Jim Tananbaum, the mind behind health revolution

Jim Tananbaum is a well-known industrialist and investment strategist. He is a math and electrical engineering expert. Jim says Foresite, to him, means to comprehend and harness the future of the healthcare industry. The main roles of foresite are to help leaders through the supply of info, links, and funds to help them succeed in their endeavors. Jim believes that you need more than just the capital to bring ideas to life. You also need to involve the cleverest, determined, and operative leaders in the healthcare to become a champion in the field. Tananbaum’s inspiration comes from the methods in which entrepreneurs can apply scientific enlightenment to solve most of the needs of the society today. His fuel is from learning new things as that is how he lands onto bright solutions that academics can provide. According to him, equal partners should be appreciative of one another since insecurities may cause dysfunctional ties. He believes the next health care era will arise from the marrying of scientific data techniques and biotechnology.

If given a chance to start it all afresh, Jim says he would believe more in himself. He would grow his business ideas totally on what he deemed ideal for the business growth and not what others thought. Jim urges entrepreneurs to be diligent and optimistic. The biggest mishap is when an entrepreneur fails to invest in a big returning company due to fear if losses. Since the healthcare is ever changing, he tends to always trend thin into the future and the experts to synergize with their expertise when the time is right. His favorite book is a causal inference in statistics since it helps him jog his mind on important principles used in daily life. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Jim Tananbaum has a BS and a B.S.E.E from Yale University. He also attended Harvard medical school where he got an MD before later getting an MS from MIT and an MBA from Harvard school of business. In his early career life, Mr. Tananbaum worked with Theravance, partner Sierra Ventures, and GelTex. His 25 years’ experience in the market led to the creation of foresite capital where he is the chief principal. He is a family man and loves spending time with his family having dinner. He also finds time between his busy schedule to go and work out.

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