Suppressing Appetite and Energizing Metabolism With Waiakea

There are two factors that play into whether or not someone loses weight. One factor is the appetite of the individual. The other factor is the metabolism. It is important for each individual to get both of those under control so that they can be successful at losing weight. However, this can be very tricky. Often times, each individual starts making progress in the beginning. Afterwards, the progress stops. Sometimes, the person’s appetite gets the best of him. Then in other cases, he is able to avoid overeating, he just has to deal with a slower metabolism. Either way, there is one thing that can help.

Water is one thing that can help suppress the appetite. Often times when an individual is feeling hungry, he is actually thirsty. One thing that he may notice is that his appetite might calm down if he drinks some water. Another thing he might notice is that if he drinks a large amount of water, his metabolism might speed up. This shows that water works powerfully when it comes to losing weight. However, there is a brand of water that people should drink. One brand they should at least try is Waiakea.

Waiakea water is the type of water that should be given at least some attention because of the electrolytes and the high pH level. The Waiakea water pH is almost 9.0. This means that it is safely in the alkaline range. People will not only be able to lose weight, but will also be able to sculpt their body and get themselves in even better shape. They may also increase their energy which can make it easier for them to get all of the tasks of the day done. This will do good for the confidence of the individual who is trying to improve his life.

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

There are some wonderful career opportunities at Sussex Healthcare. Known for their exacting and compassionate top quality care, this major area healthcare provider is pleased to announce its new job openings to the public. Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants are all needed. Several other medical and clinical jobs are also available including various therapist openings, personal fitness trainers, recreation therapy staff and some other positions. There are additionally many supportive staff job openings. These include qualified drivers with safe driving records, experienced nutritionists and dietary staff, housekeeping service openings, laundry staff and more.

Sussex Healthcare has announced some changes in upper level management. The new CEO is already on the scene applying her extensive talents to further make this healthcare provider a force hard to compete with. Part of the secret for this healthcare institution’s longstanding reputation of superior customer care type services is hiring the best people for the job. Many employees have made this company their career choice. The administration is very supportive of their employees that want to make career moves. Support and assistance with higher education is often available to these employees. Come see for yourself what exciting benefits that this esteemed healthcare provider has to offer you.

The simply beautiful and tranquil setting of these phenomenal elder care homes entices many to consider this place for either their next home or their next great job. Working in healthcare can be fun and rewarding when the administrative leaders truly understand the challenges of each job position. Everyone has a voice when they become a valued member of the Sussex Healthcare family. All jobs offer competitive salaries, retirement plans, educational opportunities and much more. The ability to work in a warm, caring and positive environment sadly doesn’t happen often enough in the healthcare sector.

Those wanting more detailed information of the specifics regarding each fantastic job opening can browse the company’s impressive and simple-to-navigate website. Along with the various home locations, Sussex Healthcare has also just recently opened a phenomenal new gymnasium. Nearby senior residents, and elders residing in a Sussex Healthcare senior home are excited by this convenient and practical solution for staying in the best of health. Trained fitness specialists can develop a suitable and safe exercise program that is customized for every person. Sussex Healthcare offers both the residents and the cherished staff members much in career or care opportunities.

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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

A brand new beautiful gym facility is exciting residents and staff at Sussex Healthcare. This new gym has incredible features including the latest state-of-the-art fitness equipment and an accompanying pool for easy-on-joints water hydrotherapy exercises. Each individual wanting to use these outstanding facilities will be thoroughly assessed by a well trained physiologist able to develop personal exercise programs. The gym will always be staffed by knowledgeable and experienced fitness experts to oversee the activities and prevent any exercise related injuries. Seniors that are living somewhere in the community are all welcome to use this terrific new fitness facility.

Sussex Healthcare has been delivering phenomenal elder care since 1985. Now, this well liked healthcare provider operates 20 senior living homes and homes for severely disabled younger adults as well. This organization also offers a special dementia unit facility that is setup with all of the necessities that caring for dementia afflicted patients requires. Security is provided on all of this winning healthcare providers many buildings, and families are always encouraged to drop in for a casual visit or to speak with the staff regarding any concerns about the care of their beloved family member. With stunning landscaped grounds, and beautiful interior decorating, Sussex Healthcare offers many amenities to their very important residents.

