OSI Expanding Its Operations in China and India

OSI has been very clever about positioning their staff and facilities across the globe to impact people world wide. The company has working branches in United States, Europe and China. Each branch can not run entirely the same because each country has different regulations for food and drinks.

OSI is big enough to operate on a large scale. The company has local teams that understand the different cultures and tastes of different countries. OSI can use scaling to provide for the world as a whole, while also attending to the needs of local areas.

OSI group’s main facility is located in Aurora, Ill. They are responsible for supplying the worlds highest protein foods. Those food items include sausage, beef, and pizzas. OSI sends all of their products to retailers and other private firms. The company is operating in more than 45 different facilities across 17 countries. They have high hopes for expanding their efficiency methods to operate more in China in the near future.

The company has spent more than a decade working in China as the economy has has grown. OSI has been operating with eight factories and will be implementing two more in the near future. They will quickly grow to be the largest poultry producer. There is a new mega-plant being built near Henan province.

OSI has recently partnered up with DOYOO Group to provide more supplies to China. They now have clients directly working with McDonald’s, Starbucks, Saizeriya, Papa John’s, Burger King and other fast food restaurants.

China has been a big focus for large scale suppliers like OSI because the economy and population are growing rapidly bringing in new customers. Along with the plans to expand in China, OSI Group is also incorporating seven new processing centers around the globe. There is a new beef-processing facility in Poland that will takeover the spot of another company and boost OSI staff by 30%.

OSI has created a feed mill in Shandong Province which will take over as China’s largest mill. It can old up to 600,000 metric tons. Madanapalle, India is getting a new frozen foods plant that will handle all of the vegetables and other frozen products India provides.

Read more at: http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-tyson-foods-osi-plant-0625-biz-20160624-story.html

The company continues to build high quality production lines to help businesses grow. McDonalds has been working with OSI and its clients to get food out to its customers as quickly as possible. Customers can get more of exactly what they want.

View OSI Group’s profile on Bloomberg.

Why You Need to Focus On Your Online Reputation

Both online businesses and those that have a physical presence will need to be cognizant of their online business reputation which can be impacted by any variety of different factors. The online world is different from the physical brick-and-mortar businesses in some key ways and business owners will need to adapt to these new realities in order to thrive in the market.

In the past, building up your reputation was a slow and long-winded process. Word of mouth had a big impact on your brand reputation as did your advertising and public relations, as well as the distribution channels that you were able to have your products placed with. If your products appeared in premier distribution centers, then your product often had a positive brand reputation that was attached to it.

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The online world is different for both physical locations and online stores. Before customers buy from your company they will often perform an online search on your company and products and will make a decision to buy from your business based on the reviews that your product has online as well as what others say about your products and services online. A positive reputation can yield increasing sales and a better online presence, while a poor reputation can reduce those customers who will ultimately buy from you. Given the number of different companies that are likely selling in the same space as your business, bad reviews and a negative online reputation can be disastrous for your business.

That is where an online reputation management company can come in and help you to improve your online reputation s that you don’t scare off those customers who might purchase from your business. Online reputation management companies will review your online presence, make suggestions to improve your online reputation, and provide monitoring and reassessment services to see the impact that their changes have had on your business.

An example of an online reputation management company is The Search Fixers who do more than their name implies. While they will certainly view your reputation as it appears through search engine results, hey will also work to implement changes in your business that will impact the way in which your business is perceived.

After all, changing or burying a bad review is attacking the symptoms of a disease and not the source cause. The changes sometimes are drastic and other times simpler. Sometimes a social media account is t blame or a website needs to be revamped. The Search Fixers have experience in understanding how your brand is viewed by customer and will help to redirect business to your website and business through positive steps to improve your reputation.

A Quick Look At Brazilian Real Estate Development Companies



Brazil is a country that has much open land. It is also a growing economy. The South American nation also forms a core of BRICS. This is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS nations have great potential for economic growth and development in the future.


As a nation with plenty of open space and a growing economy, Brazil is ripe for real estate investors. Most of the open and undeveloped land lies in rural areas and small towns and villages in Brazil. However, there is land outside major cities and within cities that is highly sought after.


Real estate companies in Brazil try to snatch up land in and around cities that is currently undeveloped but that are found in booming or rapidly expanding urban areas. They purchase this undeveloped land with the hopes that the boom or expansion will reach their parcels of land in the future. Then, they can resell the land for a higher price for profit. Alternatively, they can build developments such as housing that will now be in demand and fetch a good price on the housing market.


An example of a Brazilian real estate development firm is a company called Construcap. Founded in 1944, it is one of the oldest and one of the top ten largest real estate development firms in Brazil. Over the course of its history, the firm has built railroads, highways, seaports, factories and warehouses. The firm even constructs commercial spaces for stores and also homes.


Construcap is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is a privately held large corporation that has well over 1000 employees. Managers, laborers, engineers, executives, accountants and many other professionals are employed by the company. The company primarily does work in its home in Brazil, but has also completed projects in nearby neighboring countries.  They tackle a wide variety of projects, including a recent one building a massive Fiat factory.


