The Topnotch and Predominant Whistleblower Attorneys

Many consumers and investors are defrauded by unscrupulous individuals in organizations. Most cases of violations go unreported by employees who are aware of the actions but too fearful to report. The Dodd-Frank Act seeks to bring integrity in organizations by protecting and rewarding individuals who report to the Securities Exchange Commission for any violation of federal securities laws.

SEC whistleblower attorneys are exclusively involved in the representation and protection of whistleblowers. They advise individuals on whether, when and how to whistle blow. The team also determines whether there is a significant violation of the federal securities laws. The individuals are educated on the risks and rewards that are associated with blowing the whistle. The important role played by the team is maximizing monetary award and minimizing retaliation risks. They represent individuals who may have criminal or civil liability.

A whistleblower who provide information, assist in the investigation, testify or make disclosures that are protected by law, is protected from demotion, harassment, suspension and discrimination by an employer. The individual is also offered monetary awards based on assistance provided, information provided and participation in internal compliance system. Whistleblowers also get other awards and protections from federal and state whistleblowing programs.

Who makes up the SEC whistleblower team? Labaton Sucharow is an award winning plaintiff’s firm that is the first to focus exclusively on the protection of whistleblowers. Jordan A. Thomas is the leader of the team that comprises of financial analysts, investigators and forensic accountants who have vast experience in federal and state law enforcement. SEC whistleblower attorneys protect local blowers and also international whistleblowers. International securities violators may be prosecuted if they have investors, employees, operations, clients or investment in the United States.

Jordan’s commitment and dedication have earned him several awards and accolades such as named among Attorneys who Matter by the Ethisphere Institute, named a Legal Rebel by the American Bar Association Journal and the Restore Integrity Award by Popular among others. The SEC whistleblower team has been in several instances named as a top law firm for securities litigation, recognized as a top plaintiff’s firm in mass torts and one of the most feared plaintiff’s firms among other recognitions.

The attorneys seek to bring integrity to an organization by encouraging individuals to do what is ethical at all times.