Construcap’s Company Business Activities

The Construcap, in consortium, conveyed in September this year, the RCO-03, in addition to one of the three stores that are a piece of the complex of the Lamb Stream, a work of waste that plans to contain the activity of surges in the intercessions of Cupece Avenue, zone south of São Paulo. With a capacity limit of 40,000 cubic meters of water, the machine likewise got scope on its surface, where a square of 7000 m² was assembled. Alongside the primary stockpiling framework, conveyed in June 2016, the complex can hold around 72,000 cubic meters of water, a similar limit of 29 Olympic pools together!

The Construcap organization coordinates the Consortium New Cenpes, explored by the installment of in any event R $ 39 million in kickbacks in the acquisition of the works of the Petrobras Research Center (Cenpes) in Rio.

The two are siblings João Paulo Capobianco, who was organizer of Marina Silva’s presidential battle, the PV, and one of the principle supporters of his crusade in 2014. John Paul, be that as it may, does not partake economically the privately-run company.

Reports seized in Operation Marauder were imparted to the Lava Jato and served as the reason for ventures and captures void. Among them are the notes of the Legend, the Adir Assad (administrator).

The presence of exchanges of the company, Schahin and OAS with organizations Adir Assad administrator is further validated by records seized in Operation Marauder, alluded to this ecclesiastical team after legal approval. All the more particularly, it recognizes Legend of solicitations for OAS and Construcap “contends the arraignment.

The Employer and Worker Responsibilities:

  • Indicate in charge of consistence with NR-33 Technical in charge of consistence with NR 33 is expressed in the Supervisor Training Certificate or Authorized Official
  • Ensure preparing specialists about the dangers, control measures, crisis and protect. The preparation is ensured with the course Training of Supervisors and Authorized Workers

The Construcap keeps your procedures together in a solitary framework with a specific end goal to encourage and guarantee that the usage period of every action, all angles required as the Quality, Safety and Environment are expected and met.

Identification access to approved staff.

The section discharge is connected to the issue of PET, required size of the identification and record get to the control sheet.

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