The healthcare that Sussex Healthcare provides is top-of-the-line. All staff members are fully trained to perform the work that they are hired for. This healthcare provider attracts many job applicants desiring to work in this advanced care setting. Seniors are invited to participate in a nice selection of daily activities designed to be fun for this age group. Some of these activities include lively games, current events, craft lessons, music appreciation, specialized reminiscence sessions and even some onsite music or theater productions performed by several community groups.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare are happy to provide exceptional care to their residents every day. These staff members are trained on how to ensure that each individual is living the lifestyle that they desire while promoting retention of their current health condition. Assistance is provided for those with ambulation or other limitations. Scrumptious meals are offered daily, and residents are often invited to go on community field trips. There will be transportation provided for any outside the facility event or appointment. Along with the latest gym opening, Sussex Healthcare also has an audiology department able to address any individual’s hearing problems.

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Lifeline Screening is one of the leading health screening company’s which offers several types of tests that identify serious health issues before they become severe. Lifeline Screening aims at creating awareness of testing and screening of serious ailments. The community-based screening channel encourages those adversely affected by the disease to contact their physicians for follow up treatments.

The screenings and tests are done by trained and qualified healthcare professionals. The equipment that they use is advanced and reliable, and they can be found in the best hospitals. After that, the results of the tests are analyzed by a qualified board of highly competent physicians.

Lifeline Screenings has been able to collaborate with various companies that deal with insurance from all over the world to deliver the health care services as a package. This includes MCM Solutions, Mission Hospital, Heritage Valley Health System, Lake Norman Regional Medical Center and Carolina Vascular. In addition to this, the company also uses various hospitals for basic patient care. The company has also taken part in various medical research which has been invaluable in forming healthcare statistics.

Some of the tests and screening services provided by the firm include;

1. Finger stick blood testing screening to test cholesterol count or lipid panel, inflammation or C-reactive protein.

2. Diabetes or glucose tests, Atrial fibrillation screenings, ultrasound screenings for heart conditions and bone mineral density tests for people who are at a risk of osteoporosis.

3. High blood pressure screening, Liver enzyme screening, Testosterone deficiency screening, Liver enzymes screening, Vitamin D screening, chronic disease screening among others.

About Life Line Screening:

Lifeline Screening healthcare company that deals with the screening of life threatening diseases. The private company was started in by Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully in 1993, and it is based in Austin, Texas.The wellness and prevention company serves forty-eight American states with its services. In 2007, the company started to provide its services in the UK. By 2012, Lifeline Screening Had spread its services to Australia. The healthcare facility serves over five hundred thousand people. Since its inception, the healthcare screening facility has been able to conduct more than eight million screenings. Most of the screenings are carried out during community health events. The company has accreditation from various organizations such as the Better Business Bureau among others.

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Life Line Screening Performs 1+ Million Scans Annually

Life Line Screening is classified as a wellness and prevention health service that was founded in 1993 and is based in Austin, Texas. The company provides community-wide health care screenings at locations across the US. The company was founded in Florida by Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips in 1993 and since then their services have spread far away as the United Kingdom. Today, the company offers healthcare prevention screening from blood work such as cholesterol accounts to diabetes testing or inflammation testing (launched in 2008). The Life Line Screening company launched in the UK back in 2007 and by 2008 the company announced that they would start offering atrial fibrillation screenings. They grew again to include areas of Australia in 2012.

Since the company started in 1993, over 8 million preventative health screenings have been completed and the company is on pace to begin doing 1 million screenings per year which include ultrasound scans, blood screenings, and electrocardiographs. As over 16,000 locations currently exist and they received the Better Business Bureau’s approval as of October 31st, 1996 and now receive an A+ in their grading. Life Line Screening also partners with many hospitals to promote prevention services and screenings that can help save countless lives. Some of these hospitals currently include Ameriplan, Carolina Vascular, Mission Hospital, MCM Solutions, and Heritage Valley Health System.

Life Line Screening also participates in prevention research that has been ongoing with the company since 2010. Today, with permission, the Life Line Screening center has used data from over 3.1 million patients who completed a medical questionnaire to help compile a study that shows between 2003 and 2008 more and more people are quitting smoking and also found that eating nuts, fruits, and vegetables daily helped lower obesity rates significantly and also helped lower the chances of a person suffering from heart problems.

