Chris Burch: The Investor Behind The Nihiwatu Resort

Christopher Burch is a frequent traveler. During one of his escapades, he heard about the founders of Nihiwatu hotel looking for outside investors. As an entrepreneur, he took advantage of this and bought the hotel. What attracted Burch most was the tribal culture and simple villages on the remote island.

The resort is renown as a surfers paradise given its exclusive, limited access left surf break and its barreling waves. The Nihiwatu beach, which sprawls a vast 2.5 kilometers, offers a breathtaking view of the sunset.

The hotel offers unparalleled surfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding and horseback rides to give you an unforgettable experience that is world class. This is part of the reason Nihiwatu resort earned recognition as the world’s best resort by Travel + Leisure.

Christopher Buch understands how significant pricing is in business. The resort offers world-class services at low prices. The beach resort boasts of more than 30 villas and a magnificent 5-bedroom house owned by Christopher Burch, but available for rent when he is away.

Tree houses made from available materials — restaurants, a boathouse and a yoga pavilion — dot the massive 700-acre land on which the resort sits.

For the visitors are not after catching the wave, the resort offers breathtaking nature trails through a rain-forest and rice fields. The hike ends at a tree-house that offers a magnificent view of the private beach.

Christopher Burch and his partner have enabled a symbiotic relationship between the hotel and the Sumba people. More on  The Sumba people make up an approximated 98% of staff at the resort.

In exchange, the Nihiwatu gains from the rich culture of the Sumba people. The staff even wear little swords as part of their uniform and as a display of their warrior-like ways.

Profits from the Nihiwatu are diverted back to the Nihiwatu Foundation. This charity organization aims to eliminate malaria, enhance education among the locals, and provide them with clean drinking water.

Other than his philanthropic interests on the Sumba Nihi Island, Chris Burch is involved in other initiatives involved in housing, education and other interests across America and China.

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OSI Group Invests In Philippines Plant

OSI Group, one of the world’s longest running and largest meat supply and distributors announced a new processing plant investment at Gen OSI, a flagship company based in the Philippines. This new plant will be replacing an already existing plant there with a much higher output capability and the logistical reach to many more market and restaurant chains in Asia. OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin has been pleased with the development of the plant and is excited about the jobs it will be adding to that region.

OSI Group is the main processing company of OSI Industries, a company that’s been privately-owned since 1909 though its changed names since then, and has been the primary meat supplier to restaurant chains including McDonald’s. Otto Kolschowsky was the man who started the company as a home-based butcher shop in Chicago and had it expanded into a large meat market center named Otto & Sons by the mid 1920s. It had become a major processing center to go with its market center by 1955 when McDonald’s asked Otto & Sons which was now run by the Kolschowsky sons to partner with it. But that also meant that they needed to build an even bigger factory to put out meat products at a large scale.

Sheldon Lavin came to Otto & Sons at the owners’ requests because they needed his help to take out a bank loan for their proposed processing plant, and upon doing so he started helping them invest in other projects including expanding the company overseas. Lavin became CEO not long after and also had the company renamed to OSI Industries, and that overseas expansion became 55 plants that operate in 17 different countries today. But what makes OSI Group unique is how they do marketing research into customer preferences at each international region they operate in and have products distributed through local merchants. Their processing plants all have R&D facilities where food engineers and scientists work on improving flavors.

OSI Group has bought a lot of companies like Flagship Europe, Baho Food and even a Tyson Food center, but they’ve always strived to keep employees of those companies because they realize how important it is to retain jobs and maintain a family culture. They’ve also upheld high safety standards to minimize injuries, and it’s something that’s a big deal in an industry that requires fast pace with dangerous tools. OSI Group also serves local communities through organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs and the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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The Chris Burch Nihi Sumba Experience

Deep within the Indonesian islands, a beautiful paradise is waiting to be discovered. Beaches pool with clear waters, sand is soft to walk on, and the experience of a lifetime is waiting to be uncovered. All of these astounding amenities are available at the Nihiwatu Resort, founded by Christopher Burch.

