How Kevin Seawright Helps First-Time Homebuyers In Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is an accomplished businessman who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the managing partner and chief operating officer of RPS Solutions LLC, a company he joined in January 2015.

He brought years of experience in management to this role and is deeply experienced in managing people, budgets, properties, and other core areas of running a business.

He is a graduate of Almeda University, where he earned his MBA in 2006, as well as the Mendoza College of Business located on the campus of the University of Notre Dame where in 2016 he earned an executive leadership designation. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

For several years Kevin Seawright worked for the Baltimore city government in a variety of capacities. Among the leadership roles he filled were positions such as the chief financial officer of the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks, and serving the City of Baltimore as the payroll director. From 2001 to 2011 he lent his expertise to the city by managing budgets and city personnel in a highly professional way.

In March 2011 Seawright entered the world of business when he joined Tito Contractors in the Washington D.C. area.

He served this company as their vice president of operations where he managed such things as a $50 million budget. Another accomplishment was increasing profits by taking an aggressive approach during collection bargaining agreements.

After working for two other organizations, Collington Episcopal Life Care Community and the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, Kevin Seawright rejoined the Baltimore community when he took on his position at RPS Solutions. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC Assist Baltimore City Housing Employee Attain First Home

At this company he is focused on increasing the homeownership rate in this city. He has said that homeownership is very important as it builds wealth for the homeowner. It’s also important for the overall community as homeowners are more involved in their communities and take better care of their properties.

One of Seawright’s big accomplishments with RPS Solutions is filling one of Baltimore’s areas, Belvedere Square, with a host of first-time homebuyers. His company built and/or renovated several affordable homes in this area. By working with several lenders Seawright was able to help several families accomplish their dream of homeownership.

Agora Financial Helping Common People Invest Smartly

When it comes to money, most of the people want to save and protect their money but lack the necessary know-how of how to go about it. It is primarily because the market is filled with a wide variety of financial and investment instruments that in a way confuses people more than it convinces them. The availability of so many options has made it difficult for a layperson to choose which investment options to put their money in for growth and wealth creation. The financial markets are also volatile, which continues to make it difficult for the people to trust the investment products that claim to offer high returns.

It is for this reason taking guidance from the trusted, and verified sources are essential. It is where the importance of Agora Financial comes in, which is one of the most distinguished finance based publishing house. It was started in the year 1979 and is well-known for providing financial reports to even news channels like Bloomberg, CNBC, and more. The company has a widespread network in the finance industry, which helps Agora Financial to gather information about the finance from the source directly. The readers can trust such information, and it helps them make financial decisions that lead to economic benefits.

It also assists in protecting the money from the volatility in the financial markets.Agora Financial has been one of the leading names in the country for many years and runs more than twenty publications related to different industries. It has over a million subscribers, and its family of subscribers continues to grow with the passing time. Agora Financial offers unbiased financial news that can be trusted and the readers don’t have any hiccups in understanding the information provided by the publications of the company due to its simple and easy to understand language.

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Rodrigo Terpins Doesn’t Show Off Skills, He Shows Off Success

It doesn’t matter how good someone thinks they are at driving racecars. If they don’t have the motivation and inspiration behind it to back them up, nothing will be what they want it to be. In fact, there will not be a way for them to be that successful if they don’t know what they are doing or have someone who can help cheer them on. Rodrigo Terpins has a lot of people like that. He knows they are always pushing to help him be a better person and are always doing what they can to make sure he is doing things the right way. Rodrigo Terpins likes to use his family for support and they are confident in him that he will keep getting better as he learns more about the right way to race and the right way to do things as a team.

He is so close with his family that he actually races with his brother. They are a team and they do offroad rally together because that’s what they are good at. They know what it takes to make sure they are doing things the right way with the rally cars and they also know there are things they can do to win the races. Because they are brothers and have always worked together, they know how to communicate so they can win the races they are always trying to participate in. For Rodrigo Terpins, this is what makes racing with his brother something he can feel good about. For more details visit Terra.

