Jason Hope the Entrepreneur Believes in the Internet of Things and So Should You

Technology is an ever-changing game that requires hosts of brilliant people working within the industry in order to capitalize on it. Jason Hope is world renown futurist who is based out of Arizona. For the better part of the last two or three years, Jason Hope has been all aboard one key concept: the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is probably the most enterprising new industry in the tech world but so few people have heard of it yet. Today we are going to examine closely the Internet of Things while also examining Jason Hope’s own history.

In order to understand the Internet of Things in a meaningful way, you must understand just why Jason Hope is getting behind it. The Internet of Things, from Hope’s perspective, is all about how we are going to see function and convenience blend together thanks to the constant rise of technology and internet related innovations. Hope looks at the IoT, an acronym for the Internet of Things, in the same way that other people look at a fresh piece of paper: there is immense potential here for the right person to come along and maximize its potential.

What the Internet of Things fundamentally refers to is the way that all of our everyday possessions are starting to link together thanks to the power of the web. We can look at vehicles, phones, and even smart security as a way that the internet has brought our lives together into a more convenient package. Jason Hope believes experience will be expanded upon even more in the next couple of years. The Internet of Things, in his mind, is going to expand out of the mere ‘convenient’ and into the realm of ‘necessary’. He believes that one day our entire world will be wired to the internet.

Jason Hope is a venture capitalist, futurist, and entrepreneur who graduated from Arizona State University with an undergrad degree in Finance and an MBA. Hope has been working as an entrepreneur for years now and right now his primary focus is on the mobile communication company Jawa. Jawa has along enough success for Hope that he has been able to expand his focus to actively looking for new partners in order to invest in their concepts. Hope has a passion for working with people and a mind to innovate so we only have to wait and see what his next big project will be.

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Christopher Burch: Fashion and Technology

Christopher Burch is one of the most prominent United States-based serial entrepreneur. For over four decades of professional experience in the world of business and investment, Christopher Burch has founded and sold more than 40 companies from the startup level to the multi-million corporation. Christopher Burch is also regarded as one of the best people who has amassed a great amount of wealth seeking better business solutions in a manner that has no solution in the world of business. Christopher Burch is also regarded as one of the most successful people who has given out more than a third of his money to the poor through massive philanthropic efforts around the world.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital based in the United States. The Burch Creative Capital Company solves most of the business and investment needs of many investors in the country. Visit the website, check burchcreativecapital.com. The company has also gained a reputation of becoming the first investment company to become a multi-million corporation after startup. Because Christopher Burch is successful at what he does, he developed one of the most intrigued business solution in a manner that is not capacitated in the world of business and serial entrepreneurship. Read his shared insights and views here.

Christopher Burch has also contributed to the rise of numerous multi-million corporation as a result of good business practices and market niches. Christopher Burch can recognize a market niche as it is always the way of most entrepreneurs. Therefore, he works towards developing a business solution that takes care of these solutions.  Click on architecturaldigest.com for an additional article.

Christopher Burch is also a board member of the Continuum Group and the Guggenheim Capital Company based in the United States. His success in the industry has enabled him to gain recognition in the business world with massive awards as the entrepreneur of the year on many occasions.   More about him on forbes.com.

According to Christopher Burch, fashion and technology are two separate industries that keep on growing together. As much as they appear distinct, their existence depends on their solutions. Whenever technology grows, it will require the input of Fashion to succeed in the industry. On the other hand, fashion also depends on technology to succeed. A fashionable technology will always be amassed on a massive scale in the industry for adoption. On the other hand, a technical fashion will also be adopted on a massive scale in the industry if it has the technology. For this reason, the two industries will never be set apart. For update on his recent timeline activities, hop over to crunchbase.com.

Take a quick tour to his wonderful resort investment on http://www.businessinsider.com/chris-burchs-nihiwatu-resort-is-the-best-hotel-in-the-world-2017-3/#nicknamed-the-edge-of-wilderness-nihiwatu-is-on-the-west-coast-of-sumba-a-remote-indonesian-island-1

Mr. Robert Ivy – The Current CEO And Executive Vice President Of AIA (American Institute Of Architects)

Mr. Robert Ivy is the current CEO and Executive Vice President of AIA (American Institute of Architects). He was promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2011.