Burch is a creative, enterprising, involved CEO, who founded this beautiful resort. Burch is not only a business man, but also a man that believes that focusing all of your energy into one simple, mundane task is ill-advised. He also believes, according to his website, that brainstorming with many creative people is the solution to solving many problems and developing brand new ideas (

Burch’s company Burch Creative Capital is based in New York City, where he created the first version of the company, J. Christopher Capital LLC in 2008. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania, raised by religious parents, and was one of ten children born into the Burch family. His career began with preppy looking sweaters that he sold while in college, and blossomed into a full fashion career, which inflated rapidly into real estate and dealing with property affairs.  Related article on

Within the dealings of real estate, Burch purchased the Nihiwatu “Nihi Sumba” Resort, and began forming an incredible place for people and families to visit and enjoy. On this island adventure, visitors can choose to cleanse their souls with yoga classes specially designed for maintaining wellness. They are also encouraged to be active outdoors by offering surfing and paddle boarding in the crystalline blue waters. For those among us who prefer to be pampered and beautified, especially with gorgeous views of mountains and beaches, there are spa and spa safari options available to be purchased.

Guests may also take a trip to the island chocolate factory and get a taste of delicious chocolate made from island grown cocoa. There are also multiple times a day when guests are taught how to craft their very own island chocolate, and they even offer a babysitting service to occupy the kids so that couples may sneak off and take in the beauty of the Sumba island culture together.

Overall, the island offers a genuine, breathtaking experience, that you will be eager to book again and again to indulge yourself in. From beauty to peace, this island experience has it all, and it wants to indulge you within it.

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Chris Burch’s serial investments

Chris Burch has been known as a fashion mogul and active investor over the years, but now he adds the title real estate developer in the field of hospitality to his already impressive resume. Six years ago, Chris in conjunction with his partner James McBride acquired a resort by the name Nihiwatu which he has just made over into a luxury resort that is leaving everyone to breathless.

After three years of its renovation process in which the two spent more than thirty million dollars doing, it was ranked number one on the list of best hotels in the globe by Travel and Leisure. Burch purchased the property for his children as a way to give back to the society. However, its success comes as a surprise even to him. The resort is located in Indonesia and is home to twenty-seven private cottages each with a pool one of which is home to Chris Burch.

Christopher Burch has been in the scene for close to four decades in which he has gotten himself involved with the starting and also the development of over fifty establishments. His innovative success is owed to his knowledge and appreciation of consumer behavior and wants and his quest for ideas from all over the globe. He is famed for his acquired TRADEMARK on multiple brands including Jawbone and Voss water and his recently acquired ED with the famous television host Ellen DeGeneres among other acquisitions and establishments. Currently, he stands as the executive chief of Burch Creative Capital which is a company that he personally founded.

Burch Creative Capital is an investment company that deals with diverse forms of investments including retail, technological companies, foods that are mostly organic in nature, home furnishings, apparel furnishings, and currently hospitality businesses like Nihiwatu (  Chris is definitely a serial entrepreneur who began even before graduating from the Ithaca College. His first investment was done in collaboration with his brothers and was a two-thousand dollars investment in a company that grew to a worth of a hundred and sixty-five million. From then all he has been doing is venturing more and more into investment to his current stature.

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How Chris Burch Found Success In Fashion And Venture Capital

It takes a lot of drive to succeed in one business. However, it is a rare talent for someone to ascend to the top of several businesses sectors. For Chris Burch, making it big in several industries, over a three-decade career, is just another day at the job.

So who exactly is Chris Burch? Currently, Mr. Burch is the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Unlike other investment companies, Burch Creative Capital works with both brand development as well as managing venture capital. And the results are a company that has helped build dozens of companies and has also propelled Mr. Burch onto Forbes Billionaire List in 2012.

For those with a taste for fashion, Mr. Burch’s name may sound familiar. As the co-founder of the fashion house Tory Burch, the entrepreneur made a name for himself in one of the most competitive industries imaginable. Mr. Burch owned 28.3% of the company when he sold half of his Tory Burch stake in December of 2012. At the time, the popular fashion house was estimated to be worth $3.5 billion dollars. Related article on

Mr. Burch’s foray into the fashion world actually includes more than his work with Tory Burch. The style icon also founded the fashion retailer C. Wonder in late 2011. As one of the top sellers of woman’s fashion and home decor, C. Wonder is just another success in Chris Burch’s incredible portfolio of accomplishments.

Today, Mr. Burch’s energy is fixated mainly on Burch Creative Capital. The company’s portfolio includes investments in Baublebar, Blink Health, CellMax, Gunnar Technology Eyewear, and Ostendo. In all, Burch Creative Capital helps drive several dozen companies in a variety of different business sectors. To know his latest innovative product, check

From his beginnings in the fashion world to the world of venture capital, Chris Burch has become an inspiration to creative entrepreneurs everywhere (  As the world looks to the next big idea, millions of people will be anxiously watching what Chris Burch will do next.

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How Chris Burch Came To Own The Top World Vacation Place

Chris Burch loves entrepreneurs who can use creative design and imagination in their products, and the companies that he supports at his Burch Creative Capital incubator are known as disruptive businesses with ingenuity behind them. But he also is owner of one of the top-reviewed vacation places in Indonesia, a resort known as Nihiwatu in a remote Sumba island. This resort is a place that looks like a place you may have only thought possible in fantasy worlds with the clear blue ocean water, exquisite beach villas, and Chris Burch’s home with an overlooking swimming pool facing the ocean ( He bought the place in 2013 and said the reason he did so is because he wanted an investment that he could keep in his family for generations.

Burch didn’t become a billionaire hotel owner because he grew up on Wall Street. In fact he came from a fairly modest middle class family and attended a regular college in Ithaca, NY. It was while he was there though that a small-time gig he started selling sweaters turned into a big business. Customers loved his sweaters and as business started booming, Burch decided to take it big and opened up a factory along with a department store, and that was the start of Eagle Eye Apparel (  The company grew into a 50-store company and was owned by Burch for about 20 years. Burch made quite the profit from Eagle Eye Apparel, and once he sold it he moved on to his next business ventures. Those included buying stakes in Guggenheim Partners and later Tory Burch fashion. In 2008, Burch Creative Capital began funding small companies and also buying other properties

Prior to opening up Nihiwatu Resort, Chris Burch had also helped fund Alan Faena’s Hotel + Universe in 2004 and then started turning homes into higher resale value across the US. Burch also became famous for helping television talk show host Ellen DeGeneres bring her first-class lifestyle business ED online in 2014.  Check   He’s also gone beyond just business success to a few gigs in the entertainment industry including producing the 1992 film “Watch It.” Burch also has supported charities like an orthopedic research center and the Tilton boarding school.

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Boraie Development: Building for the Future

The United States Real estate industry seems to be turning its focus to New Jersey. According to one real estate tracking company, suggests that New Jersey has been increasingly showing an increase in the number of housing loans which has attributed to the negative trend of the general housing trend. That is why most analysts view New Jersey as derailing some of the efforts put by the federal government to make housing affordable. Nonetheless, the reduction in the number of foreclosures has given a hint that some of the stringent rules put in place by the federal government are starting to bear fruits. It is the hope of everyone especially those in the real estate industry that shortly New there will gain a positive trend in the housing sector.

There have been speculations about the possibility of having a crisis when it comes to affordable housing in most cities, and that, unfortunately, is turning out to be a reality. Financial analyst and Realtor Yun Lawrence is of the view that if no action is taken early enough, the problem could worsen in places such as New Jersey. Sam Boraie says that currently there are very few houses available for sale and auction and if that trend continues it will likely increase the prices of the few homes available. Visit to see more.

Since the Great Recession, New Jersey has experienced challenges, and it has not been fully able to cater the needs of all its residents regarding housing. However, many real estate companies are taking advantage of the situation and are beginning to come up with new buildings in the area. The good thing about New Jersey is that it has proper transport infrastructure and that makes it easily accessible. Capital economists predict that soon New Jersey will experience an influx of housing and thereby bringing the price down. Check out to see more.

Boraie Development

With such an optimistic atmosphere, there are various construction and real estate companies which are determined to revolutionize the housing sector in New Jersey. One such company is Boraie Development. Following its track record and experience, Boraie development is one of the most trusted and sought for companies in New Jersey. The company provides different aspects of construction mainly focused on urban real estate markets. The company has a team of dedicated workers who are determined to ensure that people get quality services for their money. Boraie Development hitherto has sold an approximate of $150 million through commercial and residential construction.