Throughout its history, Wikipedia portrays how Construcap has used the latest technologies and innovations to help it build commercial buildings, roads, railroads and homes. A key part of the success of the firm is the integrated management solutions approach implemented in the company that combines all units of the firm together to achieve goals more effectively.  Make a connection with them on LinkedIn, or contact Construcap via their website.


Our Law Firm Needs Secure Calls With Securus

We have a law firm that works with people in jail every day, but we have to do something that is very secure. We have to show that we are taking a lot of precautions to be on the right side of our ethical code, and we would never want to let our clients feel like we are forcing them to talk on a line that is secure for them. We know that they might be nervous to even talk to us about certain things that they might say, and we know that we can help them a lot more when we are on Securus.


I have use Securus for a couple years now, and I keep up with all the changes they have made to their system. I have been impressed to see them upgrade often, and I can tell my clients that we are talking on an upgraded line They are putting video cameras in prisons to help us see our clients, and I know that families are doing the same thing. There is something very powerful about the way that we can help someone when we can see them, and we have expanded our network to serve many more jails.


I have people who are in need of a look at their old case, and I have clients who are not out on bail. We need to be able to talk to all of them, but we cannot do that until we have gotten onto Securus. Securus is one of the best things that has ever happened to our law office, and I am glad that we were able to reach out to more people using the service. Securus keeps our calls private, and they are constantly upgrading to make sure that we always feel safe as we talk.


Andy Wirth Helps Bring Tourists to Lake Tahoe

Andy Wirth is now the CEO of Reno-Lake Tahoe Airport Authority Board. He is a local business owner who wants to have people show up in the area at the airport, but they cannot do that if there are not enough airlines flying into the area. That means that all the people who want to fly there have to have more options, but the only way for them to get options is for Andy Wirth to be sure that he is attracting a lot of ways for people to make their way to the area.

Reno and Lake Tahoe have a lot of tourists come through every year for the skiing and the gambling. They can come out to the hills around Lake Tahoe where they will be able to ski at the resorts like the ones owned by Andy Wirth. He owns two of the biggest resorts in the area in Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. These two resorts sit on the same mountain, and it is very easy for people to ski and relax when they come to these places. Each of the places that people visit should help them get away from it all, and that is why they need to have more ways to get to the area.

fThat means that a family can come to the area just to relax, and they can enjoy all the property around these resorts. They can hike or ski and they can even take the gondola that goes from one resort to the other. It makes the whole trip a lot more fun because the kids will be able to ride on the gondola and have a good time. They can learn how to ski in these classes, and the family can get better flying options because of Andy Wirth.

Gooee Lighting Changes The Purpose Of An Office

The Gooee lighting structures that are installed in offices are used to make the office easier to run, and they are very good fixtures to use because they are easy to install. The installation could take over a lot of different parts of the building where people work, where they take their breaks and where they build things. There could be lights for the warehouse, lights for the storage rooms and lights for the outside of the building.


The business has to pay for the lights to be installed as soon as possible because that is the only way for them to get lighting that protects the building. The lighting can be set with a motion sensor that will turn on when people walk by, and the same can be done in places like the loading areas. The whole of the building could be a lot easier to use because the security team is trusting in these Gooee Smart Lights, and they can check the monitors to make sure that they have been turned on when they should be.


There are a lot of fixtures that should be used in different parts of the building, and the fixtures should be installed with LED lights that change the manner in which the building is presented. Someone can work at a workbench, sit at a desk or walk through a warehouse easily using Gooee lights.

InnovaCare Health’s New Leadership

InnovaCare is a company that provides Medicare and Medicaid healthcare services. The institution is located in Puerto Rico, and it has transformed the lives of many people in the United States. InnovaCare recently added some executives to its leadership team. Richard Shinto, the Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare Health believes that the three new executives will help the company to grow.

Mike Sortino
Mike Sortino will serve the company as the Chief Accounting Officer. Before getting this position, he was the Controller at Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Limited on penelopekokkinides.com. In the past, Sortino also served as the chief financial officer at a company known as HCC. Mike has over twenty years’ experience in the insurance and reinsurance industries.

Jonathan Meyers
Jonathan Meyers was appointed to work as the Chief Actuary Officer at the health care company. Jonathan has worked in similar positions before, and he has a lot of expertise in the field. He has served in Medicare and Medicaid at Horizon BCBS as the director of actuarial services in the past. He was also the chief actuary at an institution called Healthcare Partners based in the New York City

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides is one of the individuals joining InnovaCare Health. She will be serving in the position of Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope has served in the healthcare industry for more than twenty decades, and she has a lot of experience in the government programs. Kokkinides has the ability to develop clinical programs efficiently. She is also experienced in managing health care operations and processes, and she mostly focuses on improving the efficiencies and the organizational infrastructure of the companies she works for. In the past, Penelope served in different executive roles.

The President of the company, Rick Shinto announced that the new team would help InnovaCare Health to grow. According to Shinto, Penelope, Mike and Jonathan are very experienced in their positions, and they reflect the expertise and integrity the company seeks in its leaders. All of the new executives have a rich background and skills, and they will be instrumental in increasing the success of the enterprise. The new team has served in the industry long enough to adjust to these changes quickly. InnovaCare Health wants to ensure that more consumers get the essential services they offer.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health on facebook.com.

