Randal A. Nardone: A Brief Career Overview

Randal A. Nardone serves as Co-founder, Director, and Principal, of Fortress Investment Group LLC. He’s worked there since 1998. In that time he’s been included in the management committee of Fortress. Then, in November 2006 he was chosen to the board of directors. Randal Nardone also has some positions of Advisor and Board. One example is director for “Brookdale Senior Living”. He is also director for of “Springleaf Holdings”, and “Gagfish”. Finally for “New Residential Investment” he’s in Executive Management.For his education Randal Nardone attended “University of Connecticut” When he was there he got B.A. in the subjects of Biology and English. He also went to “Boston University School of Law”. He received his J.D from there.

Randal Nardone who has dignified the list from “Forbes Magazine” called “World’s Billionaires”. There, he had a net worth estimated to be $1.8 billion. On that list he was number 557. Some example of prior work experience of Nardone before his previous job at the giant of Swiss banking. In his early years he served as both an executive committee member and partner of Thacher Proffitt & Wood. After that, he did work as a BlackRock Financial Management principal. As of now, Nardone is currently playing the role as the Interim CEO. In working in this position has an involvement in acting as the CEO if the company and getting engaged with every activity that’s given as authority. As he is the company’s principal and co-founder that means as well that needs to make sure that the company is maintaining its position of a company of large investment which is in operation with standards that are ethical.

Recently, there was news announced that the company of “SoftBank” which is a group based in Japan. The news was that they would purchase Fortress Investment for a price of $3 billion. In following with this deal’s terms, Fortress will be in operation inside “SoftBank” that’s headquartered in New York. It should be mentioned Fortress is an overseer of assets amounting to $70.1 billion. In this change, Principal Randal Nardone and the two others Wesley Edens and Pete Briger will still stay at the wheel and will give investments of fifty percent of their proceeds after-tax. From the source of the press release of the company, these are from the deal into the vehicles and funds managed by Fortress.

Fortress Investment Group Helping Its Clients Achieve their Financial Goals

Fortress Investment Group is amongst the fastest growing companies in the United States, and the company has been able to establish itself in the financial sector in a relatively short period of time. One of the primary reasons why Fortress Investment has been able to grow so fast in an otherwise highly competitive sector is because of its leadership, which consists of its co-founders, Randal Nardone, Wesley Edens, and Rob Kauffman. All three of its co-founders have extensive experience in the field of finance, and they have been able to provide the company with the right direction in terms of the marketing and investment strategies it should follow to leave the competitors behind. The company has set new standards in the financial industry and continue to do so.

Fortress Investment Group is a publicly traded firm in the United States and was launched in the NYSE in the year 2007. At the time when the company was launched for public trading, it was the only private equity of its size to be publicly traded. The company has a huge experience in providing personalized financial solutions to its clients and time and again has proved its expertise by providing clients with great returns even during sluggish market. The company has its headquarters based in New York and has over a thousand employees. Fortress Investment Group is currently focusing on expanding its global network, especially after it was taken over by Softbank Group of Japan. The net revenue of the company has been steadily growing, and in the year 2016 booked the profit of $180 million.

The company has made many strategic investments in different industries that promise the firm steady flow of income and anchors its investments, irrespective of the market trends and situation. The company has subsidiary businesses across the globe. Ever since Fortress Investment Group was established, it has managed to grow in spite of the tough economy. The major reason behind it is that the company has always put their clients and their needs first. From the top management to its employees, everyone works hard to ensure that the financial goals of their clients are met at every phase. Fortress Investment Group believes in hiring only the best team members who can live up to the expectations of the company and help it to reach its goal. They are also provided with great benefits in return for their excellent services.

Dr. Saad Saad: Prolific Inventor of Dependable Devices

One look at the life and accomplishments of Dr. Saad Saad leaves one feeling humbled and impressed. Dr. Saad Saad has a long list of accomplishments that range from a variety of subjects within the medical field. He has served as a medical doctor, a surgeon, an administrator, a teacher, a father, and an advocate for his patients. Now, it seems as though he is looking to include the title of the inventor to his resume. “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon” discusses some of the patents that Dr. Saad Saad holds and how relevant they are to the current medical landscape.