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Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur. He was born on September 2,1969 in Detroit, Michigan. Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Innerwokings, and Echo Global Logistics.Lefkofsky is also a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business of Chicago, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

He graduated from the University of Michigan and got his Juris Doctor at University of Michigan Law School. In 2006, Eric along with his wife founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The Foundation is a private charitable foundation to help different communities. Lefkofsky now serves as a professor at the University of Chicago and wrote a book called Accelerated Disruption. His most famous business is the Tempus Labs. It has been rated as a top 10 Health Tech startup. It was founded in 2015. The company has teamed up with most of the National Cancer Institute Centers in the United States.

Tempus Labs does cancer testing that involves looking at tumors and taking DNA from the tumor cells. They also look at the immune system of the tumors and of the patients. They do drug testing to see what affects the tumors and what doesn’t, and use Medical Imaging. To put it simply, they enable Physicians to deliver personalized care for cancer patients depending on what types of tumors they have.

This is still a fairly new practice and they are still learning alot. By using a targeted approach to each cancer patient, they will be able to better treat the patient based on the individual type of cancer they have. Just like every person is different every persons cancer is different and is made up of unique cells. No two people should have the same cancer treatment. What works for one may not work for another. Tempus Labs are trying to get a better understanding of cancer cells and how they work, that way the doctors can offer better approaches to individual needs of the patients.

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Lime Crime Plushies – The Newest Lip Product for Unicorns

Lime Crime recently dubbed their their “cutest launch ever” on January 11th with their newest line of lip products, the Lip Plushies. The adorable packaging was teased on their website and Instagram, where they showed the Lip Plushies amazing pink teddy bear packaging and beautiful subtle colors. This newest product from a company famed for their brilliant colorful hair dyes, beautiful Matte Velvetine liquid lipsticks, and their Diamond Crushers shimmer liquid lipsticks perfect for their army of Unicorn followers.

This newest product offers something Lime Crime company has never done before – lip tints! The Plushies come in a wide range of colors, all are a great nude semi-opaque color. With childhood nostalgic names like the nude “Milk Tea” to a deep purple “grape jelly”. The “soft focus lip vail” is a wonderful alternative from their super vivid liquid lipstick line. These cute little lippies offer a subtle hint of of color versus Lime Crime’s current richly pigmented lipstick color choices. These Plushies are a great look for daytime, or layering with other products from the vegan and cruelty-free company for a unique look.

The plush soft formula is bringing in a new era of lipstick options, for those who are looking for great colors that they can layer for their own unique blend. The lip tints are a translucent formula with a beautifully soft finish like their plushy name-sake. The Plushies are made to enhance your natural lip color, making your lips look the best they can be. This allows for their touch proof lipstick to have layering options to take you all day from a couple swipes for a nude day time to a few more for that rich night time look. Similar to their other products, this lip tint dries completely for a smudge proof kiss proof look.

With these new Plusies, LimeCrime is offering up some new options for their colorful clientele, while offering a toned down look for those looking to get into the colorful world. We can not wait to see what they have next!

Chris Burch Keeps a Watchful Eye out for Emerging, Disruptive Companies

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. The private company bases its operations in New York. Burch brings a lot of skills to bear as both an entrepreneur and investor. He uses his formidable and creative skills to create, manage, and support brands and businesses that offer disruptive products and services. To date, he is responsible for the formation and rise of more than 50 companies.

It is his acute vision of companies on the verge of success that defines and drives his company’s investment philosophies. As such, Burch also has another side to his personality: giving gifts. He has several novice ideas for giving gifts year-round. His gifts are unique and reflect his own character and style. The site has additional article to read.

Many of the gifts that he chooses to give result from ideas he brainstormed from companies he invested in. He also gets a lot of gift-giving ideas from places he has traveled. Some gifts also include a charitable gift donation in the name of the recipient, check

Burch has been an investor and entrepreneur for more than three decades. He has a masterful understanding of how consumers behave and combines his direct and international sourcing experience to get things done. Today, the company focuses on new opportunities as opposed to just looking for those that already exist. Burch’s company also invests a lot of passion and creativity into making each project a success and that it returns value.

Burch Creative Capital places focus on high-growth companies and prefers to invest equity capital as opposed to debt. The company also prefers to take risks where there is the potential for higher returns. His company positions itself to provide long-term investment strategies which have a tendency to outpace traditional financing. Burch Creative Capital also keeps a close eye on brands that range from home furnishings, apparel and hospitality to retail, tech companies, and the organic food industry.

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