As Rodrigo Terpins and his brother continue working together and racing so they can be successful, there are ways they can benefit from the racing industry. They know what they are able to do and are confident in the skills they have. That’s what has allowed them to keep working hard and giving people what they want. They know they’ll be able to try different things so they can do their best and they also know what they can do to bring attention to the things they are doing. All of it goes back to working together and being positive. You can visit Vimeo to see more videos.

Greg Secker: From Forex Trader to Philanthropist

One thing that many people have in common is their desire to help others. Another thing that they have in common with one another is that their ability to do so is limited. This is one of the frustrating things about philanthropy. Fortunately, there is a way to gain all of the necessary income to help others. Greg Secker has managed to get himself to where he can help others through Forex. Greg Secker has discovered Forex when he was looking for ways to increase his income. He has learned quite a bit about the market and has developed enough to find a strategy that he is comfortable with.

After Greg Secker has profited from the Forex market, he has taken a break to enjoy his prosperity. After a while, he has looked into ways that he can be of help with the community. He has then put his money to work so that he will be able to help others. One thing that he has done was set up a foundation for people who are at a disadvantage. Greg has compassion for the struggling and has understood that anything can put people in a bad position. This is one thing that can be learned through the Forex market.

Greg Secker has also started teaching others how to trade Forex. One of the interesting aspects about success is that the successful individual often wants to share the information that can help other people achieve their goals. While he does use The Greg Secker Foundation to help out the struggling, he was also able to help people come up with ways to solve their own problems. After all, the common saying is that teaching a man how to fish is going to help him eat for life as opposed to giving him a fish where he can eat just for the day.

Adam Milstein is a Part of the Solution

In the world of philanthropy it would be hard to find as hard a worker or dedicated of man as Adam Milstein. Not only does he oversee a very large operation as one of the key principles of his family foundation that was cofounded with his wife Gila, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that was created to assist in the strength the State of Israel the homeland of the Jewish people. Milstein is a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company that specializes in acquiring, rehabilitating and repositioning industrial, retail, office and multi-family properties, where he is in charge of financing and property management.

Milstein started the California based company when he became frustrated with low pay in the real estate industry after graduating from the University of Southern California. He operated as an independent broker for 3 years before deciding to venture into the investment sector of the real estate industry.

He finds the up and down trends in the industry very stimulating, a trait of the business that drives most crazy, Milstein feeds off of that excitement and realizes it takes a long time to get results in real estate. He is a man that feels he’s never had a bad day on the job because he loves his work.

His philosophy on goal setting would appear unorthodox to most as well. Adam feels as though not setting specific goals was a big contributor to his success because they were limiting to him and he always felt his willingness and ability to work hard would determine his long term outcome. So far he was 100% correct. To know more about him click here.

One thing is for certain Milstein followed the right path. The Israeli native has been very successful since arriving in America, in addition to building a very successful and profitable real estate company and a generous and far reaching philanthropy organization he is a well respected community leader who lives a wonderful life in Southern California.

You can find out more information about the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation for the State of Israel here,

Bob Reina Introduces New Software

Talk Fusion is a company that has apps that businesses use to market their products and communicate with customers. They also have an app called Live Meetings which is used to facilitate real-time communications among the people working for the business and/or their business partners. Bob Reina is the company’s Chief Executive Officer as well as the person that founded the company.

Bob Reina said that Live Meetings is based on the WebRTC system. He announced in September that his company was releasing a new version of Live Meetings with several new features and an even easier to use interface. He said that many companies are now using Live Meetings and it presently can support up to 15 hosts and 500 people participating with the app.

The new version of Live Meetings can be accessed right in a browser window versus needing a separate download. It also doesn’t require Adobe Flash Player or any other browser plug-ins. Bob Reina said that Live Meetings will continue its position as the number one app for holding business meetings due to all of the updates his team made on the app. Learn more:

Bob Reina is a graduate of the University of South Florida. After graduating he went to a police academy and graduated number one in his class. He served as a police officer for several years but he dreamed of starting his own business. He started a part-time position in the direct selling industry in order to get his feet wet working for himself. He eventually gave up the steady paycheck of being a police officer in order to pursue marketing and entrepreneurship full-time.

