Marc Beer Steers His Way Through Obstacles To Acquire A Funding Of $42 million For Renovia Inc.

Renovia Inc. recently raised a funding of $32 million and also secured a $10 million funding in the form of a venture debt for the research and development of devices for the treatment pelvic floor disorders in women. Renovia Inc. is a biotech firm co-founded by Marc Beer in 2016. It is headquartered in Boston and has already launched their first FDA approved device called Leva that acts as a therapeutic device. Studies show that nearly 250 million women across the globe suffer from urinal incontinence.




Longwood Fund is an investment firm who focus their assets and cash flow in the healthcare industry and have realized the potential of Renovia Inc. since 2016. They have repeatedly invested in Renovia Inc. Recently in an interview, Marc Beer talked about his relief and gratitude towards Longwood Fund for investing in them and sharing similar goals and vision in the healthcare industry. Marc believes with adequate funding they will be able to develop a series of devices that would be far more effective for the treatment of unrianl incontinence and that Leva is just a start.




Marc Beer specializes in finding ways to speed up the process of research and development and efficient collection of data. He has been involved in the healthcare and biotech industry for more than 20 years. He also claims to have experience in designing diagnostic devices for the treatment of diseases.




ViaCell is another venture of Marc Beer, a biotech firm that preserved and utilized the stem cell from umbilical cords for research. Under the leadership of Marc Beer, the company flourished in a matter of few years until 2007 when it was purchased by PerkinElmer for an undisclosed amount.




His efficient data collection methods and almost perfect time management allowed him to be the board member of Erytech Pharma while he was handling ViaCell. Erytech Pharma is a pharmaceutical firm where Marc supervised the research and development department. He was the Global Marketing Head of the biotech firm called Genzyme and managed to execute three major projects which involved releasing three unique products in the market that were designed to treat rare diseases that cripple the human body.




Early in his career, Marc was a part of the sales and marketing team that focused on the diagnostic and pharmaceutical division of Abbott Labs. According To Marc, he considers his brief stint at Biotech Industry Organizations and his membership with the Mass Life Science Board as a major achievement apart from the ones mentioned above. Being a part of different pharmaceutical firms he always had a packed schedule every day, but this did not stop him from engaging in philanthropic work as a gesture of gratitude towards the society. He has made substantial donations in various charities and non-profit organizations throughout his career. Learn more :