Karl Heideck: The Prolific Litigator

Karl Heideck: The Prolific LitigatorKarl Heideck is currently a practicing attorney in Jenkintown, Philadelphia. He is a contract attorney at Hire Counsel with over ten years experience in the legal profession. Karl Heideck is board licensed in Philadelphia, and he spent most of his career working as a general law practitioner. He now specializes in risk management, compliance, and litigation.

Heideck earned a BA degreeHeideck earned a BA degree in English and Literature from the Swarthmore College and his J.D in Law from Tempe University James E. Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck has vast legal experience from working with firms such as Pepper Hamilton LLP and Conrad O’Brien Law Firm.

During this period, Karl Heideck handled matters such as construction contracts, white collar defense, pharmaceutical litigation, bankruptcy restructuring, and government litigation. Owing to his experience and determination, Karl has gained experience and is eligible to open a private practice.

Karl Heideck is a legal professional who offers advice on legal matters. The process of litigation involves the acquisition of personal jurisdiction, the filing of motions, appeals, and taking legal action against organizations and individuals on behalf of the client; and advising them through every step. He also offers pre and post trial services.

A litigator should always be adequately prepared before presenting a case, have a comprehensive strategy, and have the ability to draw accurate conclusions. One must also be able to conduct quality research that will effectively support the position taken.

To become a litigator, one has to achieve a bachelor’s degree in any law-related subject, political science, history, government, English, accounting or finance. These subjects assist in the development of skills such as dispute resolution, communication, negotiation, settlement, and most importantly, passing the state bar exam.

In addition to these skills, Karl Heideck has legal writing, product liability, corporate law, employment law, legal research, and commercial litigation experience that have assured his progressive success.

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