One of the first patents that he holds is that of a catheter specifically designed to allow medical professionals to locate it better in the body. This is done by inserting an electromagnetic device into the tip of the instrument. The user can locate the catheter by harnessing electromagnetic energy through an outside device that will permeate electromagnetic tip to give professionals a better idea of where the catheter is located. He did this to help save patient both time and energy when visiting hospitals. It is standard for patients who have had catheters put in for, as an example, heart issues to have the position of the catheter checked frequently while they are hospitalized. In order to do this, they need many different x-rays. Dr. Saad Saad’s device removes the requirement for such needless practices.


The other patent is for an endoscope. This endoscope is very valuable to the medical field and is inconsistent use to this day. This means that Dr. Saad Saad is technically a prolific inventor for the field because his endoscope is wildly popular. The endoscope, itself, is built around the premise that doctors should not have to remove the endoscope every time they need to perform some type of suctioning or irrigation. Dr. Saad Saad understands how uncomfortable the process can be to remove this endoscope and reinserted. It is also a waste of valuable time for the medical professional, time that they could be used with a patient who needs them.

Both of these devices have gained a clear fan base throughout the medical community. These devices answer needs that many doctors didn’t know that they had up until they were introduced to solve simple problems. Now that they have been created, many professionals are wondering how they ever lived without them. Dr. Saad Saad used his years of experience as a pediatric surgeon and personal doctor for the royal family in Saudi Arabia to inform him of necessary needs. He received his degree in medicine while in Egypt and traveled the world completing the rest of his medical training. This gives them a very diverse understanding of the global needs for dependable devices. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/

Different Traits of Chris Burch and Why He is so Successful

Chris Burch is one of the more busy and productive entrepreneurs. He is always taking on some new project that is going to have a significant impact on the industry he is involved in. He also has a lot of insights about ways to make progress and move forward. For instance, he talks about a couple of concepts that a lot of people put at odds with each other. Chris finds a way to get them to work together. For instance, he uses organization to get them to work together. One example of what he has talked about is combination of creativity and productivity.

Among the other concepts that he Chris Burch has talked about working together is fashion and technology. He makes it clear to people that fashion has come a long way because of technology. Fashion has also gained some useful solutions for certain disadvantages because of technology. For instance, people often wear glasses which is a form of fashion and technology. Chris has also founded a lot of businesses. He has gained the reputation of serial entrepreneur. A lot of businesses he has started have turned out to be successful. This success has given him the voice that is needed to communicate with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Chris Burch has also gotten himself involved in renovations. Among the places that he has renovated is one of the cult surfing destinations. He has built and grown a resort where people can take a vacation and enjoy the view. He has used his creativity to figure out the type of features his customers would want. He has gotten involved in the Sumba island. This island has an interesting history in that it has not had any outside world influences. Chris Burch has bravely taken on the project of bringing one of the most luxurious vacation spots to people (businessinsider.com).

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Peter Briger’s Successful Career in Investment and Wealth Management

Peter Briger’s Successful Career in Investment and Wealth Management

When it comes to looking up to investment managers and perhaps putting in a little faith in their ability to help you build your wealth and investment, then Peter Briger is one outstanding individual who has shaped his career in a manner that will be helpful to many people. For instance, he is a wealth and investment manager. Also, his reputation speaks for his input in the lives of different investors because he has an impressive character especially when it comes to helping investors create wealth.

His Background Information

Briger’s career began at Goldman Sachs. In that company, he served for about fifteen years. While at it, he focused on investing in low-risk investment strategies for business professionals. Moreover, he worked with top notch leaders with the aim of establishing clear plans that investors could apply and succeed in their endeavors. In addition to serving as an executive leader, Peter Briger attended different projects made to empower employees and their counterparts. For instance, he was committed to the Asian Management Committee and Japan Executive Committee, two main boards that initiated financial progress in those communities respectively.


In addition, he was part of the Global Control Committee. In all those positions, he was in charge of supporting the financial structures of the organizations. Additional leadership duties include heading the Asian Real Estate Equity and overseeing the management of Special Opportunities Fund. As usual, his roles in those committees empowered him in many ways including dedicating his career to offering investment opportunities and lessons to investors.


As of now, Briger is an executive leader at Fortress Investment Group. He also seats at the board and has always committed to developing competent investment strategies for clients. Since he is one of the founders of the company, he has been very instrumental in coordinating several activities including partnerships. As such, Softbank Group decided that it would own Fortress Investment Group. Therefore, early this year (2018), the company completed the acquisition deal by investing $3 billion in the business. In a turn of events, Peter Briger is among the leaders who are retaining their positions at Fortress Investment Group.

