Our Law Firm Needs Secure Calls With Securus

We have a law firm that works with people in jail every day, but we have to do something that is very secure. We have to show that we are taking a lot of precautions to be on the right side of our ethical code, and we would never want to let our clients feel like we are forcing them to talk on a line that is secure for them. We know that they might be nervous to even talk to us about certain things that they might say, and we know that we can help them a lot more when we are on Securus.


I have use Securus for a couple years now, and I keep up with all the changes they have made to their system. I have been impressed to see them upgrade often, and I can tell my clients that we are talking on an upgraded line They are putting video cameras in prisons to help us see our clients, and I know that families are doing the same thing. There is something very powerful about the way that we can help someone when we can see them, and we have expanded our network to serve many more jails.


I have people who are in need of a look at their old case, and I have clients who are not out on bail. We need to be able to talk to all of them, but we cannot do that until we have gotten onto Securus. Securus is one of the best things that has ever happened to our law office, and I am glad that we were able to reach out to more people using the service. Securus keeps our calls private, and they are constantly upgrading to make sure that we always feel safe as we talk.


Securus Releases Information About Global-Tel

Securus believes that integrity and accountability are important when running a business. They do not condone the exploitation of prisoners for profit, which is why they are releasing a series of press releases that highlight the misdeeds and explorations of Global-Tel and the way they have swindled prisoners and their family.

Global-Tel has contracts with prisons all over the county to provide phone service for inmates to call their friends and family. Global-Tel has been exploiting the for profit nature of the contracts in order to make money of the inmates and their families. Many of the practices of Global-Tel are illegal and unethical. Securus believes that if they expose some of these practices, they can shame Global-Tel into changing their behavior.

Much of the information about Global-Tel that is being released was obtained from a 17 page document that details an Investigation conducted by the Louisiana Public Service Commisson.

According to the documents, Global-Tel has artificially inflated the rates of the phone calls by adding time to the calls. They also double and triple billed customers for the same phone calls. Global-Tel also charged higher rates than were allowed by current terrif. They also charged customers for items that were never explained.

Although the document is from 1998, and is more than 18 years old, Securus alleges that Global-Tel continues to eploit their customers by committing grievances like the ones outlined in the document.

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Securus is a company that has thousands of contracts with public safety and correctional institutions accross the country. They not only help provide essential services for prisoners and law enforcement personnel, but they also provide jobs for over 1,000 people in Texas and Atlanta, GA.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.