Healthy Aging Done Right with Dr. Johanan Rand

Doctor Johanan Rand gives his patients the care and solutions to their medical issues in a way that requires of them to simply show up. Treating people who have experienced the suffering of the painful process of aging. He helps them through various disorders such as menopause and Erectile Dysfunction Disorder. Doctor Rand seeks to find the root cause of these issues and uproot them. Becoming illness free and themselves with education of health maintenance is a goal for all of his patients.


Doctor rand uses a unique combination of hormone therapy, physical therapy, and dietary intervention to help his patients achieve a level of health that is considered maximal. He uses natural solutions when trying to help individuals instant pain relief. For people who have physical discomforts, Doctor Rand also is qualified in delivering steroid and cortisol injections as well as nerve blockers. Oftentimes because individuals want the natural solutions for pain relief, but need a traditional remedy administered first as they adjust to the natural one.


Doctor Rand does most of his treatment and anti aging methods at his healthy aging medical center where they’re allowed to experience a vast array of medicinal protocols. Other than the traditional medicinal options he administers also a alteration of patients diet. Changing how the patients eat allow them to experience their normal hunger. Not extra cravings through balanced hormones, they are changing and allowing their body to have weight loss episodes toward a target weight. This is all done through the dietary portions of the program.


Doctor Rand also believe education is critical in treating patients as it allows the individual patient to be a part of the team of their own health care. This increases the level of accountability and responsibility for that person to ensure that therapies are being delivered to themselves optimally.


Doctor Rand has spent extensive work developing the healthy aging medical centers. He has full confidence and the ability to combat issues with libido, menopause, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, weight gain, and mood disorders through unique holistic approaches to health. Oftentimes doctors choose this profession to make money, however, Doctor Rand and his comprehensive approach seek to treat and change problems many people face on a daily basis making our world a better place.