Marc Beer Completes Fundraising for Women’s Health Issues

Women’s health may have been overlooked for many years, but recently it’s been coming into the spotlight and actions are being taken to treat the disorders that affect women.

One of the disorders that have drawn the attention the medical industry has been pelvic floor disorders. While his company Renovia has already brought one device to treat the problem to the market, Marc Beer is working on releasing even more to improve the lives and health of women around the world.


After a successful fundraising in the first round, Marc Beer was able to gain the attention of investors once again to raise an additional $32 million that is earmarked for several new products from Renovia. Aside from the $32 million raised, Marc Beer acquired venture debt of $10 million from investors. The startup from Marc Beer is expected to make a considerable difference in pelvic floor disorders with this money.


Pelvic floor disorders can cause a wide array of symptoms like urinary incontinence. These symptoms are not only embarrassing to many of the women who are affected but can also be painful and interfere with their ability to live their lives to the fullest. There are 4 more products in the works of Renovia and Marc Beer and their investors are excited about their potential. While they previously had a product approved by the FDA back in April, they are currently working on making additional approvements to this device in order to make is have more functionality than the previous generation.


The investors who have taken part in the fundraising efforts of Marc Beer all have an interest in women’s health along with the bottom lines of their company. One of the most prominent investors returned after the first round of funding to offer additional support. Longwood Fund focusing on investing into up and coming startups in healthcare and sees potential in Renovia. Marc Beer is excited about the future of his company and the potential of the products that they are developing for use by women around the world.


Marc Beer has been involved in the commercialization and development of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, devices, and biotechnology for more than a decade and a half. After co-founding Revovia in 2016, Marc Beer was able to successfully raise venture capital funds for the company in 2 rounds. He has been involved in the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusets. Learn more: