Lime Crime Plushies – The Newest Lip Product for Unicorns

Lime Crime recently dubbed their their “cutest launch ever” on January 11th with their newest line of lip products, the Lip Plushies. The adorable packaging was teased on their website and Instagram, where they showed the Lip Plushies amazing pink teddy bear packaging and beautiful subtle colors. This newest product from a company famed for their brilliant colorful hair dyes, beautiful Matte Velvetine liquid lipsticks, and their Diamond Crushers shimmer liquid lipsticks perfect for their army of Unicorn followers.

This newest product offers something Lime Crime company has never done before – lip tints! The Plushies come in a wide range of colors, all are a great nude semi-opaque color. With childhood nostalgic names like the nude “Milk Tea” to a deep purple “grape jelly”. The “soft focus lip vail” is a wonderful alternative from their super vivid liquid lipstick line. These cute little lippies offer a subtle hint of of color versus Lime Crime’s current richly pigmented lipstick color choices. These Plushies are a great look for daytime, or layering with other products from the vegan and cruelty-free company for a unique look.

The plush soft formula is bringing in a new era of lipstick options, for those who are looking for great colors that they can layer for their own unique blend. The lip tints are a translucent formula with a beautifully soft finish like their plushy name-sake. The Plushies are made to enhance your natural lip color, making your lips look the best they can be. This allows for their touch proof lipstick to have layering options to take you all day from a couple swipes for a nude day time to a few more for that rich night time look. Similar to their other products, this lip tint dries completely for a smudge proof kiss proof look.

With these new Plusies, LimeCrime is offering up some new options for their colorful clientele, while offering a toned down look for those looking to get into the colorful world. We can not wait to see what they have next!

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