Discover A Great Food Plan With The OSI Group

Get Professional Food Services With The OSI Group

There are thousands of food professionals that can appreciate being fed an OSI Food Solutions diet. Each processed food product is fortified with the daily allowance of antioxidants and other nutrients. As food service leaders for over a century, they received their start as a small meat processing plant. Today, their leadership in the food industry has allowed them to secure assets estimated at $64.7 million dollars. In fact, their team of highly professional executives includes their Chief Executive Officer and professional businessman, David A. McDonald. He says, his entire team has contributed to their success.

OSI Team Executive Backed International Deal

McDonald has worked hard to bring new food services clients to their netwwork. Their team of professional food service professionals have initiated several popular international deals. For example, their long lasting food relationahio with the United States and China for over 20 years. The deal has also sparked a partnership with the quaint Dutch, Baho Food Group. Their EU food deal has helped the OSI Group nearly, triple their global chicken production. Their OSI Group Foods organic vegetables will be included in the deal.

Meet OSI Group Team Professionals

You’ve met OSI CEO, David McDonald, but you also have an opportunity to meet their COO, Sheldon Lavin. As a food service leader, he has also given liberally to his food service team. He also participates in several local charities along with McDonald. They’ve been able to create a keep Illinois clean summer charity to keep the southern Illinois area beautiful. McDonald has used the help of the Salvation Army and the YMCA. In fact, to eliminate the effects of poverty for thousands of families, they’ve successfully created over 7,000 jobs around the world. If you’re interested in being a part of their team of professionals, you can visit their website for job listings.

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