How Alex Pall Met His Music Mate

Alex Pall is one of the two band members of the group called The Chainsmokers. He has been managing the group for several years now. He, now, operates with fellow singer and DJ Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall and his colleague are a rare breed of artists who are slowly but gradually transitioning from faceless artists in the form of DJs in New York to established musicians. They have already demonstrated enormous talent with their first Album that was launched in 2015. Their first single that was released in 2014 was an instant hit and managed number 10 on the hot 100 Billboard. They have continued to rock the music scene with numbers such as “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Closer”. In fact, “Closer” hit the roof and became number one on the Hot 100 Charts. The duo has been honored severally including twice with the American Music Awards. Several of their songs have also been nominated as the best in various categories over the years, including being the best Dance Music of the year.

How Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Met

Alex Pall was asked how he and Andrew met. Alex reveals that he had taken music as a hobby and run into the city of New York to take up DJaying tasks in clubs. He reports that he had a career picking in the city as a DJ. However, it was not an easy career to pursue because it sounded more like a side hustle. He reaffirms that he had a strong passion for music. He says that he wanted music as a career proper. He reveals that matters took a turn for the better when he was introduced to Drew. He says that Drew, which is the stage name for Andrew Taggart traveled from Maine and joined him in what has now become a successful band called The Chainsmokers.

Something About Andrew Taggart

Andrew Taggart on his part reveals that he was in college prior to meeting Alex Pall. He says that he had also been pursuing DJaying work for a while. He had successfully been in charge of the turn-tables at college gigs and had been invited to the city to perform. He reveals that he was crazy about electronic music. He says that he wanted to jump straight into the world of electronic music. So, he was approached by Alex Pall’s manager and informed about the vacancy at the Chainsmokers. He took the first bus from Maine to New York and met Alex Pall.

Anti-Semitism and Linda Sarsour according to Adam Milstein

A blog contributor and prominent member of Jewish society, Adam Milstein, writes at that anti-Semitism is becoming more commonplace and rising in America. It is extending into Leftist politics and the mainstream, where it was once just a fringe group of people on the alt-right. In the past, Muslims have usually blamed Jews for being all powerful Zionists that are the root cause of all problems in the Middle East. The interesting thing that Adam Milstein notes is that leaders of the women’s movement and the Women’s March such as Linda Sarsour are pushing extreme views that have anti-Semitic ties.

Linda Sarsour has publicly led a “Jihad against Trump” speech where she praises extremist people such as Siraj Wajjah, who is one of the co-conspirators that tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993 in New York City; Linda Sarsour even praises the Saudi Arabian poor treatment of women.

In addition to everything that Linda Sarsour has been doing and advocating to thousands of women and Americans, Adam Milstein asserts that some colleges and universities have taken on anti-Semitic positions themselves. At Tufts University, which has long been a university in good standing, there has been allowed a “disorientation guide” for incoming students which asks them to condemn the state of Israel for its “white supremacy”. Even at NYU, New York University, the state of Israel is called out 55 times compared to a far lesser number then extremist jihadism or even sentiments from Trump are. But this type of anti-Semitism on college campuses does not stay just within New York City, it also extends into Chicago as well. Adam Milstein writes that at the Dyke March for LGBT members and also the “slutwalk” which is aimed at ending sexual harassment in Chicago, anyone who is caught displaying the Star of David is promptly kicked out of the march.