Slyce Is Making Shopping Easier With Image Recognition


Slyce ( is making shopping easier with a special kind of image recognition technology that they created for their customers that they actually deployed on the Pounce app they acquired. Pounce was a shopping app, but now it is a shopping app that people use with pictures. The pictures will lead people to the places that they can find the best prices, and it could match them with thousands of things they might want to buy.

Everyone who uses the technology is going to see it figure out what they have just taken a picture of, and they are also going to have a chance to learn what every website is charging for that item. That helps with the comparison shopping that people need to do, and it helps them go through a lot of different options until they find what they want.

The technology at Slyce is a visual search technology that has been used many times in other places, but now they want people to use it for shopping. There are companies that have used it for internal things, and the company even created a universal scanner that people are vying for right now.

Slyce is the perfect place for all companies and shoppers to go when they want to find something that will make shopping easier for them. It is a search engine that can literally find anything, and it can be used on any phone or tablet. The users just have to decide which picture to use. They can take a picture of something they like that they cannot identify, or they can take a picture of something they already own to find the duplicate.