Slyce Is Making Shopping Easier With Image Recognition


Slyce ( is making shopping easier with a special kind of image recognition technology that they created for their customers that they actually deployed on the Pounce app they acquired. Pounce was a shopping app, but now it is a shopping app that people use with pictures. The pictures will lead people to the places that they can find the best prices, and it could match them with thousands of things they might want to buy.

Everyone who uses the technology is going to see it figure out what they have just taken a picture of, and they are also going to have a chance to learn what every website is charging for that item. That helps with the comparison shopping that people need to do, and it helps them go through a lot of different options until they find what they want.

The technology at Slyce is a visual search technology that has been used many times in other places, but now they want people to use it for shopping. There are companies that have used it for internal things, and the company even created a universal scanner that people are vying for right now.

Slyce is the perfect place for all companies and shoppers to go when they want to find something that will make shopping easier for them. It is a search engine that can literally find anything, and it can be used on any phone or tablet. The users just have to decide which picture to use. They can take a picture of something they like that they cannot identify, or they can take a picture of something they already own to find the duplicate.

David Osio’s Insights On The Davos Cap Calculator And Oil Prices

In the recent past, David Osio welcomed Davos Real Estate Group’s initiative of developing its new application known as Davos Cap Calculator. This innovative tool has been carefully designed to help investors use with credible information when dealing with property real estate.

The real estate group is part of the larger Davos Financial Group. The leadership of the real estate group seeks to offer businesses and individuals with alternative real estate investments that enhance their financial expectations. A team of experts has been involved in developing the app as they have fronted their insights on rent, sales process, mortgage, legal aspects and emerging developments.

David Osio posits that having a broad portfolio is crucial for any investor as it enhances his or her return on investment besides reducing associated risks. He continues to say that investments require careful assessment as well as special considerations. These considerations include purchase and selling costs as well as maintenance of a given property. Gerard Gonzalez, who is the director of the Davos Real Estate Group, asserts that the firm is committed to providing its clients with quality services. He contends that the App will calculate the capitalization rate, net income and the real estate investment’s cash flow of the investors. With the app, customers will be able to enter mortgage information and be in a position to see its effect on the cash flow and profitability of their investment.

This app can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play for iphone and Android respectively. Gerard states that investors will manage to calculate mortgage and undertake different industry-related services. The company will continue developing a series of applications in order to augment consumers’ experience. This information was originally reported on Bolsamania as provided in the following link–ES47586–18a36ceeb2e4593a62369c272554cbdb.html

About David Osio
David Osio is affiliated with Davos Financial Group. He has written articles on different topics. In one of the articles, “Falling oil Prices Threatens Payment Of External Debt By Venezuela,” he discusses about the effects of declining oil prices in the various economies of the world. David posits that free-markets such as Mexico and Columbia do not experience large-scale crisis when oil prices fall. This is because of their flexible economic policies.

He adds that in countries where economic and political systems are rigid such as Venezuela, drop in oil prices causes liquidity crisis. In such nations, the macroeconomic impact is much higher as it affects domestic production. David Osio asserts that Venezuela is suffering more collapse as 95% of its total exports are in the form of oil. To this end, it is difficult for the country to meet its external debt obligations. This information was originally mentioned on Lapatilla as explicated in the link below

Doe Deere and her Galore Interview

To anyone who is a huge fan of makeup and keeps up with all of the different makeup brands and creators, the names Doe Deere and Lime Crime are probably not very unfamiliar. Doe is the creator and the mastermind behind the huge makeup brand, Lime Crime. She got her start on eBay selling different things in her online store. At this time, she was sewing and selling clothes that she was creating. The idea of creating and selling makeup did not come to mind until she was unable to find makeup that was bright enough to match the clothes that she was creating and selling. On this day, Doe Deere decided that she would begin making her own makeup and selling it in her little eBay shop, Lime Crime. She definitely was not expecting for it to blow up like it did.

Whenever her store did blow up and become such a huge hit, Doe decided that it was time for her to move her little online store to something a little bit larger. It was around this time that she decided to make an important business decision and she moved her beloved, insanely popular Lime Crime online shop to her very own website. She did this so that all of her customers would be able to have access to her lip and eye products, which is what she decided to focus her business on. Ever since that day, Deere, her company, and her makeup line have been a huge success in the makeup community and industry.

As a result of all of Doe’s success, around this time last year an interviewer at the magazine company Galore Magazine decided to sit down with Doe Deere and learn some things from her about her secret to being a successful business woman. During this interview, Doe Deere revealed a mass about her business Lime Crime and what inspired her to start it. Her response to this was that she loved makeup and wanted to share her passion with the world. She also shared that she wanted other men and women to be able to be as confident as she is while she is wearing the various amount of bold makeup looks that she does. The interviewer also asked Doe many questions about her past with makeup, such as her best and worst experiences, her first memory with makeup, and a few people who inspire some of her creative makeup looks. Doe Deere’s answers to all three of these questions involved her love of bright colors and makeup, which is not at all a surprise. The very last thing that Doe said during her interview with Galore Magazine was that she hopes that people not only look up to her as a makeup and fashion role model, but that the people who want to start their own business look up to her as a mentor as well.

