Town Residential: Top Real Estate Brokerage Company in NYC

Town Residential is one of the largest real estate brokerage companies in the United States. The company was founded by Andrew Heiberger several years ago. Today, Andrew works as the chairman and chief executive officer of the company that is based in New York City. Just like its name suggests, Town Residential specializes mostly in the real estate industry.

Thor Equities, founded by an individual known as Joseph Sitt acts as the equity partner for Town Residential. Thor Equities specializes in real estate development, and under the leadership of its founder, Joseph Sitt, it has registered huge earnings in the past. Joseph Sitt is also the co-chairman of Town Residential, and his contributions in the company are highly respected.

Apart from starting Town Residential and making it one of the biggest real estate companies in the United States, Heiberger is believed to be the founder of a company known as Citi Habitats, a very powerful brokerage institution that used to specialize in rental in the past. He later sold the company to NRT several years ago before starting Town Residential.

Just recently, Crain published a report indicating that Town Residential was actually one of the best places for individuals to work while in the New York City. The Company is also believed to have acquired boutique brokerage Ingram and Thomas, an institution that mostly specializes in sales at the West Village. The new acquisition is believed to have played a critical role in the performance of the real estate company.

Although it was started less than ten years ago, Town Residential has shocked the market by cementing its position as the best institution in New York City that offers luxury real estate products. The company has a great foundation, and its execution of customer care service by the team of professionals employed is out of this world. Clients who have had an opportunity to work with the institution say that it offers the best services when compared to the rest of its competitors in New York City.

Town Residential specializes in the luxury residential sale: it is responsible for leasing, sales; marketing, leasing property developments and it also deal with commercial and retail activities. Using some of the most uncompromising principles, the real estate firm has managed to establish high standards of excellence and quality services in the real estate industry. As more individuals from all over the world look for reliable places to invest their capital, Town Residential is considered one of the safest havens for capital.

The team working at the company possesses a lot of experience and knowledge in the real estate industry. This is the winning formula and culture that has made the company beat all its competitors in the industry.

Andy Wirth Sees Incorporation as “Divisive”


Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts is an active member of the North Tahoe Community as well as being chairman of the Reno Airport Authority. As the leader of two skis resorts, he is valiantly loyal to the Reno-Tahoe area where he has lived since 2010 when he became CEO. The Reno-Gazette Journal reports that Andy Wirth, a frequent target of Incorporate Olympic Valley, is also a leader in the community.

The past few years have not been easy for the residents of the North slopes for two significant reasons: the drought in California has affected the ski season for four years, and that affects the livelihood of the residents.

Squaw Valley spent millions of dollars renovating Olympic Valley in order to enhance the resort, so it would be a major destination in the summer season as well as the winter. Wirth says that Squaw Valley has remained steadfast during this drought season, but it has hurt the ski seasons tremendously.

The second problem was the issue of incorporation in the Lake Tahoe area, which has left the community divided. This issue involved strong opinions, and Squaw Valley spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting for the laws to remain the same.

Wirth felt that it was not necessary for Tahoe because it would bring higher taxes and a decrease in city services that residents rely on such as road maintenance and plowing snow in the winter months.

A third party, Sacramento County Board, was brought in to evaluate the area for incorporation, and after considerable evaluation, they agreed that it would not be beneficial for this area. The fight stopped, but many hurt feelings among the town citizens still remain that only time will heal.

Career of Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is a prominent business and philanthropist who cares immensely for the Reno-Tahoe environment and the local community service organizations. He graduated from Colorado State University with a BS degree in hotel and resort management, and he began his career with Steamboat Springs Ski Resort as marketing manager.

In 2010, Andy became CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, and shortly afterward, Alpine Meadows Ski Resort too. Wirth maintained CEO position over Squaw Valley Holdings, which includes both resorts.

During that time of rehabilitation, he founded an Ironman team for the Ironman competitions, and he honored the Navy Seals with the proceeds. Today, he is 100 percent healed and leading Squaw Valley and the community.