Chris Burch: The Investor Behind The Nihiwatu Resort

Christopher Burch is a frequent traveler. During one of his escapades, he heard about the founders of Nihiwatu hotel looking for outside investors. As an entrepreneur, he took advantage of this and bought the hotel. What attracted Burch most was the tribal culture and simple villages on the remote island.

The resort is renown as a surfers paradise given its exclusive, limited access left surf break and its barreling waves. The Nihiwatu beach, which sprawls a vast 2.5 kilometers, offers a breathtaking view of the sunset.

The hotel offers unparalleled surfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding and horseback rides to give you an unforgettable experience that is world class. This is part of the reason Nihiwatu resort earned recognition as the world’s best resort by Travel + Leisure.

Christopher Buch understands how significant pricing is in business. The resort offers world-class services at low prices. The beach resort boasts of more than 30 villas and a magnificent 5-bedroom house owned by Christopher Burch, but available for rent when he is away.

Tree houses made from available materials — restaurants, a boathouse and a yoga pavilion — dot the massive 700-acre land on which the resort sits.

For the visitors are not after catching the wave, the resort offers breathtaking nature trails through a rain-forest and rice fields. The hike ends at a tree-house that offers a magnificent view of the private beach.

Christopher Burch and his partner have enabled a symbiotic relationship between the hotel and the Sumba people. More on  The Sumba people make up an approximated 98% of staff at the resort.

In exchange, the Nihiwatu gains from the rich culture of the Sumba people. The staff even wear little swords as part of their uniform and as a display of their warrior-like ways.

Profits from the Nihiwatu are diverted back to the Nihiwatu Foundation. This charity organization aims to eliminate malaria, enhance education among the locals, and provide them with clean drinking water.

Other than his philanthropic interests on the Sumba Nihi Island, Chris Burch is involved in other initiatives involved in housing, education and other interests across America and China.

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