Rocketship Education Seeks To Develop A Stronger Public School System

The co-founder and CEO of Rocketship Education, Preston Smith has recently been seeking to clear up a few commonly held myths about this flagship charter school program. As one of the leaders of the Rocketship Education program, Preston Smith is in a strong position to explain just what the education program is and what it most definitely is not; the development of the Rocketship Education model sees each student engaged in a personalized learning program which is about identifying the needs and strengths of students as well as providing access to the latest technology.

Rocketship Education has limited its own program to the supply of a K-5 system which has seen calls from many parents to expand the program through high school. However, Preston Smith explains the focus of Rocketship Education is not to build a system running parallel to the state school system in California but to assist in preparing students to become the leaders of tomorrow with a dedication to providing the best possible start to education a child and their family could find. The inspiration of Rocketship Education has become a major part of the lives of many parents who feel they can also assist in the creation and development of middle and high schools to help benefit their own children.

One of the areas of most concern for Preston Smith and the educators at Rocketship Education is to ensure a diverse school community with access to the program for people from all races, religions, and classes. Rocketship Education is looking for different ways of impacting the diversity of its community by seeking educators from all communities to inspire a greater number of families from minority groups to access the free programs offered by the charter school network.

Established in 2006, Rocketship Education has been focused on providing a charter school education experience to the families of San Jose, California since the not for profit group was formed by Preston Smith and John Danner. Over the course of the last five years, the group has been expanding across the nation with schools opened in Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Washington D.C.