All You Need to Know About Vijay and his QNet Group

Vijay Eswaran, the executive chairman of QI group and an established author, was born in 1960. He’s a graduate (London School of Economics) in 1984 with a bachelor of degree in social-economic. He also holds marketing professional qualification CIMA from the UK. Moreover, he holds MBA from Southern Illinois University.

Being an entrepreneur in 1998, Vijay Eswaran co-founded QI Group that deals with marketing. Its headquarters are in Hong Kong and regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

He also has great concern for the community and is mostly involved in philanthropic activities through his foundation RHYTHM and other charitable organization globally. This led, in 2012, being awarded the New Global Indian Award for his charitable activities.

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About QI Group

It was founded by a partnership between Vijay Eswaran (the executive chairman) and Joseph Bismarck (managing director) in 1998. The Company caters for business in the sectors of education, direct selling, hospitality and other financial services.

Its reason for formation is to steward the young entrepreneur’s improvement on, and also reforming the education sector. The main pillars in the firm are caring for the community as a whole, offering high-quality services to their customers and being honest while also portraying ethical values to their clients.

Moreover, the organization denotes itself by the act of giving back to the community through their Foundations on YouTube. It has led to recognition by the Hong Kong authority which awarded its efforts.

Its areas of specialization include direct selling and e-commerce, property development and management, training and education, logistics among others.

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