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How InnovaCare is a Leader in Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are a great way to get all of your Medicare coverage into one convenient and complete plan. Medicare Advantage plans cover doctor visits, hospital stays, dental, vision, and prescriptions. Some Medicare Advantage plans also have other benefits such as chiropractic, holistic therapy, medical devices, and diabetic supplies. These plans are often very affordable because they are a bundled plan. Insurance companies will often offer a member a discount if they choose this type of insurance plan.

According to, Medicare Advantage plans cover everything that Original Medicare covers except for hospice. Original Medicare covers hospice. Also, of the plans can decide not cover treatments if they are not medically necessary. For example, elective services are not covered. In addition, urgent care services and emergency services are always covered under Medicare Advantage plans.

InnovaCare Health is a Medicare Advantage Plan provider. They are the leading provider of managed health care services in North America. Their corporate headquarters are in Fort Lee, New Jersey. They offer quality health care at real prices that seniors can afford. InnovaCare Health have a top-rated network of providers from which to choose from.  They are led by team that has medical experience rather than just business experience. Therefore, they see their plans and benefits from their patients’ point of view. This ensures that InnovaCare provide care more about their patients than the bottom line.

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Dr. Rick Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. He received his B.S. from the University of California, Irvine, his MBA from the University of Redlands, and his medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has more than 20 years of experience in medical managed care.

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Her specialty is in government programs like Medicare and Medicaid. She was previously the Chief Operating Officer of both InnovaCare and Aceta, Inc. She received her bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological sciences from Binghampton University. Penelope Kokkinides holds two master’s degrees. One in public health from Columbia University School of Public Health, and one from New York University in Social Work. She also holds a post-master’s advanced master’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse.



Uncommon Schools of New York was founded for the purpose of providing unique opportunities and encouragement for low income young people in charter high schools. The goal is to help students prepare for and also get a college education. The original charter high school has expanded, and a new school in Brooklyn will receive the money raised by Dynamic Search Partners at their fund raising event. The money will go for testing programs for the current year.
Keith Mann, CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, explained that the financial community is pleased to join the mission of Uncommon Schools of New York as they seek to close the achievement gap promoted by economic deficits. The merger of efforts began in 2013, and Mann reports that it is exciting to work with the highly motivated seniors of the charter high schools as they seek college opportunities ordinarily unavailable to them.
Dynamic Search Partners was established by Mann after over 13 years of experience with Dynamics Executive Search. Serving as Managing Director of Search, he recruited global financial service firms and launched the Alternative Investment Practice within the company in 2002. The hedge fund industry was a rapidly growing market, and in 2009, he expanded into the private equity industry and established Dynamics Search Partners, dedicated exclusively to alternative investment firms. Today, DSP is involved with over 200 clients around the world, and Mann, as CEO, is responsible for the day to day management of their marketing and investment strategies.
Uncommon Schools is now a network of 42 charter schools in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. They are led by regional teams with headquarters in New York City. Their mission is still to provide the top quality education in charter urban high schools, with the goal of closing the gap of college achievement.
To recognize the diversified economic backgrounds of our high school students, is important in insuring equal opportunities and achievement. The financial world, and leaders like Keith Mann, are to be commended for their part in helping our educational world meet this challenge.

Danilo Diaz Granados Organizes a Fun-Filled Event for Wealthy Guests in Miami

This summer, veteran investor and co-founder of TOYS for BOYS hosted a fun-filled event for wealthy guests in Miami. The event consisted of fine cuisine, private previews, track racing, helicopter rides, Dom Perignon’s bottles, as well as an exciting sunset boat ride. Since launching TOYS for BOYS in 2013, Danilo has orchestrated numerous action-packed events for the elite Miami guests.

A lifetime experience in Miami

By organizing the event, Danilo wanted to create an opportunity for his guests to tour Miami and have a memorable experience. Guests were able to discover new places to access extravagant and unique products.

Summer event highlights

Designated guests were treated to an intimate breakfast at One Thousand Museum Sales Center. Next, they were offered an exclusive view of the residential building planned to be constructed in Miami’s Biscayne area. They were then ferried to the Palm Beach Race Track via a helicopter. Each guest had an opportunity to take charge of the wheel and ride the track. The guests enjoyed another helicopter ride to River Yacht Club where they were ushered with Dom Perignon bottles and lunch. They all embarked on a lovely sunset boat ride. Boat owners, Van Dutch and Technomar were the sponsors of the beautiful boat ride. Other sponsors included Gryphon Racing, One Thousand Museum, Van Dutch Americas, and Air Commander Aerospace.

Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados has served as the associate of Fireman Capital Partners since 2015. He has a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship from Babson College. He started out as an investment advisor of a renowned Miami, a Florida-based investment company. He has professional expertise in assessing global investment-to-return issues concerning hedge funds, merchandising, fine arts, and energy efficiency.

Diaz is a private investor who owns and manages two successful businesses: TOYS for BOYS boutique and Edge of Glory Films. The Miami-based TOYS for BOYS Boutique offers jewelry, fine watches, outlandish automobiles, and contemporary art under one store. Diaz leverages his cumulative experience to advice both individual and corporate investors on how to invest wisely.

Nizan Guanes: From Copywriter to One of the Most Influential Men in Advertising

Did you know there’s a difference between advertising and marketing? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. Many people think these two terms go hand in hand like a car and an automobile. Advertising is a small part of marketing. These are the ads found in newspapers, internet, billboards, and magazines, and commercials on television and radio. Marketing is the bigger picture. There are demographics to determine the sex and age of the people who might be interested in purchasing a particular product. Loss Lead is when you either receive a sample product in the mail or someone at a table in the supermarket wants you to sample a drink or a cracker. Marketing can also involve getting people to try a new product, then give their opinion of it before going out to the public.

Nizan Guanaes is the 58-year-old founder and chairperson of ABC Groupo Company that’s part of 18 different companies in Brazil specializing in advertising. In just 13 years, ABC Groupo Company has become the 18th largest advertising company in the world. In 2010, the Financial Times voted Guanes one of the five most influential Brazilians. Fast Company voted Guanaes the top 100 most creative people. In 2014, he won Man of the Year in the Leadership category of GQ magazine. Not bad for a guy who started out as a copywriter.

Nizan Guanes was born on May 9, 1958 in Savador,Bahia. He was educated at Universidade Federal da Bahia where he earned a degree in business administration. Before the age of 45, Guanaes founded ABC Groupo.

Nizan Guanes is married to Donata Meirelles, Vogue Brazil’s fashion director. The couple has one son, Antonio Guanes. Guanes likes to give back to the community by supporting the Clinton Foundation and a cause to end sexual violence of women and girls.

Wengie’s DIY Peel Off Lip Tattoo VS Lip Tint Tattoo

Wengie is a beauty blogger and the creator of a popular beauty channel at YouTube. The Australian based beauty enjoys sharing her beauty tips with her followers on subjects that include fashion, beauty, hair, skincare, diet, fitness, life hacks, and DIY. In this interesting video, Wengie talks about DIY Peel Off Lip Tattoo Vs. Lip Tint Tattoo. This is another video in her Try Before You Buy Series. We really enjoy Wengie’s DIY videos because she shares her honest opinion about those products that we’ve all had questions about.

DIY Peel Off Lip Tattoo VS Lip Tint Tattoo
One of the things that her multitude of followers enjoy is her delightful sense of humor, which is very apparent in the videos. In addition, the videos are very well produced and high quality. Wengie never abandons her audience. She uploads great videos on a regular basis. In this video, Wengie also shares her formula for creating your own DIY Peel Off Lip Tatto. However, they seem to work for Wengie quite well. Wengie uses a combination of Elmer’s glue and food coloring. Wengie tries the DIY formula and the store purchase side by side on her lips. The results of her test will simply amaze watchers.  If you like this cool video, join Wengie’s channel and get first notice about her new DIY project on her channel.


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Reputation Management Steps Entrepreneurs Should Follow

Reputation management is and always will be a critical duty of all entrepreneurs. The search engines and the internet always must reflect a positive voice or else business endeavor is going to suffer. Forbes published a detailed article that addresses a number of important steps entrepreneurs should take to ensure their personal and business brand is always cast in a positive light.

Creating a website and blogging are common online activities of entrepreneurs. These are signs of the critical first point Forbes makes. Entrepreneurs must be proactive. They also have to be expansive in their approach to creating an online presence. Publishing websites on multiple domains and maintaining a significant social media presence across various platforms is strongly advised.

Updating content on social media and other online venues is a must. Old, tired, and stale content won’t help the cause of making a good impression in the market.

The old-time task of search engine optimization is nowhere near as outdated as some suggest. Websites and other platforms do have to be properly optimized for the search engines. If they sink down into the depths of the search engines, no one is going to see them.

What can be troubling is when negative content appears online. Visiting would be a good move for cleaning up an online reputation.

By no means is it wise to ignore the seriousness of bad press published online. Awful search engine results are going to impact a business in a highly negative manner, which has the potential to ruin a business. Getting angry over the situation would be a waste. Determining what needs to be fixed and then addressing the problem is the better path of action to follow. assists in cleaning up search results and can address such crisis situations.

Managing reviews and issuing press releases factors into making sure online content is positive. Entrepreneurs should not try to take on these responsibilities by themselves.