Eucatex Brings Success To Sao Paulo


The Eucatex brand has always been seen as a major part of both the economy and community of Sao Paulo, Brazil, but the chance to help the local community also weighs heavily on the choices made by Eucatex CEO Falvio Maluf. In 1997, after a decade of working in various areas of Eucatex Flavio Maluf embarked on a period of modernization for the company that has been in existence since the 1950s, and has always been at the head of the Brazilian construction and home products industries.

Flavio Maluf quickly understood the problems facing Eucatex as the 21st century dawned and new challenges awaited the company, which is why Maluf decided to look to his home city of Sao Paulo as the site of a sustained period of growth in the production area of the company; Sao Paulo and Eucatex have a relationship that sees both benefit from any period of continued success for the area. Exame.Abril.com.br writes that Maluf looks to the future of Sao Paulo as being closely linked to that of Eucatex and wishes to continue to find success for both as he feels he can achieve much for both in this dedicated period of success for both.

Maluf understands much about the issues facing those who work for Eucatex as he himself began his career as a regular worker in different areas of the company; for almost a decade Flavio Maluf moved through the different areas of Eucatex and used his skills to learn as much as possible before becoming CEO in 1997. The major issues facing the people of Sao Paulo are similar to those facing people around the world, which Flavio Maluf has looked to aid in his philanthropic efforts that have focused on social aspects of life in this major Brazilian city. Flavio Maluf and Eucatex are hoping to secure the future of the people of the city through donations made to local healthcare institutions.  For a personal touch, check out Flavio’s Facebook profile.


Dedicated to Giving: Dick Devos

For more than a quarter of a century, Richard DeVos Jr. or “Dick”, has done much more than just be an excellent businessperson. He has also immersed himself in trying to make the world a better place. Many who hear his name associate him more as the former President of Amway/Alticor, the Orlando Magic, or his current work with Windquest. The reality however is that for all of his business accomplishments this is a man who is dedicated to his civic responsibilities. In response to his belief that those who are monetarily fortunate have a moral responsibility to give back to society he and his wife launched The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. Since then the foundation has donated thousands of dollars to benefit various civic, artistic, community, and educational organizations both locally and nationally.

A dedication that led to the development of a public charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy, which opened its doors in 2010. It is worth mentioning that said charter school is actually the nation’s first aviation school and Mr. Devos attributes this to his personal love of flying. Beginning in 1991, Mr. Devos, along with multiple Grand Rapids community members, launched the Grand Action Project. This was concentrated effort by members of the community to revitalize the downtown Grand Rapids area and it has seen enormous success as the project has led to the completion of multiple businesses, venues, parks, and museums in the downtown area. In addition, Mr. Devos continues to support the arts most notably through a large donation to the Kennedy Center in 2010, which was the largest in the Center’s history, and ArtPrize.

Put simply, there are far too many avenues of social responsibility this man pursues to list or detail without rapidly finding myself writing a novel, but it is safe to say this. In this world where there are far too many disingenuous people, Dick DeVos is not one of them. Dedication to his family, faith, and fellow man have pushed him to constantly ask himself a question that everyone should; what can I do? His answer is to humbly put his mind, effort, and money where his mouth is. Visit Crunchbase to know more about Dick DeVos.

White Shark Media: Choosing A Reputable PPC Management Firm

Are you a business owner or company manager looking for the quickest and most reliable way to generate traffic to your website? Want to hire a reputable advertising agency to help you succeed?

PPC, which stands for pay per click advertising, offers the quickest way to reach your target audience and promote your products, service or business. Because you are only charged when a visitor clicks to visit your website, it is easy to control the budget and ROI for your PPC ad campaign.

Small businesses, in particular, have a great need for professional advertising services because they do not have the resources to keep their own marketing department. When it comes to choosing a reliable provider of advertising service, many businesses turn to White Shark Media for help.

With a team of qualified advertising professionals, White Shark Media is a clear choice for any entrepreneur, business owner or organization that wants to run a profitable campaign. It is important to be sure you’re targeting the most appropriate keywords for your product or business and not wasting your advertising fund.

They will work to deliver the right strategy for your company by building out your existing advertising campaigns, or establishing accounts if you are a new advertiser.

When used properly, an advertising agency can save you tremendous amount of time and help you create profitable campaigns, and provide market and industry expertise, making it easy to increase revenue or promote your brand.

If you are new to PPC advertising, the PPC specialists at White Shark can walk you through the entire process of setting up a new account. They will show you how to choose the right keywords to target for your PPC advertising campaigns and how to calculate your returns on investment (ROI). They use sophisticated techniques and strategies to ensure you fully understand how pay per click advertising works to generate traffic and revenue.

According to VendorDB, you will learn so much about advertising, particularly, PPC that you will feel like an expert once the training session is over. Contact White Shark Media today to learn more bout the benefits of using their advertising services to grow your business and become successful.

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