The Fagali’I Airport – Bring The Family On In To Apia This Season

Are you planning a trip to Apia this upcoming season? Are you thinking about taking the wife and the kids along for an experience of a lifetime?

Well, if this is the case, the Fagali’I airport is where you’d want to land. It is located just a few minutes from Apia and entails some of the most incredible customer service reps around.

Apia is the beautiful city of beaches, Samoan culture and 85 degree weather all year long. It is the perfect family vacation for enjoying the shining sun, beautiful sceneries, scuba diving, fresh Samoan foods and more. The family needs a great location in which to vacation for a getaway from the typical stresses of their home country. A place that entails brand new and interesting pleasures. Apia is the place for the entire family to celebrate life in a whole new way!

When we discuss the Fagali’I airport, we discuss an airport that knows how to treat its visitors. Upon arriving on the inside of the airport to exiting into a taxi, customer service reps are friendly, helpful and informative according to The staff understands that guests are in and out to their next stop or in other cases, waiting for a flight to arrive. Customer service wants to ensure that their guests are in and out with limited unnecessary interruptions. And, pleasantly comfortable in the waiting area while waiting for their next flight. The staff of Fagali’I airport is always around to keep a smile on the visitor’s face with a smile shining bright on theirs.

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When you arrive in Apia, you are gonna need a place to stay, of course. There are plenty of hotels within a few miles of the airport that has your name written all over them. Prices start at just $48 per night and are some of the better hotels of Apia with a trustworthy reputation. The following list has at least a 7 out of 10 star rating from an anonymous, but reputable source:

* Traveller’s Point Hotel – $74
* Taumeasina Island Resort – $225
* Tanoa Tusitala Hotel – $121
* Ulalei Lodge – $48
* Insel Fehmarn Hotel – $65

Come join the fun in Apia this upcoming season and find out why Apia is one of the highest rated vacation spots in the world. Book a flight today, and take advantage of some great ticket pricing for travelers from all over the world.

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