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Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a medical facility that provides through health screening of a wide range of systems within your body. Equipped with top of the line equipment to provide Ultrasound screenings for bone density and arterial examination to detect issues as soon as possible.

Staffed by highly trained and specialized medical professionals to provide Finger-stick blood screenings to conduct a full lipid panel screening, glucose screening for detection of diabetes, elevated liver enzymes and a high-sensitivity C-reactive protein screening to detect for cardiovascular disease.

They also provide limited electrocardiograph services to detect atrial fibrillation, a common heart condition that can increase the risk of stroke significantly. The procedures provides are as non-invasive as possible without the need to remove clothing.

With the ultrasound screening you can have a health risk assessment to learn more about your health risks in the future, called the Health Risk Assessment 6 for life, projecting your risks for stroke, diabetes, heart disease, congestive heart failure, COPD and lung cancer. This service also shows you what steps you can take to reduce the risks in the future.

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes the bones to become increasingly more fragile and can be detected and managed early on with the simple painless screenings provided by Life Line Screening. Prostate examinations as well as colorectal cancer screenings can be performed simply and easily and should not be put off if overdue.

Life Line Screening provides you with detailed information about your health and your future health and a wealth of knowledge to help you combat any issues that may lie on your horizon. They also provide you with screenings for thyroid disease, Vitamin D deficiencies, carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm and chronic kidney disease. When you want to know more about your health and the steps you can take to ensure an overall healthy body, seek the services of Life Line Screening.

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InnovaCare Health’s New Leadership

InnovaCare is a company that provides Medicare and Medicaid healthcare services. The institution is located in Puerto Rico, and it has transformed the lives of many people in the United States. InnovaCare recently added some executives to its leadership team. Richard Shinto, the Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare Health believes that the three new executives will help the company to grow.

Mike Sortino
Mike Sortino will serve the company as the Chief Accounting Officer. Before getting this position, he was the Controller at Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Limited on In the past, Sortino also served as the chief financial officer at a company known as HCC. Mike has over twenty years’ experience in the insurance and reinsurance industries.

Jonathan Meyers
Jonathan Meyers was appointed to work as the Chief Actuary Officer at the health care company. Jonathan has worked in similar positions before, and he has a lot of expertise in the field. He has served in Medicare and Medicaid at Horizon BCBS as the director of actuarial services in the past. He was also the chief actuary at an institution called Healthcare Partners based in the New York City

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides is one of the individuals joining InnovaCare Health. She will be serving in the position of Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope has served in the healthcare industry for more than twenty decades, and she has a lot of experience in the government programs. Kokkinides has the ability to develop clinical programs efficiently. She is also experienced in managing health care operations and processes, and she mostly focuses on improving the efficiencies and the organizational infrastructure of the companies she works for. In the past, Penelope served in different executive roles.

The President of the company, Rick Shinto announced that the new team would help InnovaCare Health to grow. According to Shinto, Penelope, Mike and Jonathan are very experienced in their positions, and they reflect the expertise and integrity the company seeks in its leaders. All of the new executives have a rich background and skills, and they will be instrumental in increasing the success of the enterprise. The new team has served in the industry long enough to adjust to these changes quickly. InnovaCare Health wants to ensure that more consumers get the essential services they offer.

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Revolutionizing the Medical Industry

It employs more than two thousand workers spread across the vast Northern America. InnovaCare is committed to offering quality health care by use of sustainable, fully integrated and cost effective technologies.

Through the heralded leadership of the President Rick Shinto. And the Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides, the firm is determined to redefine the modern health care management to adequately meet our day to day complexities.

For all the individuals who depend on Medicare for their health coverage, they can choose between either Medicare Advantage Plan or the Original Medicare of InnovaCare.

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Medicare Advantage Plans

The standard plans include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Private-Fee-for-Service (PFFS).

* They are bought from private insurance companies.
* Covers both Part A and Part B benefits. Extra benefits like dental care and vision can be arranged.
* Upon subscription to Medicare Advantage Plan, costs and restrictions change with regard to the Original Medicare.
* Charges include a fifteen percent deductible, Medicare premiums and extra plan charged by your private firm.
* You are restricted to the hospitals and doctors in the network.
* You are under no obligation to buy Medigap supplemental insurance.

