Waiakea Bottled Water Reaches Incredible Milestone in Just Three Years

Waiakea is one of the leading bottled water brands in the world. It has been ranked as the best water brand. The incredible natural taste and the excellent mineral proportions that result from a natural volcanic filtration make the brand the best globally.

Moreover, the firm has experienced and richly experienced team that ensures that the product is healthy and has no adverse impacts on the environment. The production of the water is based on environmental conservation, a factor that has earned it a title, the first carbon neutral water brand from the United States.

Bottled water products are one of the most popular drinks in the beverage industry. This fact made helped Waiakea water founder Ryan Emmons to envisage the vast opportunity in the industry.

He saw an opportunity that needed to be filled by a socially and environmentally conscious firm. Without hesitation, he developed Waiakea bottled water, a sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly product. Learn more about more Waiakea Water: https://gust.com/companies/waiakea

Waiakea’s Remarkable Growth

All the other players in the bottled water industry have been on the market for over 50 years, and in just three years, Waiakea managed to beat them. Ryan Emmons who founded the company at the age of 22 recalls the awkward moments he went through in the early days of launching the firm.

Contrary to the opinion of the old boys in the industry, Waiakea Water Company grew fast reaching a milestone of 4000% growth in just three years.

The firm has an annual growth rate of 170%. This rapid expansion rate enabled the company to sell 122,400 cases as compared to the initial 2,304. The rapid growth has been attributed to a strong trade with the local distributors and bigger companies such as Whole Foods.

According to Ladisco, Waiakea water bottles are a product of recycling making them save 85% of the energy required to manufacture other bottles. The alumnus of the University of Southern California believes that his company produces a tasty product and that why many people have liked it.

The Filtration Process

Waiakea water remains unique because of its 14,000 feet volcanic rock filtration pathway in Waiakea Springs. The volcanic rock makes the water to be rich in healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Waiakea Philanthropy

For every bottle sold, the 10 million dollar company donates 650 ml to PumpAid, an organization that donates water to disadvantaged communities in Africa.