Chris Burch’s Resort At Nihiwatu Represents An Achievement for Locals of the Indonesian Island

For Entrepreneur, Fashion Mogul, and Billionaire, Chris Burch His Resort At Nihiwatu Represents An Achievement for Locals of the Indonesian Island as well as Tourists.

The serial entrepreneur, billionaire, and fashion mogul, Chris Burch has been involved in many business ventures over the years, but with substantial investment and a keen interest in the hotel project at Nihiwatu (Nihi Sumba), Chris Burch has taken things to a higher level on his Indonesian Island (

As a very successful businessman, Chris Burch has had experience using his business capital in a way that has earned him better returns on his investment as well as maximizing the potential of his clients, customers, and stakeholders to their fullest.

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Mr. Burch started in the entrepreneurial life while attending he was going to college at Ithaca College. His brother, Bob Burch asked to invest 2 thousand dollars in a clothing company. The Eagle’s Eye clothing company, which Chris and his brother, Bob, started, was sold years later to the Swire Group for 60 million dollars.

With a career in business and entrepreneurship that spans 40 plus years, Burch has been involved in over many companies and other business entities as an investor and also an entrepreneur. Chris Burch has helped many companies reach the top of their game. As the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, his philosophy on investing mirrors his values as an entrepreneur, which involve looking for the right business opportunities. Burch has a proper combination of intuitiveness and a keen understanding of consumer behavior as it relates to global sourcing.

Chris’s company, Burch Creative Capital, includes a plethora of clients like Voss Water, Poppin, ED by Ellen Degeneres, and Nihiwatu hotel and resort. Nihiwatu is located on the part of an Indonesian island. Burch and South-African native, James McBride, partnered together on Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu was once owned by Claude and Petra Graves, a couple that was into surfing who founded Nihiwatu resort in the late 1980s.

Nihiwatu, which means “mortar stone,” has been turned into a first-class resort by James McBride and Chris Burch. Nihiwatu (Nihi Sumba) hotel was given a number one rating by Travel + Leisure — for 2016 and 2017 — in all categories.

Regarding philanthropy, Chris supports the community of indigenous people who work at the Nihiwatu resort (Nihi Sumba) and live on the island. Burch decided on Nihi Sumba as a place that his family could enjoy. Burch also started The Sumba Foundation, a non-profit organization that gives a percentage of the resort’s proceeds back to the locals.  Click on for related reading.

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