Media. In 1998, Robert Ivy was recognized for Management Excellence by McGraw-Hill. He is also a Senior Fellow at DFC (Design Futures Council). In 2010, Robert Ivy was voted unanimously as the Master Architect because of his effective communication skills when it comes to the value of the design. He shares the same designation with fellow iconic architects, Cass Gilbert, Dr. Nathan Clifford, Eliel Saarinen, Richard Buckminster Fuller, John Wellborn, I.M. Pei, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Mr. Ivy is the only architect in the 21st century to have received such kind of honor in a fraternity that has a 100-year history.

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Whitney’s World is A-Buzz with Celebrations

Whitney Wolfe’s wedding to Michael Herd was an event to remember. Whitney, an absolutely stunning bride, wore an Oscar de la Renta long sleeve gown with a chapel train made of exquisite white silk and lace topped by a delicate lace cathedral veil. The opulent seaside resort Villa Tre Ville Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy was the venue of choice. Their sweetly worded wedding hashtag #homeiswheretheherdis showed the world their love.

Whitney is 28 and attended Southern Methodist University, a private research University in Texas. She will be speaking at the upcoming 2017 Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston. In 2016 she was named one of Elle’s most influential women in technology and was awarded Elle’s Women in Tech honor. In 2014 Whitney was awarded one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech. She can be described as a visionary feminist tech guru and is Founder and CEO of Austin based Bumble.

Bumble is a location based online dating application in which women make the first move. Women initiating first contact with their matches allows for more control. More control for women has reduced instances of harassment and lower rates of abuse have been reported. This concept has proven to be a much sought after way to meet people. There are currently 20 million users and 50,000 new users join each day.

The next step for Bumble is a transformation to meet women’s demands for greater access to opportunities in love, friendship, and career opportunities. The Bumble BFF app pairs users with new friends, whether you’re looking for a best friend, a work out partner, or someone to share your niche hobby. In addition, BumbleBizz is a professional networking app in which a user may seek employment, connect with a new business partner, or a company can hire new talent. As with Bumble and BumbleBFF, BumbleBizz will require proof of identity and verify each user profile.

To complete the transformation Bumble will rebrand to Bumble Honey. Bumble’s distinct yet complementary components allow Whitney to share her breakthrough vision and make it possible for one new connection to change a person’s life forever.

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