ClassDojo: Making Parent Teacher Conferences a Thing of the Past

Social media has become a necessary evil over the last few years. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have become behemoths we all love to hate. Our feeds are full of people who only think just like us, or the converse occurs where each thought, comment, picture, or text is picked apart and each element argued to death. In the age of connectivity through tech, a single app stands out as an opportunity for teachers to interact with their students and peers as well as parents.

ClassDojo is a communication platform for Apple and Android operating systems that “connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities.” This app is used in 2 in 3 schools worldwide in many K-8 classrooms enabling students in Illinois to connect with students in Nigeria.

Class Dojo is more than an educational social media connection. It contains tools to make every classroom more effective. It can help you make random groups of students, display activity directions, even turn on background music. The toolkit contains opportunities for students to grow and self-manage. From noise meters to timers and more teachers are free to move about their classroom giving students the chance to work together and build important life skills.

Class Dojo enables teachers to create a positive classroom culture by creating a sense of community and ownership in student-driven portfolios that can be shared with their parents as well as other schools across the globe. Students have the opportunity to upload their own photos and class work that they can later draw on or annotate, bringing their ideas to life. They can also post videos and drawings as well as personalize photos uploaded from their camera roll with frames and stickers. Class Dojo brings a whole new level of excitement to having a pen pal.

Imagine swapping stories and photos with a student just like you in Brazil, the UK, or even Nigeria. The world comes alive when students learn about cultures from other kids living in it. Picture the surprise on a student from Seattle’s face when they learn that school uniforms are the norm!

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