Chris Burch on his five-star resort and career as an investor

Most entrepreneurs stick to one industry that they are passionate about. This may focus on making a fantastic product, starting a restaurant chain, or offer a truly stellar service. Then there is Chris Burch who decided to follow his own path. You just may call him a triple threat. He has invested in a plethora of industries including the hospitality industry, fashion industry, consumer products, organic foods, luxury brands, and so much more ( The fact that Mr. Burch can invest in so many field and be successful is no easy feat, many entrepreneurs not able to accomplish this.

Let’s start from the beginning. Chris Burch studied business at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. During that time Chris decided to start a business with his brother Bob. It was a fashion brand called Eagle’s Eye Apparel. The brothers invested $2,000, lots of hard work, and their business smarts to build the company to a $165 million dollar brand. That is pretty incredible being it was Chris Burch’s first business. He also invested and helped build over 50 companies rise to success and are well recognized now (  Some of these brands are Tory Burch, Voss Water, Cocoon9, Brad’s Raw Foods, Poppin and TRADEMARK, Little Duck Organics, and so many more.

One of latest passion projects is called Nihiwatu, a five-star resort located on Sumba, the beautiful Indonesian island. No details was left out when it came to designing this ultra luxurious resort. Mr. Burch partnered up with famous hotelier James McBride who also happens to be his good friend. They took the modest hostel with the help of $30 million dollars and turned it into what Travel + Leisure calls the best hotel in the world. Mr. Burch initially invested in the surfer’s paradise hostel for his children and the island, but with time it turned into something more.

Chris owns a private villa in the resort called Raja Mendaka which has 4 additional villas with plunge pools. His personal villa is also available guests upon request. Beyond his private home there are 27 villas in Nihiwatu. The luxury resort is lavishly designed with Ikat prints, artifacts, and antiques from the local culture of the Sumbanese people. Chris Burch also wanted to give back to the community. Not only are they the largest employer on the island, but they donate some of their profits to the Sumba Foundation. This amazing foundation helps financially aid projects around the island that need to get done. More on


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