Psi-Pay Spearheading the Evolution of E-Payment

PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables boast of inventing the first wearable ceramic ring that can make contactless payments. The ceramic ring allows you to pay for goods and services from a linked account. The ring uses near-field communication technology that interacts with a merchant’s contactless card reader when you are less than 1.6 inches away. The wearable ceramic ring was unveiled at the yearly Wearable Technology Show. The founder of Kerv Wearables acknowledged that their new invention could not be a success were it not for the joint partnership with PSI-Pay. Despite Kerv having the financial muscle to create the product, they needed an expert in innovative payment systems which PSI-Pay was the best.

The ring provides high levels of dependability and security which persuaded MasterCard to approve its use with prepaid accounts. Users can, therefore, make payments to millions of shops, transportation services, theaters and eateries across the globe. Also, PSI PAY customers do not have to sign receipts, pair a phone with the device, remember personal identification or get stranded at eateries when their mobile phones run out of battery power. The ceramic ring does not depend on a mobile app for it to work.

The wearable ring was manufactured using ceramic material that is not only sturdy but also waterproof and not going to break and scratch. Also, the materials used to manufacture the ring hardly cause skin irritation or damage. The wearable ceramic ring is available in different colors and sizes. Consumers can order for a black and orange, white and blue or solid white. PSI Pay makes these rings at affordable costs about £89.99 to £ 99.99 to own one. You do not need to worry if the ring you ordered will not fit you. Kerv Wearables sells a sizing tool that helps consumers to determine their finger size before making an order. The firm also offers free shipping of the jewelry and accepts back orders that did not fit their customers’ fingers.

With the evolution of electronic wallets, the managing director of PSI-Pay, Phil Davies, compared two prominent models namely the American and the European. The former is mainly used to make purchases of goods online while the later can be used to make a variety of payments. The American model lacks the element of stored value and is entirely card-based hence chargebacks can be passed through irrespective of the circumstances. However, in the case of the European model, it incorporates an element of stored value, and the wallet operator stops chargeback liabilities.

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Make Contactless Payments with a Ceramic Ring, Thanks to Kerv and PSI-Pay


Getting You Back In The Right Direction

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Interesting Details Regarding Madison Street Capital’s Path to Greatness

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a medium-sized investment company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 2005, MSC provides financial advisory services to businesses in the areas of business valuation, business financing, corporate advice for financial reporting and advice on mergers and acquisitions.

The company has an extensive knowledge and experience in creating and maintaining good relations necessary in linking buyers and sellers. It has established itself as a leader in investment banking by enabling firms access credit, make prudent investment decisions and navigate complex transactions. Some of the company’s notable achievements which have given it world-class recognition are as discussed below.

Vital Care Industries, a medical product manufacturer, was a beneficiary of the advice from Madison Street Capital in 2014. The advisory services were on how to find a suitable lender who can advance them with a commercial loan. Vital Care’s CEO greatly praised the company for such crucial advice. Learn more:

A year later in 2015, MSC’s co-founder Anthony Marsala was selected by the National Association of Valuators and Analysts for the 40 Under Forty awards. This award is aimed at recognizing the relatively young leaders in the market for their impressive accomplishments in the areas of mergers, valuations among other areas. Currently, Anthony Marsala serves as the Chief Operating Officer at the Madison Street Capital.

In the summer of 2016, MSC was named the finalist in the M&A Advisor Awards by finance professionals. This prestigious award is accorded to companies which have set up splendid financing, acquisition and restructuring deals. The company was also selected as the finalist for initiating the best $100 million industrial mergers.

Madison Capital was the winner of the Turnaround Award in January 2017 due to its role in the 2016’s finest reformation transaction valued below $25 million. The company had to compete with other 300 hundred firms to make its way to this yearly award and was highly praised by the M&A Advisors president. In March of the same year, MSC provided financial advice concerning a sale-leaseback deal worth $13 million between WLR Automobile Group and SCF Realty Capital. MSC also arranged for a financing deal for Maintenance Systems Management in the same period.

Another activity which has highly enhanced Madison Street Capital’s reputation, which you can also read about on PR dot com, is its involvement in various philanthropic activities. In 2011, the firm donated a lot of funds when adverse weather caused a lot of damage to Eastern and Midwestern parts of the United States. Learn more: