Sean Penn Is Enjoying The Creative Process Of Being An Author:

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is the title of a new novel by renowned actor Sean Penn. The book is a darkly humorous look at the life of a contract killer who spends his regular time as a septic tank salesman. Penn has recently stepped away from the movie business and immersed himself in the author’s craft. So far his work is yielding a heavy amount of praise. Sean Penn’s writing style has been likened to such literary giants as Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, William Burroughs and Mark Twain.

Sean Penn’s new novel was the primary topic of an interview in Vogue Magazine. Vogue managed to catch Sean in the midst of a tour in support of his new book, Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff. At the time of the interview, Sean was doing the Los Angeles leg of the book tour and so Vogue was able to catch him at home. Sean emphasizes that he has fully enjoyed the creative process of writing a novel. He enjoys the unique satisfaction of being the sole creator of an artistic statement. Bob Honey Who just do stuff is truly a weird masterpiece. Sean has always gotten a great deal of enjoyment out of the release of a new film, but the individual achievement of putting out the novel has been a new and exciting experience for him.

On the topic of what may lie in his future regarding the movie business, Sean is reluctant to commit. He makes it clear that he has no acting gigs lined up in the immediate future. The furthest he is willing to go is in revealing that there is a particular movie project out there that he would be interested in directing. Sean is more interested in fully pursuing this writing career he has embarked on. There is already a second book well in the works. After years working with numerous casts, Sean is happy to sit back and enjoy not having to battle with the egos of others and simply being able to create something that is truly a representation of himself.

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