Chris Burch Switches to New Credit Card Company

Recently the entrepreneur Chris Burch made a change with this credit card financing. He switched his financing to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co’s Sapphire Reserve card. This move ends his relationship with American Express who he has been a customer of since 1979. By switching to another company, Burch will look to get credit card financing that is more favorable for him and his needs. American Express has been experiencing some hardship in recent years as many customers have looked to move on to other credit card companies for their credit line needs. The company has had some difficulty retaining a number of customers and will look to get them back in the near future. In order to reach this goal, American Express has named a new CEO Stephen Squeri to help address this issue in the near future.

Former CEO of American Express Kenneth Chenault admitted that the company was in a difficult situation as the company was becoming less competitive among credit card financing companies. With the emergence of banks and fintech firms such as PayPal, American Express is experiencing setbacks where they are unable to offer enough incentives to satisfy customers. This factor has caused a lot of concern among investors who believe that this recent phase of difficulty will impact the company’s stock value in a negative way. Analysts have also said that the company will face a number of challenges in terms of getting back and retaining a majority of its customers. Additional article on

Chris Burch is a well known entrepreneur who has built a number of successful businesses. He is currently the CEO and founder of the company known as Burch Creative Capital. His company specializes in managing venture investment projects as well as developing a number of different brands for companies. The company his based in New York City and has been one of the main entities that has enabled Burch to build much of his wealth. Click on to read more about his diversified business investments.

He is also the co founder of a fashion company called Tory Burch LLC. In 2012, Chris was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the worlds billionaires.   Check this for a glimpse to one of his awesome investment.

During his career as an entrepreneur, Chris has founded companies in the fashion and real estate industries. His first company was in fashion where he would make and sell sweaters. Burch built this company into an entity that would open up 50 retail locations as well as earning over $140 million in sales. Hit on to read about his latest cool offering to the market.

Burch would also start a real estate company where he would invest in properties throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Along with investing in real estate, Chris would also invest in companies in the telecommunications and technology industries.

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