OSI Group Creates New Jobs With Spanish Expansion

At a cost of only seventeen million Euros, OSI Group’s Toledo plant has just completed an upgrade to its production line that promises to double its output of chicken products. This means more jobs for local people, as OSI needs about 20 more workers in order to operate the new, higher capacity production line. They will also be needing a new manager of product development in order to make full use of this increased production capacity. This increase was planned because of market factors. Market research indicated that there was an increase in the demand for chicken products in the region, especially in Spain and Portugal.

The reason for this increase is somewhat unclear, but it is clear that the demand for chicken products has grown by eight percent over the last three years. While this may seem like a small increase overall, indications are that the upward trend will continue. As such, OSI Group wanted to make sure that their facilities would be prepared to meet the demand. These new improvements were overseen by OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin and carried out by company president David McDonald. Sheldon Lavin, more so than any other one individual, is responsible for the multinational success of OSI Group. He has worked with the company since the 1970’s, when it was simply a family owned meat distribution company called Otto and Sons.

Through his involvement with various charitable organizations like the Ronald McDonald House, Sheldon Lavin has been honored more than once for his charitable work. This included the prestigious Edward C. Jones community service award. As such, Sheldon Lavin has a reputation as an entrepreneur that is quite solid. The plant upgrade was also focused on improving safety. An extensive camera system was installed along with state of the art new fire control measures. The plant’s new improvements are also intended to save energy (and thus, save money as well). Using a new system that is designed to recycle machine heat, they are now able to conserve and re-use a much greater amount of their own generated energy. According to the company, energy efficiency has been improved by about twenty percent.

The Fortress Investment Group Diversifies Wisely

At the end of 2017 business analysts were astounded to see how well Fortress Investment Group had done over that year. They were so widely trusted that they had commercial and business clientele from over 1750 different institutions. When you combine all of the money together, the Fortress Investment Group managed $43.6 billion from other companies. They have extremely high success rate in helping businesses aim profits outside the sectors.The Fortress Investment Group is widely respected by all because they are capable of standing on five core competencies that make for a good hedge fund management firm. The first core competency is the ability to be asset-based. When it comes to being asset-based you are looking for direct ways to make money. Arbitrage and market opportunities abound when you know how to look for them. This means the Fortress Investment Group must look both broadly and deeply in order to find ways to gain money in this field.

They are experts when it comes to pricing and managing and owning and financing commercial real estate for other corporations.Part of the core competency of being asset-based means that you diversify your portfolio in order to stay strong should the different markets go volatile. The Fortress Investment Group has wisely put their money in the four categories which are each ran by of Vice President of expertise. Ranging from smallest to largest these four categories are private equity firms, permanent capital vehicles, credit hedge funds, and credit private equity. Each group is worth $6.5 billion, $7.8 billion, $9 billion, $15.1 billion respectively. The second core competency is the ability to ensure that their workers have industry knowledge that is both deep and broad. Over 1500 people are employed by the Fortress Investment Group. Their only jobs are to look at the markets where they have special knowledge and advise investors on how best to make money at the current time. These different workers are not only highly trained beforehand, but they are required to go through continuous rigorous training to keep their skill sharp.

The third core competency is operations management. This is a direct result of the second core competency. The Fortress Investment Group is capable of bringing their team together to analyze even the most complex investments going on. By using different math-based formulas, they can weigh risk versus reward and know how much profit on average they should be making.The fourth core competency is the ability to help corporations merge and acquire other companies. This is more of a consulting business that the Fortress Investment Group offers. They will sit down with the board and the shareholders and layout various plans and how much profit each plan will make.The fifth and last core competency is the ability to keep risks low profits high. This is a key function if you are to be operating and capital markets. Many of stirring businesses let the Fortress Investment Group handle their funds because of the low risk options provided.

Chris Burch’s serial investments

Chris Burch has been known as a fashion mogul and active investor over the years, but now he adds the title real estate developer in the field of hospitality to his already impressive resume. Six years ago, Chris in conjunction with his partner James McBride acquired a resort by the name Nihiwatu which he has just made over into a luxury resort that is leaving everyone to breathless.

After three years of its renovation process in which the two spent more than thirty million dollars doing, it was ranked number one on the list of best hotels in the globe by Travel and Leisure. Burch purchased the property for his children as a way to give back to the society. However, its success comes as a surprise even to him. The resort is located in Indonesia and is home to twenty-seven private cottages each with a pool one of which is home to Chris Burch.

Christopher Burch has been in the scene for close to four decades in which he has gotten himself involved with the starting and also the development of over fifty establishments. His innovative success is owed to his knowledge and appreciation of consumer behavior and wants and his quest for ideas from all over the globe. He is famed for his acquired TRADEMARK on multiple brands including Jawbone and Voss water and his recently acquired ED with the famous television host Ellen DeGeneres among other acquisitions and establishments. Currently, he stands as the executive chief of Burch Creative Capital which is a company that he personally founded.

Burch Creative Capital is an investment company that deals with diverse forms of investments including retail, technological companies, foods that are mostly organic in nature, home furnishings, apparel furnishings, and currently hospitality businesses like Nihiwatu (burchcreativecapital.com).  Chris is definitely a serial entrepreneur who began even before graduating from the Ithaca College. His first investment was done in collaboration with his brothers and was a two-thousand dollars investment in a company that grew to a worth of a hundred and sixty-five million. From then all he has been doing is venturing more and more into investment to his current stature.

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Nihiwatu Is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s almost hard to believe that serial entrepreneur bought this slice of heaven from a couple as a hostel.Chris Burch teamed up with James McBride the hotelier and turned the beach hostel into a 30 million dollar investment called Nihiwatu. The resort opened its doors in 2015 and within a year it had already been selected as the top hotel globally in 2016 by Travel and Leisure.  For related article, click on ideamensch.com

As one of the founders of Nihiwatu, Chris Burch managed to turn it into his children’s legacy and conserve it for the community. The entrepreneur was amazed by the fact that he could experiment with building the new resort. The result was that it was turned into something beyond his wildest dreams. Chris Burch now juggles his time among his three homes Raja Mendaka-his private villa in Nihiwatu, Miami, and the Hamptons.

Nihiwatu has over 20 private villas. In addition to this, it has an outdoor and entertaining indoor area, a beach spa; although private sessions can be done in your room, a wellness area that holds daily yoga sessions although private sessions are also available, private and public surf sessions in the renowned surf beach, excursions to the adjacent waterfalls and Coconut Grove for surfing lessons and horseback riding.

The five-star resort is also known as the edge of Wilderness although its name loosely translates to mortar stone in the indigenous Sumba language. Nihiwatu’s décor is composed of traditional Sumbanese artifacts, ikat prints, and indigenous wood. The resort has employed a large population in the island. It also gives back to society as a part of its profits is pumped into the Sumba Foundation. This foundation finances various developments in the Sumba community.The good news is that Nihiwatu is not the last piece of investment by Tony McBride and Chris Burch as the duo are planning to build other spectacular resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Interesting article to read here.

About Chris Burch:

Christopher J. Burch is an ardent businessman who began his business journey in 1976 with Eagle’s Eye apparel. He managed to grow the 2,000 dollars investment into a 165 million dollars business before he sold it.The CEO of Burch Creative Capital has been in the entrepreneur and investment field for over forty years. Check on burchcreativecapital.com.   Within this time, he has managed to be involved in a variety of industries which include designer clothes and apparel, the food business, real estate and various luxury brands.Chris Burch is also a philanthropist and he has contributed towards various worthy causes. Chris is also on the board of a range of valuable establishments.  More to read on bjtonline.com.

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