Original Medicare

* This is the initial program that is managed by the federal government.
* It has an option to include both Part A and Part B coverage. Part A covers the hospital activities while Part B covers the medical part.
* A person is supposed to pay a deductible after acquiring a health care service. The deductible could be inclusive of coinsurance if you had an insurance plan. Deductibles are usually twenty percent of the proposed Medicare-approved cost.
* If you have been working in the United States for more than ten years, Part A premium is invalid. Part B premium is however paid on a monthly basis.
* You have access to any hospital, doctor or medical practitioner in the whole nation that accepts Medicare.
* There are no steps to be taken to get an appointment with a specialist. No prior requests or paperwork.
* For better coverage, you can acquire a Medigap plan on top of the original plan.

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How InnovaCare is a Leader in Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are a great way to get all of your Medicare coverage into one convenient and complete plan. Medicare Advantage plans cover doctor visits, hospital stays, dental, vision, and prescriptions. Some Medicare Advantage plans also have other benefits such as chiropractic, holistic therapy, medical devices, and diabetic supplies. These plans are often very affordable because they are a bundled plan. Insurance companies will often offer a member a discount if they choose this type of insurance plan.

According to, Medicare Advantage plans cover everything that Original Medicare covers except for hospice. Original Medicare covers hospice. Also, of the plans can decide not cover treatments if they are not medically necessary. For example, elective services are not covered. In addition, urgent care services and emergency services are always covered under Medicare Advantage plans.

InnovaCare Health is a Medicare Advantage Plan provider. They are the leading provider of managed health care services in North America. Their corporate headquarters are in Fort Lee, New Jersey. They offer quality health care at real prices that seniors can afford. InnovaCare Health have a top-rated network of providers from which to choose from.  They are led by team that has medical experience rather than just business experience. Therefore, they see their plans and benefits from their patients’ point of view. This ensures that InnovaCare provide care more about their patients than the bottom line.

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Dr. Rick Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. He received his B.S. from the University of California, Irvine, his MBA from the University of Redlands, and his medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has more than 20 years of experience in medical managed care.

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Her specialty is in government programs like Medicare and Medicaid. She was previously the Chief Operating Officer of both InnovaCare and Aceta, Inc. She received her bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological sciences from Binghampton University. Penelope Kokkinides holds two master’s degrees. One in public health from Columbia University School of Public Health, and one from New York University in Social Work. She also holds a post-master’s advanced master’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse.


Services of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medical Advantage plans are a health insurance program in the United States that acts as a substitute for original Medicare. During the period of taking a Medicare plan advantage Part A makes payments for the in-patient services that do not include physicians and surgeons. Part B entails the outpatient services that include services from the surgeons and the doctors. The government pays Medicare Advantage care fees.

Information on Medicare advantage plan services

Medicare plan has part D, which includes prescription drug plan where the federal government makes payments for the services. People who decide to go for Medicare Advantage plan receive private health care services every month. The Medicare pays for the services depending on the patients from part A and part B.

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Medical Advantage plan helps in covering the people who have health coverage from unions or previous employers that are qualified for the Medicare services. The beneficiary has the choice of maintaining the plan or getting a different Medicare service.

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About Innovacare Health

Innovacare Health is the best provider of health in North America. The health care provides quality health care services by offering cost-effective models and that are sustainable. The core values of Innovacare include quality medical care, right patient, and doctor relationship, hiring of experienced physicians, and attending to the patient’s services with a lot of concern and professionalism.

About Richard M.D

Richard Shinto M.D is an experienced healthcare specialist for more than 20 years. Richard worked as chief finance officer in many hospitals in California. He published many articles about clinical medicine. Rick Shinto is currently one of the members of the California Association of Physician Groups. He has a master’s degree in business administration. Dr. Shinto’s vision in Puerto Rico motivated the working of the relationship of the members in the innovating strategies. The service of Medicare proved to the clients that he cares about the health of the customers.

Penelope Kokkinides is healthcare professional in New York. Penelope has lived in New York for an extended period. She shares out a variety of things that she finds attractive in her entire life. Her favorite means of transport is horse or a jet plane. Penelope is also an author of health books.

Penelope Kokkinides states that InnovaCare focuses on the main principles. The principles include providing high-quality Medicare Advantage plans to customers and creating innovative network models. Kokkinides insists that the quality of services offered to the community is not like the rest of the service providers.

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