How Chris Burch Found Success In Fashion And Venture Capital

It takes a lot of drive to succeed in one business. However, it is a rare talent for someone to ascend to the top of several businesses sectors. For Chris Burch, making it big in several industries, over a three-decade career, is just another day at the job.

So who exactly is Chris Burch? Currently, Mr. Burch is the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Unlike other investment companies, Burch Creative Capital works with both brand development as well as managing venture capital. And the results are a company that has helped build dozens of companies and has also propelled Mr. Burch onto Forbes Billionaire List in 2012.

For those with a taste for fashion, Mr. Burch’s name may sound familiar. As the co-founder of the fashion house Tory Burch, the entrepreneur made a name for himself in one of the most competitive industries imaginable. Mr. Burch owned 28.3% of the company when he sold half of his Tory Burch stake in December of 2012. At the time, the popular fashion house was estimated to be worth $3.5 billion dollars. Related article on

Mr. Burch’s foray into the fashion world actually includes more than his work with Tory Burch. The style icon also founded the fashion retailer C. Wonder in late 2011. As one of the top sellers of woman’s fashion and home decor, C. Wonder is just another success in Chris Burch’s incredible portfolio of accomplishments.

Today, Mr. Burch’s energy is fixated mainly on Burch Creative Capital. The company’s portfolio includes investments in Baublebar, Blink Health, CellMax, Gunnar Technology Eyewear, and Ostendo. In all, Burch Creative Capital helps drive several dozen companies in a variety of different business sectors. To know his latest innovative product, check

From his beginnings in the fashion world to the world of venture capital, Chris Burch has become an inspiration to creative entrepreneurs everywhere (  As the world looks to the next big idea, millions of people will be anxiously watching what Chris Burch will do next.

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Boraie Development: Building for the Future

The United States Real estate industry seems to be turning its focus to New Jersey. According to one real estate tracking company, suggests that New Jersey has been increasingly showing an increase in the number of housing loans which has attributed to the negative trend of the general housing trend. That is why most analysts view New Jersey as derailing some of the efforts put by the federal government to make housing affordable. Nonetheless, the reduction in the number of foreclosures has given a hint that some of the stringent rules put in place by the federal government are starting to bear fruits. It is the hope of everyone especially those in the real estate industry that shortly New there will gain a positive trend in the housing sector.

There have been speculations about the possibility of having a crisis when it comes to affordable housing in most cities, and that, unfortunately, is turning out to be a reality. Financial analyst and Realtor Yun Lawrence is of the view that if no action is taken early enough, the problem could worsen in places such as New Jersey. Sam Boraie says that currently there are very few houses available for sale and auction and if that trend continues it will likely increase the prices of the few homes available. Visit to see more.

Since the Great Recession, New Jersey has experienced challenges, and it has not been fully able to cater the needs of all its residents regarding housing. However, many real estate companies are taking advantage of the situation and are beginning to come up with new buildings in the area. The good thing about New Jersey is that it has proper transport infrastructure and that makes it easily accessible. Capital economists predict that soon New Jersey will experience an influx of housing and thereby bringing the price down. Check out to see more.

Boraie Development

With such an optimistic atmosphere, there are various construction and real estate companies which are determined to revolutionize the housing sector in New Jersey. One such company is Boraie Development. Following its track record and experience, Boraie development is one of the most trusted and sought for companies in New Jersey. The company provides different aspects of construction mainly focused on urban real estate markets. The company has a team of dedicated workers who are determined to ensure that people get quality services for their money. Boraie Development hitherto has sold an approximate of $150 million through commercial and residential construction.

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