Brad Reifler To Help Small Investors Get More Opportunities

Wall Street can in some way be compared to “Money Monster”, a fictional movie in which Lee Gates played the role of a Wall Street Guru and the host of the show. During a live broadcast on the show, there was an unexpected appearance by a disgruntled investor, Kyle Budwell. Budwell went on to take Gates hostage. He narrated how, in following the tips given by Gates, he ended up losing everything.

During the unfolding situation, Gates kept in communication with his producer who was in the control room. Clooney, together with other cast members, tried to keep themselves from getting blown up, all the while trying to uncover the truth behind the web of lies. Despite the movie being fictional, it goes to show some truth about Wall St and the disadvantages that small investors experience.

Wall St is a place that rewards the wealthy (accredited) investors by providing them with opportunities that are not available to non-accredited investors. However, one man is trying to change this. Brad Reifler, the Forefront Capital CEO, has embarked on a mission of ensuring the 99% of investors get to enjoy the same opportunities as the other 1%.

Reifler has shared the major problems that small investors have. These include:

1. Fees: Wall St firms have managed to raise management fees to astronomical levels. The fees are paid regardless of the performance of the portfolio.

2. Access to investments: In the past, the opportunities of investment for non-accredited investors had always been limited. According to the government, accredited investors are more intelligent and are thus allowed to invest in various funds that include hedge funds and private equity.
3. Stock Market Risk: Due to the limited nature of investment opportunities available to non-accredited investors, most of their investments are correlated to the stock market.

Brad Reifler is a successful leader who is the CEO of Forefront Capital. Reifler received his Economics and Political Science degree from Bowdoin College and proceeded to form Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982.

After his first company was bought by Refco, he proceeded to form Pali Capital. During his leadership, the company made $200 million in profits. Currently, he is the CEO of Forefront Capital, a firm that specializes in providing guidance in the commodities and forex markets.

Wasseem Boraie Believes That Atlantic City Should Have Many Smaller Building Projects

Philadelphia based city leaders and developers have been deliberating on plans to save the Atlantic City. They are hoping to attract millennials to the city by putting up new residential apartments. A census conducted in 2010 showed that 13.6 percent of the city’s population was people between the ages of 25 and 34. The developers hope that by attracting young developers to the city, the economic and housing boom will augment the tax base.

John Longacre, the president of LPMG Properties, believes that Atlantic City has the attracting young workers. LMPG properties is based in Philadelphia. The best way to attract young professionals is through strategic investments. Longacre who has plans to change the Morris Guards Armory said that if he was aged 26, he would consider being close to an urban environment.

Mark Callazo who is the Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Funding Solutions agrees that new residential would increase the number of young people in the city. Currently, he is rehabilitating a firehouse at Connecticut and Atlantic avenues into apartments. Wasseem Boraie asserted that there was an increase in demand for new private residential compared to over 40 years ago. The vice president of the Boraie Development, which is based in New Brunswick, is in charge of developing new housing units in Atlantic City. This information was originally reported on the Real Deal as found in the following link

About Wasseem Boraie
Wasseem is among the developers that believe that the transformation of the city will be made possible by having several small building projects running at once. Other real estate developers echoed this message during the Newark CRE Summit. The projects happening in the city are meant to create opportunities that will attract investors and new businesses. Boraie says that the 10 projects undergoing in the city are highly significant. His firm has been working on the Rector Street project, which is expected to yield 168 housing units.

Wasseem is the son of Omar Boraie, the founder of Boraie Development. His father has been praised for changing the face of Newark and neighboring areas. The firm, which started operating at a time when New Jersey was considered unsafe, has defied odds to create and rehabilitate various buildings. Boraie proved those in doubt wrong and paved way for the development of the city. Today, his son Wasseem is assuming his role. This information was originally reported on Citrite as shared in the following link

Why Solo Capital Will Miss Sanjay Shah

Autism Rocks founder Sanjay Shah spent some time with Eric Dye, the host of Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. During the interview, Shah opened up about his life, business and work at Autism Rocks, a charity organization he founded. On the show, various entrepreneurs share information, business advice, motivation, inspiration and experiences with a view of impacting other entrepreneurs around the world. In offering helpful tips to those seeking to start a business, Sanjay Shah advised every entrepreneur never to underestimate the amount of money it takes to start a business. A The charity organization provides funding for research and to create awareness about the neurological disorder. Autism is a life-changing condition and thus research is a very crucial step in helping people understand the disorder more. Shah has helped in taking the step and has opened doors for researchers to understand the neurodevelopmental disorder more. Sanjay Shah is the man behind Autism Rocks. He started the organization back in 2014. He was moved to do this by the diagnosis of his son, Nikhil, with autism at the age of 4. This was back in 2011. After exploring various avenues of providing help, Shah settled on providing funding for research efforts and awareness creation. To do this, Autism Rocks holds concerts that feature world class artists. Through his partnership with the music industry, Shah has managed to create awareness about autism. He has also provided a channel for those seeking to provide funding for autism research. Prior to his role in managing Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah had a successful career in the finance industry. His work hard saw him own various businesses including the well-known Solo Capital Partners. Prior to becoming an accountant, Shah intended to become a doctor and even started to study medicine. However, he followed his heart into the financial world and ended up becoming a very successful business mogul.


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Madison Street Capital’s Commitment to Excellence

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is committed to performing excellent service to its clients. It is also committed to an ethical way of managing business. One of the most important aspects of its business is gaining and maintaining trust between the firm and the clients. They understand that if the clients can trust the company, then they will take their business somewhere else. Therefore, they make sure that they are very knowledgeable and have an air of honesty with their clients so that they don’t lose them. They are involved in many different aspects of business with their clients.

Among the activities that Madison Street Capital helps their clients with are Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Restructuring, bankruptcy, capital restructuring, and other types of activities. Perhaps the biggest aspect of Madison Street Capital’s business deals with the Merger and Acquisitions aspect of business in which they deal with advisory services from the buy-side and sell-side of business. They work with businesses in order to help with the improvement of their overall value.

Madison Street Capital is one of the best investment bank that businesses can get involved with. Their commitment to providing some of the best service available is why businesses should consider working with them. The agents of Madison Street Capital have a lot of experience and know what to look for when it comes to different transactions between businesses. They perform valuation services for the business of their clients in order to figure out the value of the business owner. As a result, the business owner will be advised as to the next step of business. Madison Street Capital is also very efficient when it comes to helping businesses buy out other companies.

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