The Observation

Despite everything, Peter Briger is an educated fellow. He is an alumnus of Princeton University where he majored in arts. He also attended the Wharton School of Business for a course in business administration. Without a doubt, Briger remains a dedicated leader whose intentions to serve his clients cannot be questioned.

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Champion of the Road, Rodrigo Terpins

One of the most popular names when it comes to sports in Brazil is Rodrigo Terpins. He is a rally driver and has loved the sport ever since he was young, since he has a passion for speed and loves the adrenalin rush of competition. Rodrigo Terpins has raced all over Brazil and he is more known for participating in the Sertoes Rally, which for five years he has completed successfully at the age of forty-four. It appears that his love for rally driving is because he comes from a sports family. His father used to be a former basketball player, and his brother is also a rally driver. Both Terpins brothers participate in the Sertoes Rally and other event rallies.


In the recent Sertoes Rally held in Brazil, Terpins and his partner, Fabricio Manchiana, joined the race which was 2,600 kilometers long and went through two states. Terpins and Manchiana teamed up and ended up finishing in third place, and they both were overall placed in the eighth position out of thirty-eight teams. This rally was known as the biggest event in Brazil because it attracted many people from various sponsors to other rally drivers and to fans.


When interviewed after the event, Rodrigo Terpins admitted that he was surprised that he and his partner finished in third place. During the race, they had to adapt their vehicle to the terrain while making sure that they were safe and not endangering anyone.


Terpins attended the University of Sail Hilaire and learned about business management. With the skills that he acquired at the university, Terpins put them into play and was able to move up to being the president at Lojas Marisa. He was with the company for sixteen years, and in 2007 he decided to leave his position as president. For more details visit Crunchbase.


After leaving Lojas Marisa, Terpins decided to create his own company, T5 Participacoes, in 2008. Even though he has a career and an executive seat, Terpins still participates in rallies. His company has even organized racing events in Brazil, and it has been stated that they are one of the best racing events.

Chris Burch Gives Ways to Accomplish Amazing Work for Clients

Chief Executive Officer of and founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur and innovative business success story and he gives ways to accomplish amazing work for clients that will separate you from your competition and lead to continued success In business, check burchcreativecapital.com for more.. It is a delicate balance needed to continue to provide production maximums without making costly mistakes that could potentially lead to the loss of a client or future opportunities with the client.

Chris Burch state that you need to create production timelines that are realistic and that can be accomplished without rushing and making mistakes or not finishing the project on time as agreed. Furthermore, by utilizing the resources at your disposal, you can create opportunities to meet deadlines and accomplish goals within the specified time frame given so that you are always accomplishing your goals on time.

Chris Burch recommends delegating and promoting systematic approaches to juggling projects simultaneously and prioritizing the accomplishment of specific goals companies can insure that all of the projects going through there for production cycles can be done in a timely and if efficient manner. Chris Burch also mentions the necessity of continuous research and development to create new ways of conducting business that is present in your industry so you’re maximizing opportunities and creativity within your organization. If you are researching other businesses within your industry you can find new ways of thinking and concepts that will help streamline your processes and procedures and intern hopefully generate profitable results.

Chris Burch also stresses the need to know your individual and corporate limits by setting strong expectations you can deliver results that are timely and professionally done without having to extend that deadlines or just all out lack the ability to perform the activity for the client. By creating realistic expectations individuals are able to accomplish their goals in a timely fashion with the necessary care Need it without the unnecessary worries and stress. Chris Burch continues to provide strategic direction, guidance, and insight into ways to accomplish amazing work for clients through proper management and perspective.

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Louis Chênevert: the CEO who revolutionised UTC’s operations

Louis’ time at United Technologies Corporation

Louis R. Chênevert served in United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in many capacities. In April 2008, he became the Chief Executive Officer and President, and in January 2010, he became the Chairman. He worked in the three positions till his retirement in November 2014. Louis was also a Director and Chief Operating Officer of United Technologies from March 2006. He became CEO when the subprime recession was at its worst, but during his tenure at UTC, their share price rose from $ 37 to $117 resulting in more than 200% increase in shareholder value.

