The Newfound Relevance of Drew Madden

In discussions about the medical industry and the big players that are involved, you never really hear about Amazon. Yeah, they can sell supplements and general OTC goods, but when you start talking about health care, pharmaceutical equipment and prescribed drugs, they’re nowhere to be discussed — until now, that is.

Several states have given Amazon the green light to obtain licenses for the distribution of equipment for the assistance and facilitation of medical needs fulfillment. This basically means that the company now has two fingers in the cookie jar, and they’re planning to get the whole hand inside with their additional emphasis on prescription sales licenses. We doubt that they’ll be able to use drones to deliver pills of such nature since the small chance of failure could be catastrophic for both the client and whoever’s hands the medication ends up in, but if Amazon has to ship it the old-fashioned way, they surely will.

This problem has resulted in CVS’s recent travails to acquire health insurance provider Aetna, which will give the health and wellness stores the power to sell health care services. The superb strategy in all this is the fact that CVS is hitting Amazon’s blind spot. Because Amazon is strictly retail, they’re not at all equipped to sell insurance of the medical sort, which will give CVS a special place in the medical industry that Amazon can’t really touch. Of course, CVS is a well-run company that’s smartly managed, and they’re definitely a major player on their side of the fence. As such, they aren’t about to let a web-based retail colossus that has wiped out other significant, inveterate businesses like Toys “R” Us and Whole Foods take over the medical industry as well.

The addition of health insurance in their stores will require upgrades to their hardware interfaces and web-based services, which will call for adjustments to their back-end IT management. To pull this off, there are predictions that CVS will call upon the sage of Drew Madden, a legendary player in the health care IT field. More so than Aetna, Madden’s adjustments to CVS’ systems will allow CVS to stay ahead of Amazon in the coming years and keep them more or less shut out of the medical industry.