As a registered architect, Robert Ivy is leading an organization that comprises of 87890 registered members. Under his leadership, AIA is currently working on ambitious and exciting projects that can reposition it as an institution of the 21st century. AIA has also heightened the relevance of value and subsequently for all architectures.

Robert Ivy attended Sewanee University, from where he completed his Bachelor Degree in English. He was also an alumnus of Tulane University, from where he received his Master Degree in Architecture.

Robert Ivy started his career as the editor of CAR (Chief of Architectural Record) in 1996. He helped the organization the release of the most read architectural journals. Mr. Ivy also served as the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. The company also include SNAP, Green Source, China, HQ Magazine, Sweets, ENR, and Constructor. Mr. Robert was just a junior member of the panel that interviewed architect Frank Gehry for the design of the NDDEM (National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial). From 1981 to 1996, he worked as a principal at Dean & Ivy and Dean/Dale. He was also a critic for several national publications.

When Ivy was an editor at Architectural Record, the organization won several publishing honors, including the National Magazine Award and premium magazine journalism award. The National Magazine Award was used to recognize Architectural Record for General Excellence, which is a rare achievement for any professional journal. Moreover, Architectural Record received the 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards, Folio Design Awards, 2008 MPA Digital Award, which was a recognition for the best website of the year, and 7 Ozzies. In 2009, Robert Ivy earned the Crain Award, which is the highest recognition for a person in the American Business Media. In 1998, Robert Ivy was recognized for Management Excellence by McGraw-Hill. He is also a Senior Fellow at DFC (Design Futures Council). In 2010, Robert Ivy was voted unanimously as the Master Architect because of his effective communication skills when it comes to the value of the design. He shares the same designation with fellow iconic architects, Cass Gilbert, Dr. Nathan Clifford, Eliel Saarinen, Richard Buckminster Fuller, John Wellborn, I.M. Pei, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Mr. Ivy is the only architect in the 21st century to have received such kind of honor in a fraternity that has a 100-year history.

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Whitney’s World is A-Buzz with Celebrations

Whitney Wolfe’s wedding to Michael Herd was an event to remember. Whitney, an absolutely stunning bride, wore an Oscar de la Renta long sleeve gown with a chapel train made of exquisite white silk and lace topped by a delicate lace cathedral veil. The opulent seaside resort Villa Tre Ville Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy was the venue of choice. Their sweetly worded wedding hashtag #homeiswheretheherdis showed the world their love.

Whitney is 28 and attended Southern Methodist University, a private research University in Texas. She will be speaking at the upcoming 2017 Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston. In 2016 she was named one of Elle’s most influential women in technology and was awarded Elle’s Women in Tech honor. In 2014 Whitney was awarded one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech. She can be described as a visionary feminist tech guru and is Founder and CEO of Austin based Bumble.

Bumble is a location based online dating application in which women make the first move. Women initiating first contact with their matches allows for more control. More control for women has reduced instances of harassment and lower rates of abuse have been reported. This concept has proven to be a much sought after way to meet people. There are currently 20 million users and 50,000 new users join each day.

The next step for Bumble is a transformation to meet women’s demands for greater access to opportunities in love, friendship, and career opportunities. The Bumble BFF app pairs users with new friends, whether you’re looking for a best friend, a work out partner, or someone to share your niche hobby. In addition, BumbleBizz is a professional networking app in which a user may seek employment, connect with a new business partner, or a company can hire new talent. As with Bumble and BumbleBFF, BumbleBizz will require proof of identity and verify each user profile.

To complete the transformation Bumble will rebrand to Bumble Honey. Bumble’s distinct yet complementary components allow Whitney to share her breakthrough vision and make it possible for one new connection to change a person’s life forever.

Whitney Wolfe info: thebeehive.bumble.com/bumble-bff/