UTC has never failed to pay dividends in its 77 years of operation despite operating in Connecticut which is an expensive place to run a business. To be cost-effective, Louis chose a different strategy, unlike other firms that sought to outsource their workers from countries with people willing to work in exchange for cheap wages. With Chênevert at the helm of UTC, the company avoided laying off engineers by moving them to Connecticut to enable them to utilise their skills in military and commercial markets where they were needed.

Louis was able to arrange UTC’s acquisition of Goodrich Corporation, an aerospace manufacturing company, to reduce internal production costs and further expand their market share

Career before UTC

Before joining United Technologies Corporation, Louis was the president of Pratt & Whitney from 1999 to March 2006. Before working for Pratt & Whitney, Louis worked at General Motors for 14 years and served their St. Therese operation as the Production General Manager. Between 2015 and 2017, Chênevert was the Senior Industry advisor at the Banking division of Goldman Sachs Merchant.

He is currently Business Council Member, Chairman of Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and Advisory Board of Yale Cancer Centre. Chênevert also serves as a Director at Cargill, Inc. and was inducted in 2005 as a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). He is a founding director and Chairman of International Advisory board of HEC Montreal, as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the friends of HEC.


The Great Victories of Lee May

Lee May is the senior partner of Beamridge ltd and he has seen the firm grow into one of the largest and sought after construction firm in the world. Lee has since the beginning of his career at the firm, been passionate about building eye-catching residential property and aims towards offering people an opportunity to acquire their dream homes. Besides, he has seen Beamridge build a great relationship with other prestigious firms in the country, through which the team of employees has acquired an opportunity to learn and share ideas with other open-minded contractors.

Lee has always exercised admirable time management skills as well as good organizational traits, which have seen him rise to his current position. He encourages entrepreneurs to ensure that they have a plan of whatever they intend to achieve as outlining them, makes it easier for them to meet their expectations on time. His ability to share ideas as well as motivate his team of employees towards acquiring a common goal at the Beamridge firm has served as an inspiration to many people.

Additionally, Lee May has showcased a clear understanding of the market and the competitors since taking up his current role at the Beamridge firm and as a result, he has successfully come up with market competitive strategies to enable the firm to strive in the ever-changing market trends. The huge successes notable in the firm have been associated to the leaders’ ability to work together with the executives as well as the team of employees with an aim of establishing the key issues to address in the firm for success.

Besides focusing on his career, Lee May has also taken the initiative to shine a light on other people. Through his evident involvement in charitable organizations, he has helped many people live better lives. He recently set a campaign to help in raising funds for the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club, so as to help them raise funds to purchase a minibus.


Healthy Aging Done Right with Dr. Johanan Rand

Doctor Johanan Rand gives his patients the care and solutions to their medical issues in a way that requires of them to simply show up. Treating people who have experienced the suffering of the painful process of aging. He helps them through various disorders such as menopause and Erectile Dysfunction Disorder. Doctor Rand seeks to find the root cause of these issues and uproot them. Becoming illness free and themselves with education of health maintenance is a goal for all of his patients.


Doctor rand uses a unique combination of hormone therapy, physical therapy, and dietary intervention to help his patients achieve a level of health that is considered maximal. He uses natural solutions when trying to help individuals instant pain relief. For people who have physical discomforts, Doctor Rand also is qualified in delivering steroid and cortisol injections as well as nerve blockers. Oftentimes because individuals want the natural solutions for pain relief, but need a traditional remedy administered first as they adjust to the natural one.


Doctor Rand does most of his treatment and anti aging methods at his healthy aging medical center where they’re allowed to experience a vast array of medicinal protocols. Other than the traditional medicinal options he administers also a alteration of patients diet. Changing how the patients eat allow them to experience their normal hunger. Not extra cravings through balanced hormones, they are changing and allowing their body to have weight loss episodes toward a target weight. This is all done through the dietary portions of the program.


Doctor Rand also believe education is critical in treating patients as it allows the individual patient to be a part of the team of their own health care. This increases the level of accountability and responsibility for that person to ensure that therapies are being delivered to themselves optimally.


Doctor Rand has spent extensive work developing the healthy aging medical centers. He has full confidence and the ability to combat issues with libido, menopause, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, weight gain, and mood disorders through unique holistic approaches to health. Oftentimes doctors choose this profession to make money, however, Doctor Rand and his comprehensive approach seek to treat and change problems many people face on a daily basis making our world a better place.