Chris Burch: Fashion-House Entrepreneurial Genius

Chris Burch is an entrepreneurial genius in the realms of fashion, brand evolution, and luxury resort construction. The creative leader founded Burch Creative Capital of New York City in 2008. The firm specializes in brand development, mezzanine financing, and investments. Burch Creative Capital is a prominent pioneer in moving businesses forward via the proper branding and posturing.

Chris Burch was the mastermind behind the creation of his Nihiwatu Resort in 2015. He partnered with friend and hotel expert James McBride in order to infuse life and creativity into the unencumbered virgin forest. The upscale resort is located slightly west of Bali, in Eastern Indonesia. Nihiwatu sits on Sumba Island. The 567 acreage area is as perfect as it is exotic. This surfer’s utopia boasts of turquoise oceans, dramatic waterfalls, private infinity pools, stately villas, and luxury tree houses. Mr. Burch created the vacation destination with unimaginable activities. The island resort is one that will be memorable and most admired by its guests.

Chris Burch was born and reared in Wayne Pennsylvania. He hails from an entrepreneurial family background where his father owned a mining supply distribution company. Young Mr. Burch, along with his brother, started re-selling sweaters under the brand name Eagles Eye in 1976. After experiencing explosive success, Chris Burch expanded his vision beyond the resale business ( Shortly after he began designing and reproducing his own signature sweater brand. The business took off with amazement. By 1998, the brand was evaluated at $60 million.

Chris Birch continues to embark upon emerging brands and real estate construction and development endeavors. He is the creative force behind C. Wonder, an all-encompassing retailer. The talented artist continues with partnership investments involving bottled water telecommunications, lifestyle collections, and internet companies to name a few. The sharp investor led developments in Nantucket Massachusetts New York, and Buenos Aires. Chris Burch is extremely creative and astute in his entrepreneurial ventures which is a direct result of the robust investment portfolio that he has cultivated over the years.

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Chris Burch Thrives and Contributes

There’s a hotel in a beautiful and exotic location that is setting the bar for social responsibility and community development. It’s called the Nihiwatu Hotel located on Sumba Island in Indonesia. In 2016, Travel and Leisure Magazine deemed it the #1 Hotel in the World ( But this hotel is not only concerned with leisure and hospitality. This hotel is taking steps towards improving the healthcare and education of the surrounding residents in a place where poverty easily thrives. They contribute directly to the Sumba Foundation which, in addition to the aforementioned challenges that face the inhabitants of the island, also works towards providing clean water, eliminating malaria, and promoting economic growth. The foundation benefits directly from a sponsorship from the hotel which is owned by billionaire Chris Burch.

Chris Burch is an experienced entrepreneur who has had his hand in the generation of over 50 companies over the last 40 years. As CEO of Burch Creative Capital, his investment philosophy reflects his penchant for creativity, imagination, and positivity. He has a knack for understanding consumer behavior and innovation. Currently, his company is involved in lifestyle brands including products such as home furnishings and apparel.

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Over the years, Chris Burch has invested in many luxury real estate opportunities in Palm Beach, Florida, and Southampton, New York. He helped with the development of the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which features modern art, spectacular architecture, and gourmet dining. Ellen DeGeneres entrusted him to help launch her lifestyle brand in 2014 which features clothing, shoes, and accessories. ED is the name of Ellen’s brand which donates profits from t-shirt sales to protect endangered gorillas in Rwanda. In 2014, Chris Burch launched Cocoon9, a brand of luxury prefab houses that feature advanced design, efficient floor plans, and energy saving features. The one thing that seems to keep resurfacing in his career is that there is a thread of social responsibility woven through nearly everything he does.

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