Talk Fusion started with their first app being Video Email. This app allows people to send videos to others that includes video right in the email. He didn’t want his company to be based on just one product, though, so under Bob Reina’s leadership his company now offers a full suite of video products. He doesn’t want Talk Fusion to be a one-dimensional company so he’s always hard at work identifying the needs of his customers so that he can create solutions to those problems.



Improving Cancer Treatments with Dr. Clay Siegall

There are certain methods of treatment for cancer that have seen little to no improvement in the mortality of cancer patients for at least the past ten years, one of the primary ones being chemo-therapies. There are doctors working tirelessly to finding new treatments that are not only affordable in cost, simple to implement, less invasive to the patient, but also lower the mortality rate of the cancer that is the culprit of the detriment to the health of the patient. The new methods of treatment for this kind of result are those that involve more surgical strikes with more targeted drugs, rather than the way chemo-therapies cause damage indiscriminately in hopes that somehow the cancer will be affected along with the rest of the body.

Dr. Siegall started his endeavor into the science field with gaining his B.S. degree in zoology at the University of Maryland and followed up with obtaining his PhD in genetics at George Washington University. After founding Seattle Genetic, a biotech company head-quartered in Seattle, Washington, he has become one of the leading frontiersmen in the targeting drug industry. Dr. Siegall now has a stout line-up of drugs under his belt with multiple pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer, Pfizer and etc. With a company that began with humble beginnings, Dr. Siegall is now at the forefront of the industry and leading the way into a more efficient and safer means of treating cancers.

What Dr. Clay  Siegall believes to be the reason that he is so successful is his passion to his work. There were times when his company had dire financial situations that could have meant the end of the company but with fierce determination to keep working and focusing in the proper areas to improve, they managed to weather the storm. He equates this thought with the studies done by Francis Galton, who was Charles Darwin’s cousin, in psycho-metrics which concluded that there is not a large difference in intellect among people but rather it is more notable in the work habits of the individuals. That IQ, the schools you attend and the people that you know come second to the passion that you bring to your work.

Larkin and Lacey Success Story

For close to about one decade, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been in and out of courts and have a funny encounter that would change their entire lives. They were engaged in a very serious legal issue that changed their entire lives.

In fact, their careers were brought to a serious stop. This is all because of migrant status. After serious court battles. They have battled out for a whole ten years but they later were rewarded a settlement of $3.75 million. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

They both decided not to share the money equally but rather to create a fund that would help them effectively fight for the rights of these immigrants. They used the money towards helping the immigrants undergoing similar problems in Arizona.

The case for Larkin and Lacey came to be when the two journalists were they both were arrested from homes. They were taken into different cells which were a great trouble to their careers.

They were forcing them to disclose the number of people who had read their article they had published regarding the Maricopa Couty Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. They were also being held because they were believed to have some discriminating information. They made a lot of demands regarding their online magazines and the potential readers.

Larkin and Lacey have spent the majority of their lives and careers trying to defend the rights of the immigrants. In general, they have focused their attention on the lives of the American citizens whom they say that they deserve a better treatment. They have been fighting very serious battles that touch on the lives and the future of Americans but bothers very few people across the world.

The money they would get as the settlement would help so many people across the world fight for the immigrants and them issues and mostly base their focus on the Mexico-US border. This is a point that has the largest number of undocumented immigrants mostly from the Spanish speaking world.

Larkin and Lace after the tough battle received a settlement of $3.75 which they used to register a Fund known as Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund that was their solution.

They worked for the success of their company and supported so many groups that worked for the success of the migrants. They had faced a lot of challenges and the fund was enough weapon to help their voices to be heard in every corner of the globe.