Brazil Banks Outpace American Banks According to Igor Cornelsen

For years, the knock against Brazil has been its “lack of predictability.” One year the growth rate might be great, but the next, it might be dismal. Learn why Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen thinks that might have changed.

“Under Lula, Stability Was Established”

Brazil President Lula made the nation’s poor happy with affordable housing loans and the wealthy happy with increasing the nation’s growth rates. The World Cup and Olympics raised the prestige level of the entire nation. Finally, Brazil was moving from developing to developed status.

Other beneficiaries of this new-found stability have been the Brazil banks, according to Brasil Wealth Advisor Igor Cornelsen. While the US banks offered more risky loans to the poor, the Brazil banks were offering more low-risk loans to high net worth clientele.

In 2011 and 2012, the top North or South American banks based on return on equity investment (ROE), according to Economatica, were Brazilian banks. In 2011, Bradesco had an ROE of 19.83%. Itau actually earned the top spot with a higher ROE in 2011.

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Igor Cornelsen – Colorado, Bainbridge Investments

“Brazil Competes With US”

No longer are the victories of Brazil over the US simply on the soccer field: now Brazil is winning in the banking sector too. Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen’s CNBC interview helped guide investors who wanted to diversify into South American banks.

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Marc Spark and the Spark Tank

If you know anything about serial entrepreneurship, then you may have heard about Mark Spark and his newest creation; Spark Tank. Marc Sparks’ business success story is one that is quite remarkable. Read more: @msparks5010

The venture capitalist from Dallas has single handly started numerous businesses and also funded hundreds of other start-ups. As a venture capitalist, Marc Sparks, through his firm Spark Tank, has built hundreds of portfolio companies in collaboration with the founding entrepreneurs of those companies.

It all started right after Marc Sparks graduated from high school and tossed himself into the business world. With a strong faith in God and fortitude the size of a mountain, Marc was soon a successful self-made businessman with interests in a broad spectrum of industries including real estate, telecommunications, and capital investments.

Marc has a number of private equity firms that offer entrepreneurial assistance like capital, training, web development, office space and equipment, banking, advertising and the likes.

Spark Tank is Marc Sparks’ newest addition to the brood of successful companies. Spark Tank is a private equity company that is focused on funding social service entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas that can bring about social success and benefit the local community.

The model of Spark Tank is geared to mainly offer funding, oversee accountability and engage in such startups from a non-profit managerial standpoint.

Some of the services offered by Spark Tank include;

• Comprehensive planning for workable business strategies. This ensures that every business that Spark Tank is involved in uses a strategy that will guarantee success. The strategy is usually holistic and touches on everything from IT to finance, management, human resource and also planning and development. Read more: What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From a Presentation
•  Spark Tank will also ensure there is a workable system in place to ensure that business runs in a unique manner enshrined on the mission and vision of the beneficiary company. These systems ensure there are effective product and client management, improved service delivery and seamless and efficient intra-relational structures within the business itself.
• Training and support. Spark Tank offers training support to entrepreneurs and their personnel to ensure they have all the knowledge they need to successfully run their companies.
With the level of success that Marc Spark and the Spark Tank venture guarantee, there is a thorough vetting of candidates to determine who gets the support being offered. Being that as it may, there are several factors that Spark Tank is interested in, these include;
• Unique or proprietary services. This is what most venture capitalists are looking for. You should a high success potential venture that your company is looking to engage in.
• A well-drawn out a strategy on how the money will be used in the company. You need to show Spark Tank, exactly why you need the money, where you are going to spend it and how you are going to spend it.

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Kyle Bass Changes His Tune On China

Kyle Bass has made his living talking about the economy, and he made a lot of cash predicting the fallout of loans in 2008. The problem is that he has not made himself into a reliable figure. People who listen to him will probably lose a lot of money, and they are getting mixed signals from him as he explains what is going on in the world economy. He is now saying that China can recover, and he thinks there might only be a minor recession.

He started out the year saying that people should get ready for the bottom to drop out of the US and the Chinese economy. He was saying that people needed to get out of both markets, and he started touting things that people should not be doing in the first place. He has now changed his mind because he thinks the economy will not suffer too much, and it is very hard to know what he actually means.

Everyone who is listening to Kyle Bass should be aware that they could lose a lot of money, and they need to remember that he has been gambling since he made all his money on the fallout of the economy. Everyone who wants to make more money from their investments needs to steer clear of Kyle Bass because he cannot even keep his hedge fund above water. He is someone who will use him own wealth to get along in life even if other people are not able to make it very far because of all the money he wasted.

He is on TV and radio so much that most people have seen him at least once, and he can be convincing. The problem is that he does not have good information for the public. He shows people the fastest ways to lose their money, and he will still be a rich person who can do whatever he wants. Avoiding the advice of Kyle Bass is very good for everyone, and it would be wise to remember that he makes a lot of money to say things on TV that sound good even if they are not right.  Useful Stooges had an important article on the subject, Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler.